Friday, 17 April 2009

Annoying me

The announcement on the 9th of April 2009 gave birth to miss annoying shuey. Ask khalid and lily for verification.

Even I don't like myself. Oh when will this torture end. eek. whine. boo hoo.

okay, end.


Monday, 13 April 2009

what NOT to do when there's police road block

1. Do NOT stop short 500 meters from the road block (like duh, it will cause suspicion)

Above tip by yours truly came about yesterday when my day date inconveniently left his i.c and driving license back at home. Only realized it after picking me up. So, the only rational thing to do is head home to get them right? On the way, surprise surprise: police road block.

Mr.smarty pants immediately hit the breaks; short 500 meters from the road block. Anybody who's a nobody would've calculated such action to mean only one thing: you've done something wrong.

As expected, my day date's car was stopped by mr. police men. Thankfully for his day date's brilliant (nak jugak puji diri sendiri) advice; he was only given a warning. My advice to my day date: be truthful and tell mr.police men that he (my day date) is on his way back to get those documents.

Upon hearing such explanation, my day date got away scott free.=)

So, yeah. Not all police men are untrustworthy. Not all police men are corrupt. Way to go mr. police men!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


If anyone asks; who's my best friend(s)? I'd say none. Close friends I have many.

I never knew I'm THAT worthy to be cared for by anyone. I always believe I leave negative impressions on strangers and acquaintance of friends.

Only few really knows me. Only few could withstand me. And that few; are my precious gem.

Thank you ein. Thank you miera. Thank you Myn. Thank you Ziyad. Thank you Mr. Dearie Said person.

For encouraging me to do the unimaginable. For returning the smile that went missing. For just really being there whenever and wherever.

I don't do you guys justice. I hardly text. I hardly call.

But do know, you(guys) will always be my precious gems and I love you(guys) with all my heart.

Back at work

Yesterday was a harsh reality. Even me dad shed tears. That's how special the little guy was.

Today is another harsh reality. Am back at work with tons to do. Looking at the bright side; at least the bulk of work will stop me wallowing over his death as I have to focus.

The induction and BTN course taught me wonders. From administrative matters to human relations. It's amazing. Really.

At the same time, both course left me mentally and physically drained. Hence, the leave I took yesterday. But yesterday's event left me emotionally drained.

And now, I'm mentally, physically and emotionally drained.

Need.To.Go.Holiday.24 days and counting.

Need.New.Cat.Anyone kind enough to donate?