Tuesday, 29 January 2008


The usual shuey-self-let down-moment brought my feet (car actually) to alamanda to do a little bit of retail therapy. Bought myself yummylicious ration which would not necessitate me to go down to the oh-so-boring-same-old-food-cafeteria below and the building next for the mere reason of getting lunch every single day. Now, i can happily have my lunch whilst watching reruns of tv3 shows or the funny spoof in www.gua.com.my in my very own room. One hour bliss is enough.

why the need of therapy? I still lack confidence and that frustrates me. I fear to speak for i hate looking stupid. In fact I was reminded by the O'great one of AGC to "think, before i speak". Then again, for thinking too much before i speak leaves me speechless. Hence, the feeling of i'm perceived as dumb (my own analysis).

I so hate myself at the moment.

*shuey in a self-let-down moment*

Monday, 28 January 2008

catching ups

in the span of 4 days or so, i managed to do some cathing ups with close buddies of whom i've not met for quite sometime: -

  • thaipussam (wed) - sya.min.khairil (just discovered the beauty of them daim cake at ikea.yummylicious!!)
  • IP symposium in KL (thursday) - linda and nuzul (superb catching up session)
  • IP symposium in KL(Friday) - quick lunch break with miera dearie at Pavillion.=)
  • movie cum lunch outing (saturday) - with mr. dearie said person
  • doa and kenduri doa selamat (sunday) - melati.miera.farhana.nadia.sarah(engin) (yeap, we were loud people!!)

i've always loved having small gathering of catching up with small knitted beloved friends simply because i now hate crowds. (oh no, i've turned into ein.first the OCD, now this?ehehe) *shue's anti social mode is SOO ON*

seriously wanted to join law20 girls for a game of futsal on sunday but sorry gurls, other comitment cropped up. see u guys on sunday?*crossing fingers*

the IP symposium gave me a new appreciation for intellectual property right. should not steal and deprive the fruits of an intellectual property right's holder.

i think i ramble2 now more. i speak of no essence. suffering brain dead. need badly a holiday. why la august so far away!!!!!!!!!!arrrghhhhhhh....

will come back to u guys when i my sense is proper.

*shuey going on an undetermined hiatus mode*

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

enforcement unenforced

Was reading the paper this morning and came across this news, "Bayar cukai tanah dapat hadiah kereta" and i went like huh?

Another classic example of having existing laws but left unenforced. Do we really need to go to the extend of bribery (can be considered as such) to ensure land revenue's paid? Is it even right to allocate budget for such campaign? Shouldn't land owners be legally responsible/civic minded enough to pay what's owed to the government? Or is it just another political agenda to secure people's vote for the coming election?

I am seriously lost for words and am seriously baffled. It feels like they're making mockery of existing laws. "Law is a valid law if posited, in the proper manner, by a recognized authority, regardless of its moral implication" - Proff Hart's theory of law quoted from Wikipedia.

First it was the discounted traffic summons, now this?

I can only imagine what other country's thinking about Malaysia with this repeated culture.

Am seriously disappointed.

Monday, 21 January 2008


After the dissapearance of Tompok, i can't sleep. i've become insomniac. eyes close but mind wanders. i've got panda eyes now. im tired.

Since im sleep deprived, i've turned into Monica. Bedroom's organized. Car's cleaned and organized. Office space's decorated and organized.

Scary, i know.

(note: -happy 25th Ziyad dearest.
-thanks emon for the friday outing and update session
-great bumping into u miera.miss u mucho)

*shuey's on a busy monday mode*

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Tale of a lost kitten (almost adult cat)

Friday morning: was not around for breakfast feeding
Friday night: still not around for dinner feeding
Saturday morning: still missing
Saturday evening: went around housing area and no where in sight.

He (Tompok) which i saved from my roof top. He which i fed with milk. He which i cared. He which i loved. No longer in sight. No longer meowing. No longer snuggling. No longer purring. Tompok's gone.

Eye's badly swollen. Heart's badly wrenching. I miss him. I miss my Tompok.

(note: thanks mr dearie said person and shafiq for helping me searching for him. much appreciated)

*shuey's free flowing with tears*

Friday, 18 January 2008


I guess its fated that the only circumstances of meeting mr. smitten and infatuated is....in the office lift. Once again bumped into him after having lunch and it was evidently clear he went for his friday prayers. I loike!!!=) and again, i silently smiled to my self.heh.

Things to do in the weekend:-

  • repair me car (which possibly includes installing CD player.am getting bored listening to the radio for the everyday one way 45 minutes journey)
  • wash me car
  • clean me room
  • work out
  • eat, sleep and relax

blisful weekend it shall be.=)

ave a great one u peeps!!

Thursday, 17 January 2008


whilst my djian mates playing futsal (i had to give it a miss.next time do it on weekend lar guys), i was doing this;

wishing hard that i could wear this ensemble to work tomorow. but i can't. another downside working with the govt, everything has to be protocol and proper like. can't be too dress up like, can't be too dress down like. *sigh* guess i have to settle with the grey skirt (bought it from Marks & Spencer for a reasonable price) with a black top and a black blazer. Even that ensemble is not that proper but i don't quite care.heh.

bimbo-ish post ey? this is what i do when im bored out of my brains!!! toodles peeps.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


(side note: I curse this office server for not saving the long post i typed a few minutes ago.aarrgghhhhh!!)

A called received from Asni whilst on her way back home from office at about 9.30 pm-ish reminded me of the old practicing days.

Not missing the going to court and being bullied bit but i certainly miss

  • staying back late to finish work
  • after work office gossip session with my ex-colleagues (j & s)
  • bringing back home work (seriously)
  • going to the dude's (real name: yau) office for casual chats, crying and pep talk sessions (speaking of the devil, just got off the phone with him.missing the SRL lots even more *sigh*)
  • going in and out the library looking at journals, statutes and reference book conducting research for submissions and legal opinions.
  • feeling extremely busy
  • the hustle and bustle of Pusat Bandar Damansara
  • The quick lunch bite at Ali Maju or Rice Bowl
  • being the last to leave the office
  • coming to office on weekends

why didn't i stay? I left because i hated feeling used. I left because I hated being bullied. I left because I hated feeling being taken for granted. I left because I hated the idea of being coolies to judges, magistrates, court clerks, partners and senior associates. My feelings were true. After I left, no one left to be bullied, use or to take for granted. They were on their own.

SRL was a great learning curve for a junior lawyer like me. Loved preparing submissions and legal opinions ever since I was just a pupil in chamber. If it weren't for some colleagues giving attitude problem and lack of team work, I would've of considered staying on.

My job now? I am content but not happily elated. Work is definitely challenging on a different perspective and the satisfying bit is I own the job. No more bullying and not taken for granted. Downside is, being attached to Ministry means work is seasonal. As you can observe, frequent blogging means more time, more time means slow-work season.

If I were still practicing, right at this moment I'll be in the midst of preparing JID files for afternoon court session. Yeah, those were the days.

*shuey missing some of her ex-colleagues and the occasional subway sandwich lunch session and evening dunkin donuts session in Pusat Bandar Damansara*

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

who says?

who says being a legal advisor to the government is an easy breezy job? today, my boss had to face the Trump of advisory division for giving a correct advice if not for an unnecessary prayer incorporated in a cabinet paper. For that, she has to suffer the horrendous consequences. I salute her for standing by her legal advise given and I salute her for being positive about it.

scary job, us federal counsel has, aint it?

*shuey is on the edge of her seat anticipating an urgent e-mail*

Monday, 14 January 2008

Yawn Monday

Just last week i was telling ati bout not seen mr.im smitten and infatuated for almost a month now when long and behold, there he was in front of the lift whilst i was going down to get lunch. This time we only managed to exchange a nod of silent hello. For a moment, as usual i smiled to myself.heh.

A yawning monday it certainly is. *yawn*

Sunday, 13 January 2008


An unexpected meet up with fad, farhana and haris at Idrina's party on Friday night, a planned movie outing with mr. dearie said person on saturday & a supposed quadruple lunch date turned two-some with muna today felt like a mini reunion for a now changed anti-social & see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil shuey.

Laughing session with fad and farhana, silly session with mr dearie said person and a shopping therapy cum update session with mrs. syed left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks, u guys.=)

Tribute to mr.dearie said person for being very patient with my mood swings and understanding the anti-social mode me. Much appreciated!!

Am seriously disturbed with crazy kid kidnappers. Scary world we live in today.

Not looking forward to work tomorow.ish-ness.

(Shopping Note read: to voluptuous bodylicious chickas, take note, Marks & Spencer is currently having a superb slashed price Sale)

*shuey on the verge of going through another depression episode*

Friday, 11 January 2008


1st Muharam and what my sisters, my mom and i did was to pig out at Delicious Cafe on my tab. In the spirit of both gregorian and islamic new years resolution to be fit (losing weight and looking great is a plus point), later in the evening i actually worked my ass off. man, was i unfit. sheesh.

since it's friday, boss's on leave and i've got not much work to do, here's 8 random things bout yours truly that i've been tagged by nadia like eons ago:-

1. Shuey loves to sing

2. Shuey loves to dance (thanks to the new work out video i just bought, now i can learn some hot snazzy moves just for self satisfaction.=))

3. Shuey is an Oprah wannabe - love the fact that she's charitable and i simply love her job of spreading knowledge and information to the people at large through her talk show.

4. Shuey is a doctor Phil wannabe - psychology was my 2nd dream job if only i didn't flunk my biology.heh.

5. Shuey suffered Depression - suffered severe depression at a young age of 12 and adult age of 22. i was prescribed with anti-depressant pills for the latest episode of depression. one of my darkest and lowest point in life. hated it.

6. Shuey has zero self-confidence (and a pessimist with oneself) - contrary to the believe of many, i have no self confidence. thus, the prevalent practice of putting myself down at every chance i have.

7. Shuey loves adventure but hates camping - i love doing outdoor challenging activities BUT not camping. cannot absorb the idea of taking baths and doing no 1s and 2s in some random bushes or river.

8. Shuey's greatest fear is death.

Salam Maal Hijrah and have a great weekend ahead everyone!!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Wise Monday

The usual blog/picture hopping brought my attention to this caption used by Indian Road Authority:-

"Hell or Helmet. It's your choice"

cute and genius don't u think? a little bit harsh but the message is well delivered!!

Friday, 4 January 2008

ReVeNge is YummYliciOuS


before anyone starts to think this is another venting out anger post, you're DEAD wrong!!It's the revenge of not taking any holiday during pupilage days and only 3 measly days whilst still in practice. Just this week alone, i took 2 and a half days off. Now, don't get me wrong. Im no lazy bum!! Monday - bed ridden due to high fever. Wednesday - took half day after much urge from my OWN boss due to endless coughing in the office (yeap, she's cool!!). Today i.e. Friday - Emergency Leave due to the suspicion of dengue fever since i've got red dots all over my legs and arms.

Fret not, the dengue fever is in the negative. thus, not wanting to spend the whole day sitting home alone, I venture out solo to my dearly beloved second home. Watched The Chipmunks, (read: those who just adore the trio, kindly watch the movie. i'm serious. it's better than i expected. i want one theadore please!!*hint* birthday is in april yeah!!) did little window shopping, bought lunch and head home.

observations of the day (in random order):

1) dads taking day off to bring their kids to the cinema is just simply adorable.
2) to super protective, insecure & obsessive GFs - i do NOT have the slightest adoration over your bf no matter how good looking he is for he has no respect for the friday prayers. Nothing to be proud of hugging ur bf and showing him off when he's supposed to be in the mosque PRAYING!! DUh!!!!!!!
3) people who talks while movie is playing is soooo uncool (shut up!!)

all in all, it's been a good day. i got to do what i wanted to do for the longest time: have some ME time alone.=)

(read: to those brand conscious shopaholic, kindly take note that ZARA, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Top Shop is currently on sale)

*shuey singing chipmunk's theme song.=)*

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Not forgotten

Certainly feels good when u're not forgotten.

Friends asking you out
Ex-colleagues calls and text message to say hello
Alma Matter's Lecturers/gurus text message and acknowledges at weddings

yeap, i'm NOT forgotten and i'm happy.=)

*shuey in a semi-sick mode*