Monday, 30 November 2009


"Biar orang buat kat kita. Jangan kita buat kat orang" - My late Opah.

It just shows how insensitive they are. Not worth your time. Your cries. Your heartache.

Delete them completely. Literally stop from questioning. Stop from figuring out. Stop from digging.

It won't be easy. But you know you've got friends supporting you.

Ignorance is bliss. Just ignore.

Ms J And Mr A *erase forever* - honestly utterly despicable.

Domestic Goddes (kononnya)

Sebelum terlupa, perlu pen this down for memory sake.

Scene: telephone conversation.

Girl: which one is a cinnamon? The stick or the flower?

Boy: *chuckle*

Girl: u laughed!meanie!

Boy: tickles me that you could not identify between the two.

Conclusion: now, WE know who will be wearing the chef hat. =)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mudah lupa

Kadang-kadang tidak terelak hati terdetik, begitu mudah dan senang kehidupan mereka. at least to my very own naked eyes.

Kemudian hati terdetik lagi, KENAPA kehidupan aku tak serupa seperti mereka. KENAPA begitu banyak halangan dan dugaan yang perlu ditempuhi.

Soal KENAPA tak wajar ditanya kerana aku mudah lupa aku hamba Allah yang kerdil yang perlu merintih kepada Nya mohon petunjuk dan hidayah. Mohon kekuatan dan ketabahan hati.

Thank you mother for the gentle reminder.

Sungguh benar, manusia mudah lupa.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Saya bukan seorang hardcore feminis. Saya hanya tidak suka rakan-rakan wanita saya dipermainkan.

Tatkala lelaki menipu untuk menyelamatkan ego yang besar. Saya faham.

Tetapi tatkala seorang wanita membenarkan atau membiarkan penipuan tersebut berlaku tanpa rasa bersalah atau rasa remorse, saya sungguh tidak faham.

Paling tidak pun, kalau dua-dua sudah melakukan kesilapan, sila lah mengaku salah.

Admitting to mistake does not make one coward. Admitting to mistake is a commendable act.

To me friend, though I agree revenge is sweet but please don't let them have the last laugh.

Operation confrontation in December? Who's on board?

Friday, 20 November 2009

My Mother So Sweet

When I fight with him, she hugs me and say things will be okay.
When I told her his mother passed away, we bawled together.
When we went for the funeral, she hugged his sister like she was her own daughter.
When I told her his problems, she extends her hand to help.

She never judge. She understands.

Mother, you're too sweet and I love YOU!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

the UPS and DoWnS

Every phone ring. Every incoming e-mail. brings shivers down me spine. they call it phobia.

This morning. The phone rang. This time i did something right.


Hurry for the end of month to come. Better month next.

Tomorrow, i sense feel good day.

Short run from Office. New best best friend.

Can't wait!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


One word to sum it all; harsh!

I told you the month has not ended.

And i just want to bury myself deep under the ground.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Oh my DioR!

is definitely original. minus the superb wardrobe and famous actors, i find the movie rather draggy.

*sigh* disappointing.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Its amazing

That you could make me feel beautiful when the fact is I'm not.
That you could make me laugh to cheer me spirit up when the fact is your spirit needs the cheering more than I do.

I know things have not been easy for you. Neither for me. But I'm sure every cloud has a silver lining and He has better plans for you.

This I learn; relationship does not mean one have to be clingy. relationship should not be based on expectations. relationship requires understanding. relationship requires trust. relationship requires patience.

We're no where near perfect but the journey that brought us to where we are now taught us what true relationship is all about.

Suddenly, the day seems a little bit brighter thanks to YOU.


Hands down this month of this year is the hardest toughest.

Let's see which month of which year would top this month of this year.

Nak reward diri sendiri. Employer terlalu baik hulur gaji awal untuk perayaan. Sungguh betul, Rakyat diutamakan.*dreamy bag, sila tunggu daku*

Hampir hampir tak mahu bangun semula selepas jatuh dari tingkat 100. Sakitnya, Masya Allah.

Terima kasih kepada teman-teman yang terlibat yang berjaya mendengar keluhan dan tangisan saya semalam. Saya amat malu. Tapi the crying helped A LOT. And the tak-makan-lunch-semalam-compensated-with-Mom's-greatest-baked maccaroni. And the two little kitten bratty. And my new-source-of-entertainment-gadget. I feel much better.

Tapi siapa kata this month is over.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

The dreaded DAY arrived

Fear of unknown became a reality.

The dreaded day arrived.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I can never be good enough

for myself, for others.

work wise. personally.

and He has never failed to grant my wishes.

how i whine i missed the buzz of Pusat Bandar Damansara, He sent me to MOH.

how i wish my work is scrutinized and criticized so i know my flaws, He sent me here.

but instead of being forever grateful, i feel like a complete failure.

How great is HE. indeed He is great and really, i should be grateful.

let me mourn over my stupidity for a while and get back to work.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

labelled bored

whenever there's any function or chill out session, it's very rare that i'd decline.

today is an exception.

i declined.

fear of the unknown can lead to depression. of course i know. been there. felt that.

this time. the fear is identified. the feeling is overwhelming that i don't feel like doing anything until i know the outcome.

call me boring.

that label is nothing compared to being judged as dumb. really.

i'm in the wrong profession.

The lil' things that makes me happy NOW

having two precious adorable kitten sleepin by me side now; and

getting assurance from him that things will turn out okay for me, for him and for us.

its sunday.


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rasa bodoh berulang

There should be a 101 manual to guide one on How Not To Be/Look Stupid.

Seriously. Now, the scene is on replay mode.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I should know better

full stop.

*super-shiny-shuey resigns from being a mediator*

It comes to only one conclusion then, whatever one says differs in others interpretation.

Simple example; and I thought my comments were fair BUT to others, it connotes different meaning.

To those who felt I was not fair, I apologize. To those who felt I misinterpreted, I apologize.

Kalau tak ada warna warni dalam kehidupan, bukan lah nama nya kehidupan. Ye tak?

Monday, 2 November 2009

Let's all be adult about it

Though we come from the same university and studied on the same course, we eventually ventured out in similar profession but wearing different hats. Different hats with different working environment, clients and views.

It's plain obvious that our views may not be at eye level for our exposure and experience varies. But does that mean we can't be friends and be adult about it?

This became an issue. When I first read it, my first thought was "you got to be kidding me?". I was called to the BAR before I held the position where I'm at now. My exposure while in practice was mainly litigation. I know how difficult it is to locate a missing file. I understand the agony of going back and forth to court just to find a missing file. I also understand how it feels to be ridiculed by the court clerk and presiding judge. I understand how frustrating it is to be a litigation practicing lawyer. Really I do because I went through it.

So, when that was posted, I could foresee the comments that would rain through.

Now, I want to try be an un-certified peace maker.

To you, probably what you wrote did happen in your personal knowledge but to understand the real problem would help too i.e. experiencing it first hand. The way to experience it, go through it. Not as someone who sees it at birds eyes view. But really go down and disguise yourself, if you could. Probably things have indeed change. I can't vouch for that for I don't have the experience first hand.

To you, I understand the frustration and anger but IMHO personal attacks is unnecessary. A proper intellectual discourse via proper round table could be more proper perhaps?

I think what both parties are trying to say to each other is basically "you don't understand and see it like how I understand and see it".

So, me brothers and sisters. Let's all be adult about it and say our sorry and take it from there.

Yes, no?