Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My No Frills Wedding

A friend said that she liked that my wedding was a no frill wedding. My mom's friend congratulated her for holding a "tidak membazir" majlis. 

Yes, the wedding was so simple. Even I was surprised. But everything went well non the less. Alhamdulillah, I am now married.

The make up was awesome. Family support was superb. BFF and soul sisters super awesome. All wedding dresses and veil met my expectation and wants. Food was good. Photographers fab. Videographers awesome.

Friends attest that I was a calm bride. And I think I was. *pats self on the back*  No use screaming and pull an ugly face. It is just not worth it.

EXCEPT for the Reception Day when I went berserk after seeing the horrendous dais and hand bouquet. Thank god for family (especially cousin Ina) and friends (especially mynn, melati and ein) who convinced me to just go through the day and get it over and done with. And we DID. pheww.

It was my bad. I lack time to focus on the little details. If there is any regret, that is just it. 

I am now itching to get MORE photos from the photographer and snippets of SDE nikah video from the videographer.

taken from fab photographer's page

For now, I can write a book on What Not To Do For Wedding Preparation and How To Be A Calm Bride.

Other than the hulla balloo balloos, being married to syam is just too cute. Because he is just too cute. =)

Friday, 18 March 2011


 shots from (my.ehem) fab photographer

No silly. That's NOT me!
But one week from now, Insya allah.
Imma excited.
Have a fab weekend peeps.
It's my last as a single LADY!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Lost soul

Exactly what i said to a superior upon seeking her advise and guidance.
Lost soul because I shrivel into this unknown person.
Lost soul because I don't know where I'm heading.
Lost soul because everything is overwhelming.

Some say I can easily adapt to any situation.
Simply said, throw me into a sea of crocodile and I'll survive through and through.
I say, all those are myths.
I don't know where I gained my courage before.
I don't know where I gained my strength before.
I don't even know who I am now.

Fear of the unknown they said. They dismissed my plea.
Now is no longer unknown. The fear is apparent.
My premonition was right. My instinct was right. My gut is right.

Speaking all these here takes off the burden i feel on my shoulder. I feel lighter. At least for a bit. And thank goodness it's Friday. I shall not cry today.

A lil something that tickled my tummy and gave me some hope -

"Shuhadah. It is a priority to me when one is not happy in one's post. Let me digest this and see if I can find the torch light first and shine it to you"

Happy weekend everyone. 

Exactly 21 days more until I am a wife. And the husband to be is not anywhere near here to comfort me. He is away. Working. Not in another country. But far enough for me to see him.I miss him.