Friday, 11 January 2008


1st Muharam and what my sisters, my mom and i did was to pig out at Delicious Cafe on my tab. In the spirit of both gregorian and islamic new years resolution to be fit (losing weight and looking great is a plus point), later in the evening i actually worked my ass off. man, was i unfit. sheesh.

since it's friday, boss's on leave and i've got not much work to do, here's 8 random things bout yours truly that i've been tagged by nadia like eons ago:-

1. Shuey loves to sing

2. Shuey loves to dance (thanks to the new work out video i just bought, now i can learn some hot snazzy moves just for self satisfaction.=))

3. Shuey is an Oprah wannabe - love the fact that she's charitable and i simply love her job of spreading knowledge and information to the people at large through her talk show.

4. Shuey is a doctor Phil wannabe - psychology was my 2nd dream job if only i didn't flunk my biology.heh.

5. Shuey suffered Depression - suffered severe depression at a young age of 12 and adult age of 22. i was prescribed with anti-depressant pills for the latest episode of depression. one of my darkest and lowest point in life. hated it.

6. Shuey has zero self-confidence (and a pessimist with oneself) - contrary to the believe of many, i have no self confidence. thus, the prevalent practice of putting myself down at every chance i have.

7. Shuey loves adventure but hates camping - i love doing outdoor challenging activities BUT not camping. cannot absorb the idea of taking baths and doing no 1s and 2s in some random bushes or river.

8. Shuey's greatest fear is death.

Salam Maal Hijrah and have a great weekend ahead everyone!!

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