Monday, 28 April 2008

Bday Celeb!!

How did I celebrate my bday many had asked. On the day itself, had to work. Last weekend it was a bday eating frenzy. Bday treat by family and mr dearie said person. A bday picnic at Ulu Yam yesterday was the cherry on top of de ice cream. I lUv LuV iT~~~

And no, I didn't do ANY birthday shopping spree for moi dear self. Don't believe it, well BELIEVE IT!!=)

Im an angel now. (visualizing a white halo on me head now.hihi.)

But todays monday, I feel bloated (due to the monthly thingy) and fat (like i've ever been thin anyway.duh!!). Hence not in a proper working mode. *sigh*

Island escapade, come forth NOW!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Quarter Century

Oohhh...that's old.

Two years in a row I broke my personal-self-created ritual of staying up till the clock strikes twelve witnessing myself turning an age older (younger in my dictionary). Not until mr dearie said person called up to wish me that I realized, hey, it is my birthday today and I'm 25. Hihihi..

What's worst is I think I slept on the bday card & gift my sister secretly placed on my bed the eve of my bday only to discover it in the morning as both of the said items were lying on my bedroom carpet. sorry kak long!!=p

How is 25 significant to me? It's nothing more than numbers. Yes, I'm a year older and a year wiser (I hope). But still much more to achieve and much more to experience. Blessfull that I am Allah Almighty grant me to live this long and I pray it'll be many more years to come. Amin.

To new found friends and old comrades, thank you for all your well wishes!! *hugs*

(P/S: to muna, ein and miera; i miss u guys mucho!! i know a lil bit out of context but feeling tad bit sentimental as the days are drawing nearer to ein's wedding as well as miera's. boo hoo!!*the after effect of ein's bday call*)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I've been sent to many suicide missions by me dearie boss (with a bit sound of sarcasm) to meetings which i either have zero knowledge of or I may be equipt with some knowledge but I personally feel still would not be suffice to give a proper legal advise to whoever is seeking. I've survived thus far.

However, yesterday was different. Yesterday I advised confidently (or so I think) as opposed to the usual squeaking sound I make when queried with an impromptu legal opinion. Yesterday I was bold. Yesterday I was brave. That feeling stayed with me in the room but immediately evaporated the minute I stepped out.

Then I had a sudden panick attack. Then I started to worry. Then I feared. I curse thy boss for asking me to attend to such meeting. Such crucial advice which may not be in the same line of thinking of the utmost superior power of the Ministry.

Thank god for a dinner meeting with mr dearie said person yesterday, I managed to calm myself down.(mr dearie said person; ur a true schweetums!!)

I've just explained to thy boss the legal advice I gave yesterday and whoopee!! she totally agrees with yours truly and I am therefore relieved. Now I can breathe and exhale normally. (owh boss, ur a true gem.=))

It may sound trivial to many but it's a HUGE thing for me. I've yet to master on everything ABOUT the Ministry and to think that I know all, it is indeed suicidal. *phewww*

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Earth Day

It's world Earth Day today. I'm happy to note my small bit of contribution to preserving the earth for future generation's enjoyment is by not utilizing the air condition unit in my room for more than a year now. I try not to use styrafom (correct spelling, no?) cups or plates for parties. I try to recycle more often. Nevertheless, I'm still guilty of contributing carbon monoxide via my car everyday and many other acts which may seem harmless to my naked eye but in true fact contributes to the slow destruction of this earth we call home.

Let's not wait till it's too late. Let's do our bit in conserving whats left on this planet for our future generation's sake.

Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

Monday, 21 April 2008


I know.I know.I'm probably the last to get hooked to this local tv series.Hats off to the production team.i've always been a fan of ng ping ho's work with the likes of kopitiam and each other, one would not expect any less from a great producer,screen writer and TV director. Why turn to Hollywood when we have our own local acts to be proud off. Kudos!!!

Check out the reruns (like I did during my lunch break.=p) here.

Can't wait for 2nd season!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Back from being away on hiatus mode for quite sometime. Difficult to turn the office mode on at the moment. Hence, putting on hold all work till I come back from a meeting in the evening.ngeeee.

The trip to the northern part of Thailand was not that pleasant. Hot weather and misleading tour guide left us feeling cranky on most part of the trip. However, great company and cheap street food managed to salvage the could-be-the-worst-package-holiday-tour-ever!! *sigh*

highlights of the trip: -

From top to bottom; my dosage of exercise, great company, bamboo rafting, THE-best-cheapest-ice-chocolate-ever!!,cam-whoring.

More pictures are available here.

Saved by a three-day course in ILKAP, I did not have to head to office straight after the trip. The course was a huge eye-opener and it comforts me to know that WE are doing something right for the country at international level. No, I was not brain washed for I have perfect capabilities to think whats right and whats not. It's safe to say that sometimes it's better to dig deeper than seeing something on the surface for most of the times we are often mislead with informations which does not do justice to the executing party.

Oh yeah, picture from adam's wedding have been uploaded. Enjoy 'em.=)

*shuey on lazy mode*

Monday, 7 April 2008

6.18 p.m

nothing to shout about.i know.but believe it or still in the 6.19 putrajaya.whole morning spent trying to draft a simple letter to be sent to IAD of AGC and the whole evening squezzing my brain to rectify a BADLY drafted BM MoU. now, that was a challenge!! another work just have to wait till i return from the vacation and a three day course next week for i simply can't understand the language of the drafting division of the AGC. head is spinning. god!!

leaving now. bag's not packed. simply hate the stress-ness.

till then, toodles. pictures from the wedding yesterday and aja's tagg game simply have to wait yeah.

ave a great working week peeps.

Friday, 4 April 2008

mind boggling

I can't seem to understand how my body works for this whole week of working days. I set my alarm at 6.00 a.m but I'll only get up 5 minutes later after the snooze alarm goes off. No matter how quick I shower, I'd only get ready to start the engine either 5 before 7.30 or 7.30 or like today, 7.32 am. Hence arriving office 10 past 8.00 for the rest of this week which obviously meant red on the punch card. Luckily the employer are now techno savy and they did away with the punch card system relying solely now on the digital tag card. But I ensure you it is still not comforting sashaying into my office 10 after 8.00 when the Boss clocks in at 7.00 everyday. Waking up earlier would NOT solve the problem I caution u for I have tried but failed.


well, its Friday. Im glad. Weekend will be filled with chilling with me favourite guy, beloved chicas and friends. 2 childhood friends weddings to attend on Sunday. yay!!

to Adam and Liyana (or better known as Raja by many), Zuraida and soon-to-be-hubby (sorry babe, can't remember his name), congrats on getting hitched!! I pray for your happiness and well being for the rest of your marital bliss!!=)

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Just returned from a meeting which involved matters relating to Land Law. Like OMG, u would not imagine how squirmish I was in my seat not remembering a single thing from the NLC (despite the fact that I glanced thru the Code before the meeting) and worrying that I'd be bombarded with legal questions. Lets just say that I did NOT pee in my batik baju kurung and got out of the meeting in one piece. *pheww*

The perks of being legal advisor to the government sector; exposed to many types of laws. Downside of it, ur EXPECTED to know EVERYTHING!! Icks.Sometimes I feel I'm in the wrong profession for I lack of knowledge in soo many things.

4 years of studying law does not mean we're jack of all trade for all types of law. 4 years of studying law does not mean we're intelligent. 4 years of studying law does not count for anything without proper working experience.

I pray hard that I would not make any mistakes big enough to cause me my job. Amin.

*shuey feel like shooting herself in the head.bang!!*