Friday, 28 December 2007


still stuffed from the luncheon session with ati and ayu.finished 3 pieces of work today (yay!!self accomplishment).wearing my new blue c & k kitten heels.reminded by ein's blog that she'll be risik-ed tomorow (congrats dear girl!!).good friday certainly is.tomorow will be happy.yay!!=)

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Singapore escapade:Stop, Look, Go

The Singapore trip this time felt like a true tourist package tour of stop, look & go. Didn't quite enjoy it for the island was too crowded with throngs of tourists since it was the school holidays. Note to one self: NEVER visit Singapore during school and festive holidays.heh.
First night: Clarke Quay (upbeat version of Bintang Walk)

Second day: Sentosa Island. I still prefer our theme parks. The sun, the heat and the amount of people made the visit less enjoyable. Well, at least for me la.

now, getting this pair of shoes made me happy there after.=)

Second night: Night walk at Orchard Road (christmas decor and christmas atmosphere was superb)

Final day: Final Shopping. Got me self this second pair of lovely2 shoe.=)

Notice the absenties of my dad from all the pictures taken? Now, he was the smart one. He took his own sweet time exploring singapore at his own leisure. Jealous!!

Conclusion: I find there isn't much difference of the Great Singapore Sale with the sale in Malaysia. Same brand, same products, same price. If it wasn't my dream to be the proud owner of Charles & Keith shoes, i don't think i would consider going to Singapore for the mere reason to shop. I'd rather shop here. Seriously.

Nevertheless, I was happy to spent time with me familia. Being the typical hot headed and hot tempered us, surprisingly there wasn't much tense going around. *clap* *clap* *pat on the back for the jamal clan*.

*shuey's wearing her charles & keith and now in a sleepy-and-lazy-to-do-work mode*

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


i should've known better than to vent out my anger and over-sensitiveness in me blog. it's nothing that i regret but the aftermath is quite obvious. certain individuals gets hurt, words spread around and since its the prevalant practice of everyone not wanting to ask me what's the real deal, the truth version of it is often manipulated.i'm seen to be the bad-ass one.i'm seen to be cruel and mean.nothing new to me.i know.

thus, closure is what i seek. to those i've hurt, i apologize. i forget that the desire to change lies in the individual themselves. no amount of words or confrontations could change the situation and circumstances. i can't stop people to act how they act or speak when they want to.

i am no angel for i've done my share of badness. neither am i perfect. in each and everyone of us lies ego and pride. once its hurt, one will be defensive. now, im letting my fence down. now, i want to end all this emotional and anger torture i impose on myself.bak kata pepatah "ikut rasa binasa, ikut hati mati".

*shuey in a hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil mode*

wednesday blues?

what a day to start work afte 7 day break.met with a minor accident (read:i told u i DON'T dig sudden breaks).later, bumped into infatuated in the lift.

a little bit of ying and yang.i've got nothing to complain.=)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Muhibbah Eidul Adha & Futsal

Having had to celebrate eidul adha at home yesterday wasn't so bad after all. Certainly the ambience was nothing near to "kampung" feel but non the less the food my mom made and the company we had made it feel festive enough.

A game of futsal later at night with my DJian mates came in handy in my effort to lose the huge amount of weight gained since I started work early last year.

Funny how things work. Further I drift from my alma matter's mate, the closer I am to my DJian mates. Thus far, I've got nothing to complain.=)

*shueys body's aching but shueys in-a-feeling-great-mode!!*

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Eidul Adha

In the spirit of celebrating eidul adha tomorow. this post is a tribute to my mom in specific for the sacrifices she made for her children. it's true when people said "mak seorang boleh jaga 10 orang,10 orang anak tak tentu boleh jaga mak seorang".

having had to travel back and forth to Putrajaya on a daily basis gives me the hindsight of what my mom had to go through for at least the past 8 years whilst she was still in service. though the amount of traveling and work everyday could seriously cause severe exhaustion, she still managed to cook and care for her husband and kids. even till today I am amazed that she could wake up really early in the morning to do her sunat prayers and go through the day cooking, cleaning, gardening and attending classes. she certainly deserve the title "Supermom".

never did she once whine.never did she once best friend, my trusted confidante, the one and only; my Mom.

Selamat Hari Raya Korban everyone

*shuey in a festive and jolly good mood*

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

charles & keith

  • revenge is sweet after all.after a failed attempt to getting those Charles & Keith shoes at KK (which my boss managed to grab a couple *jealous!!*), there is karma after all. family and i are going to singapore this 22nd!!woo hoo!!tsunami shopping galore, here i come!! *all smiles*
  • the following lesson is the continuation of dummies for drivers;

Lesson 4

to the dudes & dudettes drivers out there, please press the pedal break when necessary. i SOOO do not dig SUDDEN BREAKS because 1) the tyre will get exhausted easily and 2) if i hit your car, i am to be blamed and NOT you.

so please boys & girls, drive carefully and as the tag goes, "anda mampu mengubahnya" (cheh.poyo!!) heh.

  • newly found grammar use by Malaysian artists:-

1) "I hope you like me just the way I are"

2) "What is she's doing here"

I know my English is not perfect but come on, don't you guys do editing before airing the shows?

*shuey in a ramble rambling mode*

Monday, 17 December 2007

Smitten & Infatuated

Back from johore work trip.badly smitten & infatuated.*sigh* not good.not good.

Friday, 14 December 2007

next-door kampung boy

a surprise dinner meet up with my very own next-door kampung boy (he proclaims himself as such) yesterday was a pleasant one.despite the ups and downs and how world apart we are in terms of many, he would always be that special someone in my heart.the theory opposite attracts is thus proven to be true.


Thursday, 13 December 2007


back when i was in primary school, i was known as a tyrant.people hated me. never knew how to smile or laugh.

then came secondary school. i toned down but that seriousness in me never did actually fade.

then came pre-uia.ziyad taught me what true friendship meant.

then came uia.tribute to my roomates for teaching me the art of laughing, sillyness and ever indebted to them.(emon, u rock!!)

then came mr. dearie said person. he taught me that i could be loved despite being physically unattractive.

then came muna,ein and miera. they taught me that friendship does not mean exclusivity.

then came now, i'm back to the old primary school grumpy,im moody,im snappy.conlusion:not exactly the favorite of everyone at the moment.

truthfully, i don't care. knowing that my family, friends and mr.dearie person knows me for who i truly am is sufficient to know that i'm not alone. even if i'm alone and everyone hates me, i know i still have Him.

cheers to those above-named for changing me for the better.

*shuey not-in-the-mood-to-do-work and writing this whilst its raining outside.must be the weather.*

Sunday, 9 December 2007

good Sunday

after a horrid experience yesterday, good Sunday it certainly lippy glossy.superb shopping acquaintances cum advisors (mom-superb taste, sisters-trusted confidante). what's an ALMOST retired shopaholic me has got to complain?i'm happy.yay!!=)

funny how shoes, bag & make up can easily boost one's self confidence. tomorrow's meeting at BNM would be a breeze.heh.=) (ye lar tuh)

here's to the newly wed, radzlan and hanisah. may your marriage's blessed with eternal bliss till death do u apart.

radzlan's wedding reception (saturday, 8.12.2007)

a late congratulations wish to also newly wed; nicholas netto and wife, carol. may your holly matrimony's blessed with eternal bliss till death do u apart.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

action speaks louder than words


best-friend-stealer & over sensitive they claim me to be. the former NEVER but the latter may be. but I wonder if they claim I am such, then how about them? back-stabber, gossip-er, other people's business mind-er.would they like being label such, I wonder? I wish I could be like ein n have a mental block at what other's say. I wish I could be like miera to just swallow it in and be ignorant of what others do and say. but obviously I'm NOT them. I'm ME. I confront and face issues.

so,if u've a problem with that, be a woman and SAY it out. don't ACT it out.

maybe it's the hormone speaking. maybe not. I'm just exhausted. pure childish I say.

*shue on anti-social mode*

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dummies for Drivers

Lesson 1

Right-est lane = fast speed lane
Middle lane = moderate speed lane
Left-est lane = suited for heavy vehicles (busses,lorries, etc)

Lesson 2

The thingy-ma-jigg attached to the left or right side (depending on car model) of ur stering is called an indicator. use it to give indicator/signal when overtaking/changing lanes/etc.

Lesson 3

To stay alive and accident free, follow Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 dilligently DuMb-AsS!!

the kind of road users i have to face everyday.can really make my blood go upstairs!!(broken english intended).ish.

on a side note (shue always have a side note ey?heh), sarawak is a go go!!!yay.can't wait for june next year to come.=)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

sabah's off!!

due to some unforgiven mishaps from the management of the current ministry i'm serving at, i'm not going to sabah. that's the price that we have to pay for being in a foreign land from the AGC worries. not that i was that fond to travel to sabah for a half day meeting.i was only looking forward to go shoe shopping at charles & keith.i guess that have to wait for god knows how long.(p/s: nadia sabah, since ur a regular customer at charles & keith, please beg them to have a chain in west malaysia.PLEASE!!!!)

well, bad news for me.good news to my beloved friends (as if im the miss-popular!!heh). i am going to make it to radzlan's wedding reception after's camera whoring time!!!

see u guys saturday!!

oh yeah, im about to go for a suicide mission, attending a meeting in the afternoon where i have not much knowledge of the subject matter.hey, don't blame me.i'm new at this.not like once i've graduated from law school, get called to the bar, im suppose to know everything!!

sheesh kebab.


im an ultimate doofus for letting my judgement slip.i'm not easily influenced by the yapping of any salesman because more often than not, they're conman seeking for financial gain. don't worry, i didn't lose a penny for letting my judgment slip.but my concern is on the information i've furnished.having watched too many nothing-is-impossible-in-this-world kinda movies, worries me to the max.
i hope my mom is right when she says, "have faith in Allah for He would not burden one who He thinks can't carry such burden". thus now, faith is all i have to Him to protect my family and i from my own mistake and carelessness.

*sigh* not liking the feeling at all.

Monday, 3 December 2007

10 days and counting

counting what u may ask?no, im NOT getting married or engaged.dun't be silly!!!heheh..counting the days where i'll no longer have to sacrifice my itchiness to shop & eat extravagantly.yeap people, my first pay is cashing in on 13.12.2007.woohooo!!reason to celebrate!!okay, maybe i'm overdoing it.heh.

but seriously, at least i can go to Sabah in peace with some cash in hand to do some charles & keith shoe and probably bag happy.=)

yeah,another work-travelling obligation to attend to, come this thursday till saturday.thus,have to give radzlan's wedding reception a miss..promise will catch up with u guys later aight.toodles!!

Friday, 30 November 2007


  • attended course
  • met work dead-line
  • meetings
  • wedding
  • dinner

translated to blueghness.abso-freakin-lutely (miss using that word.=)) no time for myself.blueghnesss!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, 26 November 2007

wedding shcemdding.holidays

*sigh* whilst the school kids having a holiday blast, us adults is at work, having the monday blues. sheesh.

depressing monday it is.not feeling well.feet hurts.stomach full of gas.head hurts.worrysome for my coming interview on the 29.11.2007.yeeesh.

plentiful of wedding receptions to go too this coming one month.both my cousins getting married.*sigh* uni-mate and beloved ex-colleague getting married as well.*double sigh* dad's making noise, mum's yapping, aunties worry.*tripple sigh* am i THAT OLD to worry that im no where near to hear the sacred wedding bell ringing/chiming or whatever?

as u can see this post is a truly ramble3 bla3 post with no exact point im trying to make.back to work.monday blues suck!!!

Sunday, 25 November 2007


in the light of whatever's happening in the nation, i'm sadden at the fact that we've forgotten who we are, what we had, and how thankful we should be of our own country, we call Malaysia.

i believe there must be check and balance in a government. i believe that the voices of the people must be heard. but where should we draw the line? how should we draw the line? should we be too adamant with what we feel that laws are to be ignored, national security are to be jeopardized?

i don't have answers to these questions but i believe there are ways to resolve the dissatisfaction of everyone. have we forgotten how many envy the harmony we achieved living in a multiracial community? have we forgotten the sufferings the nation experienced from the 13 May 1969 incident. have we forgotten how to respect and be tolerant with one another?most importantly, have we forgotten who we are?

not one nation is perfect in this whole wide world. each country has its own turmoil and issues to be resolved by their respective government. to achieve such perfect nation, it is most certainly near to impossible.

thus, probably we should just for a second stop being selfish and be individualistic. instead, we should start embracing the fact that whoever our ancestors were, we are now nationals of Malaysia and stand united we must, if not for the present generation, have some mercy for the future generations to come.




"We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
(HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
(WE!) no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong
This is our family Jewel"

BUT WAIT...we're far from the above-picture-perfect-family-lyric.we're what my sister calls :dysfunctional family.we're bunch of hot-headed,hot-tempered,stubborn and opiniated bunch of family that I ever knew off.

dysfunctional and indifferent that we are, i still love my family to bits simply because how hot-headed, hot-tempered, stubborn and opiniated that we are, deep down inside, we still care for one another.we don't show it physically but we show it in silence.

in the spirit of a perfect sunday today spending quality time of sunday-gurl-shopping and chowing down mom's superb nasi lemak with bergedil with the dysfunctional family , i just feel like singing WE ARE FAMILY all day long.=)

Presenting: the dysfunctional family from L-R, me,my dad, my kak.long, my mum, my 2nd sister

Friday, 23 November 2007


haven't had this feeling for a very long time.shhhh..don't tell mr.dearie said's smitten at the fact that this not-so-bad-looking-PTD-dude from the office acknowledges me not by a mere hand gesture but literally, he knows my name.=) hihihi..

hey, i think im allowed to feel this way since there's absolutely no one in my office worth oogling at.'s a wonderful friday after all.*gedik-shue-mode-on* heh...

T.G.I.F's friday.

yesterday marked exactly one month since i started work at the new place.i must say i did waaaayyyyy much more here than i ever did at my last place of far, i've yet to comit any bubu-ness/mistakes worth making me feel stupid or dumb.boss is great.learned not that much but non-the-less gained new knowledge.made new friends.feeling slightly more confident than before.all in all, alhamdulillah.

been a rather crazy week for me.meetings to to finish and am glad the weekend is here.its time to relax, kick back and enjoy the blisfull saturday and sunday without any social, family or work obligation.yay.=)

sorry dear nasreen for not being able to attend ur wedding in kedah due to some financial and transportation difficulty.tonight is the night you'd be lawfully wedded to the guy of your choice.i pray for you and your hubby's happiness throughout your entire marriage.look gorgeous and have fun at your wedding.much love!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

she's married!!

upon stumbling into muna's wedding picture on her friendster page and seeing her undeniably elated face, i guess it just sunk in my brain that she's really married. one of my closest buddy is married. muna; she's married. wow..

sad that i couldn't go to her akad and her wedding reception but muna dearest, do know that i'm praying for your hapiness, always.*tears*

gone were the days of uia where i would crash in ur room shared with ein and mira and we would talk all night long and laugh at our own antiques and silly jokes. gone were the days where u would tutor mira and ein right before exam and i would just sit, watch and menyibuk, mana tau kalau dapat tips2 interesting. gone were the days where we would alternately drive to our hang out place together with ein,mira and melati (be it jusco maluri, mc'donalds or projet) right after class. gone were the days where we would confide to each other bout our personal problems.*sob*

though all those are gone, know that you'll remain my closest buddy then, now and forever. insya allah.

you and your own antiques, mira and ein with their own antiques and of course ms. shuhadah with her peculiar antiques; but do know, indifferent that we are, you guys thought me the value of a friendship, one which is priceless. love u guys to bits!!

by end of next year, i'll have to share u guys with ur respective husbands and that leaves me with a sentimental feel. *sob*

Iftar 2007 i.e. last meet up before muna became mrs. syed

Well, anyhoooow,congrats to Mr and Mrs Syed. May ur marriage's blessed with eternal bliss.

To Muna, Mira and Ein; i know i've said it before but i'll say it again; thank u for the amazing friendship and cheers to my lovely ladies for making my life colorful.=)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

in dire need to shop

my black shiny court shoes are dilapitated, no longer have office attire to wear to dire need to shop but at the moment, no financial capabilities.haish.

post updates.

i discovered in langkawi that i could do these two things: -

yeap, people. i em-ceed for the official dinner as well as i danced for the retro-themed dinner for the sake of introducing junior officers to the advisory division at large. both things required confidence and courage to which surprisingly i succeeded in both.hihihih.=)

on sunday, my gurlfriends and i chilled at Delicious Cafe for some yummy food;

and yesterday, i made these for my sister: -

and now im swamped with work.toodles.=)

Saturday, 17 November 2007

just got back from langkawi for a conference. had to give muna's wedding a miss. never the less, i got to speak to her before the akad ceremony.i love u babes.sorry couldn't make it.

so that u people DO NOT SPECULATE, i was away for work and it has got nothing to do with ANY FACT that i fought with her. so, there. i've said it. don't anyone dare to make any presumption about my absenties at her wedding. to friends who understood my previous post and who were concerned enough to ask me how i was (thanks asni), much thanks to u guys for not asking me who the gossip culprits were. that shows how one could be professional and respectful about one's personal matters.

the three day conference was truly exhausting. did a whole bunch of things which i never thought i am brave enough to do. pictures will be uploaded soon in the next post.

exhausted today.looking forward for a lunch session with ma pretty ladies from high school tomorow.have a great weekend peeps.or whatever's left of it.=)

Monday, 12 November 2007

highschool episode

never thought that a year after university ended, the highschool dramas continues to date. bad enough today's dinner practice was not up to the expectation of the powers to be, i was told by a little bird that some extravagant rumors about me was spreading around if not to all of my friends, maybe a few have heard it.

having found out about that, i exploded. this habit of people talking about other people behind other peoples back without cogent fact is so passe'. i beg of u people, PLEASE GROW UP. stop minding other peoples personal matter. by getting urself meddled in a no-existent conflict will only make it worst and for goodness sake, we're 24. in case u haven't noticed, we're no longer teenagers. we're adults and professionals. so, act like one!!

i have no choice but to voice out this frustration and anger of mine. i am dissapointed that this practice of gossiping and minding about others people business for the wrong reasons, have yet to cease. be rest assured that i am no saint. i had and occasionally still have my share of bad habits but not to the extent of seeking for the truth of the matter which does not relate to me to the core of it and spreading it to others in the name of informing the current happenings of our peers.

i think i've said my peace of mind. to those i've offended, i seek ur forgiveness and to those who've yet to stop the habit of minding people's business, i suggest; PLEASE STOP IT for you are not perfect and to find the imperfection of others is an utter waste of time.

oh yeah, and to WHOEVER WANTED TO KNOW; sasha and i are just fine the way we are. she was absent from my open house because she went for a legal aide program and mind you, i was duly informed before hand.

and also please know that i write this not to offend anyone but merely as a REMINDER not only to those concerned but also to myself and NO, i am not stooping as low as those who started the nonsensical rumor. This is based on true fact and nothing less.

enough said.

weekend frenzy

it was a crazy weekend frenzy. saturday morning went out for a supposedly grocery shopping; instead we ended up with zero-grocery but gained new pair of sandals for myself, clothes and shoes for my sister.

after the failed attempt to grocery shop, we left for Ipoh to attend to my cousin's supposedly 'merisik' turned engagement ceremony. hehe. it's funny that she lives in mutiara damansara with her brother's family but we never do make a point to meet up with each other. hence, the news that she was getting hitched next year came not so much as a shock to me, but i was non-the-less surprised.

congratulations dear cuzzy. i had fun using ayahuda's ol' school camera to capture the candid moments of u and ur fiance'. yes, dear cousin, YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ENGAGED.=) can't wait for next years wedding and be rest assured, i'll remember to bring a digital camera though not at par with ur fiance's superbly canggih DSLR.hehehe...
On a side note, i don't understand the hoo-haas of the peaceful assembly that took place last Saturday. I believe the assembly was not intended to hurt anyone in particular or an attempt to politicize the YDPA but merely to pass a memorandum to the YDPA. Should the YDPA want to read, acknowledge, or consider it, is secondary.
oh well, glad that a friend of mine was not hurt in the whole thing. *sigh* hate the monthly woman thingy. it makes me go on an emotional roller coaster ride.
*double sigh*

Friday, 9 November 2007

yesterday, 8.11.2007 10 zany law 20 girls decided to spend some mulah for a photoshoot organized by asni & adrin.the theme was black top,denim and blue took us more than 3 hours to complete the photoshoot due to unforseen circumstances (someone woke up late)..ehehe but it was all worth it. for the whole day yesterday, we pretended to be models and posed for the camera like we were pros.

doing the photoshoot made us realized that being a model is not just looking all pretty dolled up for the camera. one must be physically and mentally fit and punctuality is the essence above all.i refuse to post any candid photo in this post as i looked hideously fat and ugly in all of the pictures taken by asni's, adrin's and fad's camera.

thus, i plead to the three girls to NOT post any photos which have me in it.PLEASE, i beg of u!!

now, let's pray that the edited photos from the photoshoot would do me some justice.=)

p/s: to asni,adrin,fad,hida,toni,emma,ati, lia and ira; thanks for making yesterday's photoshoot fun and wacky.

P/s/s:to lia, thanks also for having us crashing at ur place and finishing up shamelessly almost all of the food prepared.=)

Monday, 5 November 2007

she's engaged <3

Last saturday, 3rd November 2007, close friends and immediate family witnessed the engagement ceremony of Dhamirah Nazihah Binti Azman to the love of her life, Mohd Irfan.

It was a sweet and simple ceremony, yet the decor and finishing touches from the hantarans to her attire were nothing but elegant and style. I believe she waited years for this moment to materialize and her prayers were answered by God Almighty bestowing her with hapiness from a fulfilling career to a loving guy.

Cheers to Mira for she is now engaged. Love u dearly my dear Mira. May ur always blessed with hapiness and joy be it in your career or life.



Friday, 2 November 2007

L.a.w.a.k.s B.O.D.O.H

lame jokes (i.e. lawak melayu bodoh) never really makes me laugh but as i was rushing to work this morning, the following two jokes in the form of a teka teki managed to release my stress-ness of reaching office late (late being after 8 a.m.i know, pathetic):-

i) Q: siapa kembar hantu?
A: ....han-three. eheheheh.lawah tak seberapa lawak but i laughed non-the-

ii) Q: negara apa yang banjir sebelum hujan?
A: Bahrain (get it?bah=banjir, rain=hujan)..ngueh..ngueh..ngueh...

and today's friday.whoopey.lookin forward to an all girls slumber party at mira's crib tonite to help her out in her engagement ceremony happy for u, Dear Mira.congrats!!!=)

Thursday, 1 November 2007


P.Ramlee, the Musical didn't turn out as superbly as I thought it would. A glitch to the sound system resulting in not having able to hear clearly through out the entire performance could have affected my view on the said Musical. Nevertheless, I salute Sean Ghazi, Liza Hanim, Rachel (MyStarz LG), Atillia and Dato' Siti Nurhaliza for their immaculate vocal capabilities. They were superb!!

I didn't really enjoy the story board of the said Musical though. It was slightly boring in the sense that the theater was on a monotonous mode for the entire 3/4 of the show. Only when P.Ramlee met Liza Hanim, the play started to pick up its pace.

Through out the play, I must say the extras and Liza Hanim played a major role in making it lively. The choreography and props of the said Musical is at par with broadway standard. Kudos to Pat Ibrahim and Stage Manager for making all scenes looked lively and real.

If only there wasn't any glitch to the sound system, I would've enjoyed it a bit more despite 3/4 of the show was as i said earlier, rather monotonous. Oh well, for an RM 80 ticket, 3 seats from the stage, and a gossip session with syariza, I must say it was most certainly worth it.=)

Not on an up-beat mode at the moment. bluegh.Will ramble about it later.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Monday, 29 October 2007


Other than the fact that i simply lurve to shop (and i am so itching to do some shopping spree but i can't because lack of monetory capability); I am also an avid fan of local and international theatre. I was so bummed upon finding out that the tickets for P.Ramlee The Musical is completely sold out.

However, my day was made when me friend offered me a ticket (which i have to purchase) to watch the said musical this wednesday, 1st November 2007. Whopey Doo. I can hardly wait to watch it, for the review of the musical was nothing but fantastic rave.

Thanks sya!!!=)

Food & Friends GaLorE 2007

27.10.2007 marked the day of reunion for many of my friends whom i've not met since high school, ex-colleagues from SRL, legal aid buddies and university mates. The atmosphere was superb filled with food and friends galore.I lyke.=)

Later at night, another food and friends galore event took place at Sucasa Apartment, Ampang.

t'was certainly an eventful weekend.i lyke!!=)

Friday, 26 October 2007

+5th day at work+

and attended meeting with me boss.It was not as scary as i thought it would be though I feel a tad discomfort upon being associated with my dad. Oh well, glad that the day is ending. Hope to see u guys tomorow. Ave a wonderful weekend peeps!!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

+4th day at work+

and what do u know, i've got work to do.yippy!!a tremendous improvement from my previous job.*all smiles*
can't wait for tomorow to end and then its the looking forward to seeing u all at me open house.cheers!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

3rd day

and im blogging away.u guys do the maths.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

First Day

I believe in the saying, first impression counts. Thus, holding true to such saying, I left home in the wee hours of 7 a.m to reach my new office, latest at 7.45 a.m. Yeap people, i've been deprived off minimum sleeping hours due to my new office now located in Putrajaya.Shucks!!

Thought i was mentally and physically prepared for the long journey, but i was wrong. Driving to and fro to work for a minimum 30 minutes drive is not pleasant at all. Therefore, I decided to either get an i-pod or install a cd player in me car to accompany my journey to office as well as to save me from the horrifying jam whenever rain pours.

Anyways, back to first day of work. Came early to report for duty in the anticipation that work begins immediately. But I was so wrong. Half of the day was spent sitting in the Human Resources Department for god knows what. Come lunch time, I ventured solo to the town of kajang in search of the EPF office to obtain my EPF statement of account. After that's done, I contemplated to head to Alamanda for lunch since I reckon I would not get the chance to meet my boss eitherways. However, I ended up having lunch alone in the office cafeteria while reading the book I brought along.

Miracle happened after lunch; I was brought to meet my boss. Finally, I'm settled in my own room with a PC that works.

Thank God for that.

Monday, 22 October 2007


Once in every month, i'll experience one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. The feeling of sadness,anger,depression interchanges in a short span of time. Apologies to mr dearie said person and thank you for giving me the space i need.

Work proper starts tomorow.Yikes!!Pray for me yeah.Have a happy working week everyone!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

the g.a.t.h.e.r.i.n.g

Latest meet up was at Bangsar Shopping Centre's La Bodega celebrating Erwan's Bday. Appy 24th DuDe!!

With the current happenings of the Djian bunch, my sister commented that it seems like we're in one of the daily tv soap opera thingy-ma-jigg not like the Bold & Beautiful, more like the O.C or MTV's the Hills. Full of drama and plots. =)

Raya Schmya

I came across someone's blog and she commented that the Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak festive season is one which is over-rated. Over-rated may seem a wee bit harsh as I don't blame Muslims in general to do the necessary prepration in welcoming the Syawal month but I feel such preparation
must be done in moderation.

Hari Raya this year for me was nothing out of the ordinary. Due to short span of time, was only able to purchase new baju kurungs off the rack, no Raya shoes or bag. Luckily, no one appeared to be adorning the same baju kurung as mine. My theme for this Hari Raya is retro or miera would term it as "serabut".=) One thing that I am proud of this year is the fact that I was able to buy those baju kurungs with my own hard-earned money as opposed to last year.Yippy for shuey!!

2nd Syawal this year was a mixture of both happiness and sadness. Happiness due to the fact that my family and I managed to meet up with our family's house-assistant of 7 years. It was a tearful but joyful reunion.

Sadness because my Mom's cousin (equivalent to my Uncle) succumbed to a hit-and-run injury and passed away peacefully on the afternoon of 2nd Syawal. He passed away without regaining conscious from a 2 week comma. My uncle was hit by a guy on a motorbike who was on the mobile phone while my uncle was on his way back home from a nearby mosque.May his soul rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.

To my Muslim friends, i seek forgiveness for any wrongdoings which might have caused hurt to your mind, soul or both. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.


"the name-on-the-door hanging card"

11.10.2007 marked the last day of working in SRL. The place where i learned many things; had my break-down,depressed moments and at the same time met many wonderful colleagues, staffs and bosses whom I can now call friends. Having given notice one month earlier mentally prepared me to leave the firm with peace and at ease.

Surprising enough and to the dissapointment of my colleague whom i fondly call dude; i didn't shed a tear when i did my round of bidding farewell to the people of SRL. Probably because i know for a fact that the friendship bond with my colleagues and staff does not end the minute i step out of SRL.

I would most certainly miss the working environment, the people, the food, the building, the 10-15 minutes drive to and fro to work, the court-van-shuttle-service n endless lists of good things. However,all good things (at times bad moments) must certainly come to an end BUT then again, a new journey begins and I pray that this new job will give me the PEACE i crave in finding what I truly want in my life.

Goodbye SRL,

"the no-more-working-tag"

Hello new job!!=)

Thursday, 4 October 2007

friends for life

My mom always reminded me that friends come and go BUT family remains. Hold strongly to such princip, I do but when it comes to special friends, I know they are those whom i can consider family and would always have a special place in my heart.

Yesterday, I met up with old-unimates for iftar of whom I know amongst few others would always remain friends for life. They've witnessed the bad and ugly of Ms. Nur Shuhadah Binti Mohd Jamal and stood by as friends they did till today. Honoured I am to have friends like them.

Miera, Muna, Fazlin and I came from different states and different family backgrounds but tight bond of friendshipness brought us together.

This tribute has been long overdue as I couldn't find the time or the words to describe how i feel about this friendship that we have.

Cheers to you guys for making my life colorful and for truly just being there for both good times and bad times right from back in uni days to date.XOXOXO!!!

Monday, 1 October 2007

=been there, done that=

Having discovered a new networking service craze,, i was elated to find long lost school mates whom many i last saw say, 7 years ago. Looking at their profiles, i can't help but feel a huge sense of inferiority and a tad bit of jealousy as they've pretty much done the whole deal of "been there, done that".

Whilst im still searching where my direction of life would be, they are pretty much settled already. Whilst im only beginning to save up to travel around the world, they've pretty much been to every continent and every states that i've dreamt of going.

For the heights they've achieved, im no where near as compared to them. However so, having brought up in family which prevalently practice the art of simple living, as much as i feel inferior to my many high-achievers school mate, i am blessed with whatever Allah has bestowed upon me. What my mom said is true, without me realizing, Allah is always there to listen and He would not burden one who He thinks can't shoulder such. Thus, bestowing one with the wishes that one makes.