Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mourning Tuesday

Yesterday, you showed us your usual antics (for the last time)
Yesterday, you nuzzled my hand (for the last time)
Yesterday, I hugged, cuddled and kissed you (for the last time)

Not knowing that today you'd be gone forever.

You were very special.

The whole family mourn over your loss.

We sorely miss you (very much).



Friday, 6 March 2009


Dasar Penjimatan Negara: Siri ke-2

Cut your own hair. Me loike me bangs. whoopey..=)

Me likey friday. Friday is good. Me likey particularly this friday for starting monday till 30/3/2009 me will be away from office for induction and BTN. Me likey no office for 3 weeks. Good.

perasaan bosan dihari jumaat.harap maaf diatas penggunaan bahasa yang gedik.shoot me already.

happy friday and weekend y'all!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Some blog to brag. Some blog out of boredom. Some blog because its cool. Some blog to share.

I blog because I was bored and my head couldn't stop talking. Like period. Like even now the head is still speaking. Like I have a mini me inside my head. Okay. Stop.

I love to blog hop and when I stumble upon any interesting blogs, I would bookmark it. Hence, allowing me to peek into their personal lives. But I don't make friends from blogs. I'm shy.

Yesterday I saw someone who looked familiar. She wasn't a friend. She was a blogger. I wanted to tell my dinner date that "I know her. She's a blogger. That's her husband." Then I stopped myself for fear that my dinner date would call me crazy. Ada ke patut jumpe blogger pun nak excited. Ish ish ish.

What I'm trying to say is, why trouble yourself auditioning for reality TV shows for a five minute fame when you could be more than that by simply blogging.

Serious. Tak tipu. Kalau blog, boleh jadi famous. Orang pandang-pandang. Orang adore. Tinggal tak kena kejar dengan papparazi jer. And if you're lucky, you'd be reviewed (ala movie, food review) at p***********i.blogspot.com. Seluruh Malaya tahu.

Terus dapat title, "Malaysia's Favourite Blogger". =)

sindrom bosan dihari khamis.harap maaf.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Food cravings

Ever since I'm on my-suka-hati-diet, I developed food cravings to reward myself for sticking to the diet. My-suka-hati-diet does not restrict my food intake too much. I am allowed to have colorful (i.e. heavy) meal once a day. Hence, the almost daily shuey-food-cravings.

Last week, I craved for nasi pakapau. Checked.

Last Monday, I craved for Wendy's. Checked.

Next in the list is Yellowcab Pizza. Anyone kind enough to either take me there or send me a box? =) (pssttt: siap ada no delivery lagi. sila lah hantar.pizza apa apa pun tak pe.hihihi)

Lapar la pulak.ish.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dasar Penjimatan Negara

My Dasar Penjimatan Negara is as follows:
1) When in shopping complex, try avoiding going to ANY of the shops which may trigger my shopping-devil-mode despite the display window screaming the word 'SALE'. If that does not work/help, try doing the see,hear,no-evil pose. Guarantee menutup segala nafsu membeli.

2) When doing online-shop-browsing, think of how the closet will burst and fall apart and mom will then start to babble and ramble before purchasing any item. Yes, I'm scared of my mommy's nagging.

3) Mr. Dearie Said Person constant reminder that I don't
need that. I just want that. (tapi ada jalan keluar. beli dahulu, beritahu kemudian. eheheh. tapi saya sudah insaf. betul. tak tipu.). His nagging and killer stare helps too. *shudder*

So, if you're a shopaholic and plan to turn sober like me. (pfft..as if) try the above 3 Dasar. It helps. =)

Monday, 2 March 2009

How To Lose a Guy In One Day

Think Kate Hudson in Bride Wars (specifically the part where she so to say coerced her bf to propose) and Mila Kunis (Jackie) in That 70's Show when she broke up with Danny Masterson (Hyde) simply because Hyde could not commit himself to marrying her (Jackie). I know the former does not correlate with the latter but I assure you, it has some similarities; marriage & impatience.

In short, you can simply lose a guy in a day by pushing him to marry you. It works I tell ya.

I know I have low patience. But I didn't know I had the ability to drive a person almost-crazy with my (subconcious) accumulative action pressuring him to not marry me but make a step towards it. I blame all the "when-are-you-getting-married question" for turning me into this b***hy monster. I kid you not.

I totally agree when he said, I quote "the journey towards marriage should be happy and not difficult". I also agree when a friend said and I quote "if it is meant that two souls be united as one, the path leading the way should be an easy one". So I prayed to HIM to show me which path should I take. Then, a miracle happened. Suffice to say that we've not ended things just yet.

I won't lie to say I'm not pressured. Of course I am. But I'm learning to leave it to the Almighty to determine the when.

Im writing this post not to air my dirty linen but am using it as a luahan-perasaan venue; that pressuring anyone with the marriage question is no fun. It will either make or break the relationship.

Okay, I'm done. If anyone reading happens to date someone that you totally dislike; try the above tip but a word of caution, I hold no liability should it work in the reverse.heeheh.

Happy working monday everyone.=)