Wednesday, 20 July 2011

wordless wednesday

Soul Mate

In all honesty, I never believed in the term soul mate. Syam and I are two separate individuals who are different in so many ways. We don't finish each others sentences. Heck, sometimes we had to go through battles just to get the other to spill what is really on each mind.

Until tonight.

I was feeling down for the past few days for reasons even I couldn't fathom. Syam respected and gave me space. Tonight, I snuggled up to him, started to break down and cry. Hard. He hugged me tight and started to list down everything that was subconsciously bothering me. I knew he hit bulls eyes as at each point, I cried harder re affirming what I was bothered with these past few days. 

I didn't have to tell him. He knew. And he made it all better by just giving me space, hugging me tight and telling me he knows.

By just doing that, I understood what soul mate means.

Thank you Allah for granting this jodoh to me, to us. May this jodoh will be under His blessings and lasts for eternity.

I love you syam. My husband. My friend. My enemy. My soul mate. Sampai bila-bila.

Mid-levels Escalator, Hong Kong, 2011