Friday, 29 May 2009

Good LuCk LilS BilS!!

Someone asked for an update. It's lunch time, friday and am at the office typing away. I'm not out for lunch by choice. Yes, work is getting on the nerves.

On the 23rd of May 2009, a friend gave birth to a handsome baby named Ahmad Emyr. Congrats Fazlin and Feisal!! I'm sorry I've yet to find time to drop by to see both parents and baby. Will come by before the 2nd. I promise!!

Today a friend is getting married. Congrats lils bils!! Cepat cepat ada anak. Boleh tambah angkatan tentera flower boys and girls saya. =)

Sekian sahaja update saya pada hari ini. Diharap anda semua berpuas hati dengan coretan saya yang tidak seberapa. My mind is neither here nor there. It's everywhere.

Till later, toodles!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

busy bee

You know how I whine missing the chambering days. You know how I whine missing the busy streets of Pusat Bandar Damansara. You know how I whine not having colleagues to stay back with.

Now, if I continue to whine, I permit you to smack me *oo*y for now I've no reason to whine.

Since Monday I leave micasa at 7 a.m. Since Monday, I spot happy pimple-break-outs.

So, yeah. I should be happy right?

Monday, 11 May 2009

why I LOVE ye!

Simply because:

You're dead honest
You're super sweet
You love cats
You're my cheer leader
You make sense
You're not pretentious
You surprise me
(and the lists just endless)

Though you can be a JERK occasionally, and THEN make me cry. But I am no different to you. I annoy and irk you equally. Making us a perfect fit. Yay!

Thank YOU for yet another fulfilling Sunday of cheering me up when I was feeling all fugly physically and emotionally. Thank YOU for sharing interest in artsy fartsy stuff. And Thank YOU for bringing me to the Pasar Malam for a round of nasi kukus guilty pleasure. *grins*

psst..Next, get me a DSLR and take me to Malacca. You be the model, I'll be the photographer. *next year's birthday wish, prolly?tee hee hee*


Many perceives I have confidence. When I whine that I could not/am not able to complete a task, many dismissed me. But it's true, I do have a problem with self-confidence. It's my weakest trait. No kidding.

Since I left practice, many things/decisions I've to burden. Until now, some still haunts me for fear that along my service, such decisions may cause liability/damage to the ones I'm serving. It's a scary scary thought.

Since 9th April 2009, my job position is neither here nor there. I'm pretty much left hanging without a house. I've heard rumors and speculations. But nothing's certain. Just today, I was 'proposed' by a division to be their legal adviser. Decision would not be mine. All I said was, "saya redha diletakkan di mana-mana". Simply because if I choose where to be placed at, I fear "keluar mulut buaya, masuk mulut harimau". At this stage and at my age, it's best that I challenge myself to build the confidence that I never had.

So, yeah until and unless I receive official news; for those who wonders, I'm still at the old office clearing up files and attending to ad-hock matters. You'd think it's fun but seriously, it's not. It's very de-motivating to not know where I'm heading. I have to force myself to work everyday.

I need new shoes.hmm..that's a motivating thought. =)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Perth: Travelogue

I thought I was able to do a travelogue with pictures but I had no patience to gather pictures and picasa-ed them all. So, here's a travelogue on Perth with nada pictures.

5 hours journey on MAS was a pleasant one. I must say that MAS lived up to their international acclaimed cabin crew award. Kudos!

One thing one must know when intending to travel to Perth is the fact that their business hours (be it shops, office, majority eatery joints) ends at 5 p.m be it winter, summer, autumn or spring. If one travels with an arranged tour group, I would not think such caution would be a problem as it is a norm that the touring agent would arrange for a wholesome package for meals and touring purposes. However, since we opted for a "free and easy" holiday, we had to arrange our time properly to ensure that we'd be able to do everything without missing any meal time for the father would turn into green monster. tee hee hee. =)

As for Halal food, do not fret as there is plenty of Lebanese sort food such as kebabs to suppress any hunger desire. There are also plenty of Malaysian food joints that are able to cater those who can't live without rice. Rest assured that your stay there would not be limited to consuming only fruits, crackers or bread. We even found a halal japanese restaurant in Perth Town. However, the food does not come cheap. It goes with 1-1 ratio to our Malaysian Ringgit. For example, a plate of nasi campur there is 6 AUD. Hence, multiply it with 2.6 (the currency exchange rate), total amounting to more or less RM 14-15. Thinking of bringing food from Malaysia? I would not advice so since they've got super strict regulations on bringing foreign food items into Australia for fear that such foods would cause harm to their plants and etc. Again, if one travels in a proper touring group, this caution is irrelevant.

Though we took a free and easy sort holiday, we had a good fun time figuring our own way around Perth.

We pretty much loss time on the first day as we reached the hotel at 4 p.m. By the time we settled in and washed up, all shops were closed. Nevertheless, we took a stroll around the city to have the night feel.

2nd day in Perth was spent at Fremantle. Accesible through land (bus,train) or water (ferry). We took the train (similar to Komuter here but much more efficient and reliable). The Fremantle Market is worth exploring though I know sasha beg to differ on this. Hehe. Other than the Fremantle Market, there is the E-shed Market but we didn't get to explore that Market as we were already tired due to touring Fremantle via foot. If one were to go there, please do check their seafood eateries. Our first try was at Kaili's. On a different day, we were brought to Cicerello's and i must say the fish and chips at Cicerello's is to die for! But if you're not a fan of seafood, there are many other food joints which are halal worth exploring on. Halal food joint with cute Malaysian student working there. Double bonus. You bet! =) but i'm sorry, I can't recall the name of the restaurant. (Day 1 and Day 2 pictures can be viewed here.)

3rd day was a full shopping escapade at Harbour Town Mall. I wouldn't say it's the best outlet mall that I've been too but one could certainly find knicks knacks/apparels which are not available in Malaysia or even if it is available, such items are at a discounted price worth splurging on. My favorite catches from the Mall are a 4.95 AUD necklace (which I LOVE to bits); a 24.95 AUD crocheted clutch (*swoon*) and cute blouses (which are not available in Malaysia in my size). So, yeah when I travel, I only buy things which are worthy spending on. Things ain't cheap man. It was a slight dissapointment though when I couldn't find jeans fitting me perfectly. Weird that the sizes that they have befits asian sizes more than the normal mat salleh sizes. tsk tsk. HuGE dissapointment there! And don't worry if you intend to spend the WHOLE day there as transportation is easy breasy and there's a couple of Halal Joint there. See, toldja food is not a problem in Perth. (and psstt...that's why i've not been able to lose the weight i gain there. *sigh*) After spending approximately 6 hours at the Mall (ye kawan kawan 6 jam la jugak. nak patah dah kaki semua orang), we had late lunch at a Halal Japanese eatery and lil bit later in the evening, explored the bell tower and the wheel of Perth. (Day 3 pictures can be viewed here)

4th day was the day where we really toured Perth typical tourist style. Since it was a free and easy holiday for us, we only booked the one day ground tour upon arrival. We enjoyed the tour immensely as the group was not a huge one. It was only us (five) and two (mother and daughter) other tourists. They even provide Halal lunch but one must request for it. First stop was the Caversham Wildlife Part (awesome!!) followed by a trip to a vineyard, chocolate and ice cream shop. After lunch break (at the Tourist guide's crib), visit to Guildford Pottery Village (which is NOTHING compared to Sarawak) and final leg of the afternoon tour was a ferry-ride experience crossing the swan river back to Perth City. At night, we were brought to Fremantle(where we had Cicerello's for dinner. Yum!!) and other parts of Perth (such as the Chinatown, Kings Park and several Look Out Points) for a night experience. Lepas tuh balik hotel, semua pengsan kepenatan.tee hee. (Day 4 pictures are available here and here)

Day 5 (final Day) was spent by having a last minute shopping spree before our flight in the afternoon. That was THE DAY we found Target. Heaven on shopping-earth I tell ya but fortunately, by the final day; i've lost all appetite to splurge. Hence, saved more moolahs. yay for shuey!! I've been behaving well I tell ya. Even I am proud of myself. (Day 5 pictures can be viewed here)

After 5 days and 4 night of Perth, I must say that it's a place worth-visiting again for there are many other things that we've yet to explore. We didn't get to visit Kings Park in the day. We didn't get to visit the islands in Perth. We didn't get to see dolphins and penguins in Perth. There is also the Amusement Park and Perth Zoo that we didn't get to go.

Oh yeah, before this Travelogue:Perth ends, another travel tip is to be aware of Australia's national holiday as they pretty much malfunction (be it shops or transportation service (except some busses and train) when it comes to their national holiday.

Perth trip rating: 4/5. Thanks to the mom and dad for suggesting. *hugs family*

Purr-fect Day

He's NOT perfect and who is? But he managed to pull a PERFECT day in honor of me being a year older.

It was nothing fancy. Just a day out of watching X-Men: Wolverine, Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two lunch and exploring the Dinasours and Monsters Exhibition at Midvalley.

It was perfect because he made me laugh the entire day. It was perfect because he remembers.

He, who cam-whores worst than me.seriously.

Thanks Mr. Dearie Said Person for the PERFECT day. Sila lah bawak saya jalan jalan lagi. Saya amat suka berjalan.

Oh yeah, and thank you for the birthday present too!

Adalah PERFECT! =)