Friday, 14 January 2011

super like!

Radzi & Alia from John Hafiz on Vimeo.


And I quote,

"Aren't you the nicest thing on earth..

I visualized and believed everything would be perfect for me that day - indeed it was. I visualized and believed I will look and feel that happy that day - and I was at my happiest.

Know that the man of our dreams IS ALREADY MARRYING us and he will be all ours that day onwards.

Know we deserve him, this blessing and this happiness - no matter what veil, dress, dais and we can have either all the flowers in the world - or just a bouquet, our happiness will transpire in our photos (and they last forever, and so will our marriage - if we visualize and believe so)!

Your becoming husband is very husband to be married to someone so kind with her words and I'm very sure with her hearts too.

My love and best wishes to your big day.."

Her respond to my post. Thank you Ninie Ahmad for your wise words.  What she said is  so very true. We need to visualize and believe that things will go as how we want it to be. IMHO, a lot bride or bride to be(s) forget that.  I don't want to look all 'muka ketat' on my Day. I want to be smiling from ear to ear. 

Here's to visualizing and believing that MY day will be perfect. =)

Dais inspired

picture taken from here

How NOT to LOVE her simple mini dais. The back drop looked like rain drops with 2  floating-like-flower arrangements on each side. Accompanied by my guess 2 most important ladies in her life (mother on her right?), the picture looked perfect. I'm sure it was perfect for her

I am hoping that the exact same shot would be captured on my solemnization day. I don't want anyone else BUT my mother to be by my side holding my hand when Syam takes his akad.

Her dais and hantaran arrangements is by Flora etc. Again, if you have the money to splurge, I'm sure they won't be disappointing. Simple with a touch of elegance. Less is indeed more. Much much more.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Simplest Pleasure

Is when we played hangman together while waiting for HIV test result;
Is when we had serious talk over late lunch after HIV test;
Is when we strolled around one utama on a weekday after HIV test reminded of our studying dating days;
Is when we planned of taking random annual leave for ad hock road trips; 
Is watching the idiot box together at home after HIV test;
Is knowing that Insya Allah in 2 months time, I'll be your wife and you'll be my husband.

p/s: Oh. Tips for b2b on the HIV test, please please make appointment by calling up any Klinik Kesihatan Kerajaan as they only entertain by appointment and not walk in. =)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Friday, 7 January 2011


credits here
One of few unpretentious blogger fashionista and stylista that's worth mentioning is this pretty little lady here. She carries the whole look and other looks effortlessly. Loving the whole ensemble!

I also adore the styles of Aishah Amin. It is awesome to see that a person can still observe her aurah and at the same time appear stylish. Example below.

aishah amin's looks can be found here

Now, can someone tell me where I can get 'em harem pants and pretend to be stylish like them both. Like pronto!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Veil inspired

picture taken from here

I love how her veil falls perfectly nice on her head creating that wavy effect. I've bought lace material (which my designer swore that it can be turned later into a top. dual purpose. why waste? ;p) that  I super hope that will give similar effect. I super LOVE her dress too. Both veil and dress is by Jovian Mandagie. If you have that much to splurge, I'm sure its a piece worth investing. Simple with a touch of elegance. 

It's down to the final two and a half months. The cousin said, "And the roller coaster begins! :) You'll find that some things don't go your way - don't worry! Cause in the end you'll find out that that's not what matters at the end of day." 

Yes. That's what I'm hoping for. The W preps are the least of my worries. As evidently can be seen, I don't speak much in detail of the physical/material preparation. But more of spiritual and mental preparation. The material preparation is nothing but satisfaction to ones pride. But material would not determine the outcome of a marriage. A happily ever after. Or a bitter divorce. I prefer the former.

Hence, here's to the state of zenn-ness and redha as how the roller coaster begins.  I am adamant that I want a happily ever after blessed and blisfull marriage.