Friday, 4 April 2008

mind boggling

I can't seem to understand how my body works for this whole week of working days. I set my alarm at 6.00 a.m but I'll only get up 5 minutes later after the snooze alarm goes off. No matter how quick I shower, I'd only get ready to start the engine either 5 before 7.30 or 7.30 or like today, 7.32 am. Hence arriving office 10 past 8.00 for the rest of this week which obviously meant red on the punch card. Luckily the employer are now techno savy and they did away with the punch card system relying solely now on the digital tag card. But I ensure you it is still not comforting sashaying into my office 10 after 8.00 when the Boss clocks in at 7.00 everyday. Waking up earlier would NOT solve the problem I caution u for I have tried but failed.


well, its Friday. Im glad. Weekend will be filled with chilling with me favourite guy, beloved chicas and friends. 2 childhood friends weddings to attend on Sunday. yay!!

to Adam and Liyana (or better known as Raja by many), Zuraida and soon-to-be-hubby (sorry babe, can't remember his name), congrats on getting hitched!! I pray for your happiness and well being for the rest of your marital bliss!!=)

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