Monday, 11 May 2009


Many perceives I have confidence. When I whine that I could not/am not able to complete a task, many dismissed me. But it's true, I do have a problem with self-confidence. It's my weakest trait. No kidding.

Since I left practice, many things/decisions I've to burden. Until now, some still haunts me for fear that along my service, such decisions may cause liability/damage to the ones I'm serving. It's a scary scary thought.

Since 9th April 2009, my job position is neither here nor there. I'm pretty much left hanging without a house. I've heard rumors and speculations. But nothing's certain. Just today, I was 'proposed' by a division to be their legal adviser. Decision would not be mine. All I said was, "saya redha diletakkan di mana-mana". Simply because if I choose where to be placed at, I fear "keluar mulut buaya, masuk mulut harimau". At this stage and at my age, it's best that I challenge myself to build the confidence that I never had.

So, yeah until and unless I receive official news; for those who wonders, I'm still at the old office clearing up files and attending to ad-hock matters. You'd think it's fun but seriously, it's not. It's very de-motivating to not know where I'm heading. I have to force myself to work everyday.

I need new shoes.hmm..that's a motivating thought. =)

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emon said...

meh kijer kat rober devan mau?:p