Thursday, 19 January 2012


2012 begun like 18 days ago. Well, hello! 19.1.2012. Alone on a lunch break in my room over sausage (i swear tastes similarly to 1901), small packet of cadburry bytes and nestle bliss (the one that cleans my bowel system. TMI, right?)

This time one year ago, I was struggling at a new working environment managing a small army of subordinates. Today, standing at 9 months into new working environment after the last new working environment, alhamdulillah I am adapting and adjusting well.

2011 was nothing but eventful from working dilemma and struggles, to getting married to the same dude I've been seeing for the past 8 odd years, to discovering what I am really capable off be it positively and negatively. 

2011 made me wiser. 2011 made me stronger. 2011 made me make mistakes which I would remember for life. 2011 thought me WHAT matters and WHAT doesn't. 2011 thought me WHO matters and WHO doesn't.

Here is to 2012 albeit 19 days later to a better year, to making me wiser, to making me stronger, to be as eventful as 2011. Insya Allah.