Thursday, 29 May 2008

Local production

Another not-so-cliche' local production well produced. The ever first production which made my jaw dropped when the twist starts to unravel. Well twisted. Very unexpected. Well planned. Just ignore the illogical bit of Royal Kingdom Indrapura. After all it is only fiction.

It can be viewed here.

Hats off to the production team!!!

Star sighting

Guess who was spotted near the vicinity of thy office suited only in polo shirt, track bottom and jogging trainers?

It was Tun Mahathir. *glee*

I was close to swing my car over to say hello (cheh, macam berani) but choose not too as he was accompanied by bodyguards. *Tak pasal2 karang bodyguard suspect nak kidnap Tun pulak. hihihi*

I may not condone with what he may have done in the past but he has my uttermost respect for making Malaysia known to the eyes of the world.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Day Abode

Hey, what d'ya know. My office is now officially my day abode now that it's furnished with a couch. Oh yeah!!

Just don't hate me yeah my stuck-in-the-cubicle-colleagues-of-the-HQ. hihihih...=)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


It's a sickness I suffer. I despise attending official functions where good manners are required. I hate at the idea of the need to be sociable at official functions. I'm not arrogant, I'm just shy. I'm not good at starting conversations. I prefer staying in the sphere of my work without having the need to be sociable to others.

Having said that, I'm not entirely socially retarded when it comes to work. I do have my own network of people for work purposes. I just don't dig the idea of mingling around outside the sphere of work. Get what I mean?

On the other hand, thy boss is one person who is people friendly. She knows the important whos even if it is not work related. In some ways, I pressure myself to be one as for the benefit of long term, it is good to be seen and noticed.

Yesterday, I attended an event which to my opinion, being present or not would not make any difference since many still questions who is this tudung-clad-girl whose office is in the 10th floor? I still get that quizzical stare to date though I've started work since October last year. But the Boss says it is part of my official duty, hence attending it I must.

As expected, the event was a drab. The food was terrible. The company thankfully was not bad. At least I was seated amongst familiar faces and that saved my fear of having an awkward moment.

Thankfully this sort of event only comes once in a blue moon and I am spared from the sickness I suffer for many more months to come.

Official-function-phobic. Yes, its a sickness.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Sun's shining, Bird's chirping

Maybe I'm over exagerrating but things are slowly looking up. No more stressful head-breaking legal advicing to do. No more emotional turmoil torture I have to render. At least for now.

Took a day off friday. Yes ati, I was stressed out. Didn't attend the Alumni IIUM Homecoming dinner and was slapped with a "suit yourself" reply from Lily after informing her that I am in anti-social mode. I'm very sure I didn't miss anything from it. And to you cik Lily, we shall go for proper chill out session i.e. not via alma matter's function.

Nothing beats eating home-cooked good food and spending quality time with me loved ones which I've been doing from friday till sunday. Not to forget mr. dearie said person's contribution for being ego-less and considerate. Hence the shining sun and chirpy birds. Alright!!

Monday is still a drag though. Bluegh.

Todays lunch: home made "two all chicken patties, no sauce and only tomatoes on whole wheat bun" *say it in the mc*d song tune* ihihih...yummm!!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Still Bad

Yesterday was no better than the day before. Survived yesterday's suicide mission though. However the mind is disturbed with a legal advice that I gave. I console myself by convincing that technically the legal advice is correct but probably I lack in experience to forsee the complications that may occur in the future. Hence, the shuey-self-let-down mode sink in and tears started rolling while driving back from the meeting.

Other than the above fact, there were other things disturbing my emotion and mental well being at the moment. Wish I could just take a break for a minute and someone just whisk me away from where I am. But then I realized, running away from whatever I'm feeling would not solve the problem. Face it I must.


It's true that life has its ups and downs. Well, I'm at the bottom of it now and I just can't bring myself to go up.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Bad Day

Yesterday was awful. Haven't had such feelings for the longest time. I stopped crying long ago. I stopped regretting long ago. I stopped feeling numb long ago. Now it all came back to haunt me and it is scary. I'm not giving up hope. The sun will shine again if Allah permits as He knows best.

Had little sleep. Brain is half-awake. Today is another suicide mission i wish i didn't have to go but in the name of work, i must. Don't think today will be any better than yesterday.

"He's not God", my mom said. Yeah mom, true. But the fate of my working position is indeed in his hand. Now, don't tell me I've got nothing to fear.

Dear Allah, give me strength to pull today through.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Off late, I noticed what I say/express may sound harsh/direct that it may not suit the ones seeking for opinion/view. Off late, I noticed it's hard to apologize when I'm not wrong. Yes, you read that right, when I'm not wrong. I used to have this paranoia habit of thinking everyone hates me. Hence, the constant apologizing for whatever wrong I may have done when in fact there was none in the first place. Now, that's gone.

For the changed me of saying things out right, some may misperceive what I say/view. I don't do ego stroking. I don't compliment. I don't do a whole lot of things now. In short, I am now a selfish person (unless situation warrants me to be otherwise).

I'm changed. Change is good.

Forever this hold, "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Adrenaline Rush

Thy ex-boss cum partner at my previous practicing firm once commented that I have potential (whatever that means) but I lack in confidence. That I find freakishly true since I'm often misperceived as someone who is full of it (confidence that is). A BIG HUGE misconception that is!!

When he found out I was leaving practice for my current job, he whispered to a colleague which was coveyed to me later that I will learn to gain such confidence here. And that, I also found freakishly true. Hey, ex-cool-boss, u psychic or sumthing?

It was adrenaline rush just a moment ago when I voiced an opinion which was not in line with my boss's line of thinking. Did not voice it out in a way that showed disrespect to her years of experience but I did sense discomfort on her part with the fact that I seem not to agree with her opinion on that particular matter. If it was the ol' me, I would've agreed all the way for fear that if I squeak I would look plain ridiculous coming from someone who very much lack of skills in every aspect.

To be honest, I've yet to attain full confidence in what I do. Every legal opinion drafted would leave me thinking was it right or wrong for at least the whole week after even though it was checked and approved by my Boss. However, slowly but surely that's beginning to change. Must be the cofidence that I'm gaining.ngeeee..

Hence, to my ex-boss. Thanks for believing that I'd be just fine where I am and even if I decided not to leave, thank you for believing that I'd be able to perform just fine.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Days Like This

On days like this I wish I've got colleagues to stay back with me to finish up work. On days like this I wish I have a "Lily" to go for evening drinks before resuming work.

Just when the creative juices are following and brains are functioning, I'm left all alone in the office trying to finalize everything. Even my next-room neighbour whom on most days leaves the office late at night have punched out.

Yeah, I do have the option of packing up and finishing it at home but I'd rather not because I know I won't. Don't think I have a choice now do I. The brain went dead just a nano-second ago. Pack up I shall.


Miserably missing everything about Pusat Bandar Damansara.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Despite your fear of not getting thru it, somehow my guts whispers me otherwise. Congratulations for pushing yourself to the finishing line. Without a doubt it took you longer than usual but that proves to show that you're a fighter.

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

This is just a beginning to another whole new journey. May you're wise in making the right decision to achieve whatever you've been dreaming off.

Cheers to you Mr. Dearie Said Person!!

*clap* *clap* *clap*


Thy boss just gave me the low down on a meeting she attended yesterday. She didn't exactly said my advice was entirely wrong but indirectly she was hinting I've to be smarter in giving advice to persons who considers themselves "smart". In short, giving advice to ineptitude bunch.

I can't help but do things by the book. I am not trained to bend the laws when it is not bendable. I am cautious in giving advice as to save my *ss from complications which may arise down the years to come.

Hence it is disheartening to know that not many embodies the proper spirit/niat to do what we do. It's disheartening to know all the talks are merely talks and there is no walk the talk. I am dissapointed. I am crushed.

Be reminded that whatever we decide in whatever we do will be questioned by the Almighty Him and I for one fear to be responsible for decisions which may cause injustice to those deserving.

*shuey is feeling, ni yang malas nak kerja nih*

Monday, 12 May 2008

Brain Dead

I think I've been on off-working mode ever since I return from the Chiang Mai trip putting away most of my work on hold. Not literally but more to taking my own sweet time completing each task passed down from thy boss.

Only yesterday the brain miraculously started to function efficiently after stuffing thy stomach with Seoul Bulgogi (mother's day lunch treat for mommy dearest) delicacies in the afternoon and later at night sat in front of the TV going thru some work whilst watching Gang Starz. Weird combination I must say.

Now the brain is back on active mode, bring it on baybeh!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Another loss

Another loss of a friend, Pakdi whose mother passed away yesterday. To note, he's also getting married this weekend. Must be tough. I cannot imagine.

Condolence to Pakdi and family for the demise of your dearest mother. May she's placed well amongst the dwellers of jannah.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Contrary to my earlier post, I was attracted to the headlines of a local daily newspaper which was lying conviniently in the waiting area of thy office.

Now, with all due respect to thy friends who are not in tangent with the current government, kindly enlighten me with this issue;

Once upon a time, a silent Sultan(s) is seen as a puppet (to a certain extend, understandbly so). But now, when the Sultan(s) speaks, he(they) is still seen as a puppet. For example, questioning the legality or authenticity of the YDPA's opening remarks is ridiculously incomprehensible. Seriously. Come on now. I understand and agree and believe to the idea of having a check and balance in a democratic country. I seriously and honestly do. But to question on the Sultan(s) stand on issues which they're envisaged by virtue of law to do so is just plain rude.

One should not push the limits of tolerance for I have a feeling it might turn VERY UGLY. I for certain would not want that to happen. Respect people. Respect!!!

Kindly take note that my opinion is strictly personal and it has got nothing to do with my current working position.

*shuey feels ill with the political hoo haa thats going on. enough is enough. get on with the show already!!*

cheap thrill

Call me cheap skate but it's true, it's a cheap thrill (in its truest sense) to purchase something that I desire at a discounted price. It gives a good feel to have spent but not ALL for things obviously falling into the category of wants NOT needs.ngeee.=)

Reason for me to post this entry shall remain a secret for if I reveal, I'll be subjected to harsh torture (via lecturing) by persons (notice the 's') who forbids me to do ANYMORE spending unless for necessary things (what necessary to me can be unnecessary to others. *wink*).

Yeap, bimbo-shuey-post is BACK. Can't help it. Can no longer tolerate serious issues (for now). It'll only make me depress. FYI, i've stopped reading the paper eons ago. Believing to the saying, "no news is good news", hence no paper it shall be for now.

Till the next post, adios amigos.

*shuey in a ramble rambling mode, yet again!!*

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Tagging Game 2

Oleh kerana saya telah di tag oleh Asni dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan kita, berikut adalah perkara yang perlu disempurnakan dalam permainan tag (ati, saya percaya perkataan tagasi tidak wujud.heheh) ini.

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:

Saya mengolah maksud 5 hadiah tersebut sebagai bermaksud hadiah berbentuk fizikal yang dapat tetapi mungkin mustahil untuk di kecapi.

1. Bag ini.
2. Kasut ini.
3. Cincin ini atau ini.
4. Sebuah almari masuk jalan (dalam erti kata lain, "walk-in closet")
5. Terbangkan saya ke seluruh dunia

Senaraikan alasan atas pilihan anda itu:

1. Saya sukakan bentuk dan warna bag tersebut. Mudah untuk digunakan secara lasak.
2. Kasut yang sepatutnya menjadi kasut hitam saya bagi tahun ini. Saya masih inginkannya!!
3. Cinta pandang pertama. Saya menggemari rekabentuk cincin jenama tersebut.
4. Menjadi impian saya setelah melihat almari masuk jalan O*prah W*infrey, isteri F*erhad dan yang terbaru, K*imora L*ee S*immons. Sangat hebat!!
5. Saya amat gemar melancong.

5 impresi terhadap orang yang diminati:

Saya meminati ramai orang. Oleh itu, impresi saya tidak bersifat khusus.

1. Sanggup berkorban.
2. Pandai membuat saya gelak.
3. Pandai memasak.
4. Akan sentiasa berada di waktu jatuh bangun saya.
5. Mempercayai akan kebolehan saya.

Perkara yang paling hebat pernah dilakukannya untuk anda:

Menghargai saya sebagai Nur Shuhadah Binti Mohd Jamal

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi yang maju):

1. Telefon bimbit
2. Internet
3. Kapal Terbang
4. Kamera digital
5. Pakaian

Apakah perkara yang paling dibenci?

1. Kesesakan lalu lintas/orang ramai
2. Manusia bersifat talam dua muka
3. Manusia yang biadap/tidak menghormati orang lain
4. Gagal mencapai sasaran yang diletakkan sendiri
5. Menilai sesuatu perkara hanya dari luar
6. Kekejaman terhadap binatang

5 Orang yang yang mahu anda tag:

1. K.Aini (Ummu Auni)
2. Iza (The Pink Stilettos. Sekiranya anda membaca post ini)
3. Puan Chit Chit
4. Puan Mar
5. Cik Ein

Tagging Game 1

This tagging game is waaaayyyy long over due. Keeping true to the promise I gave Cik Aja, I present to you what's in thy wallet: -
  • Bonuslink Card (which I've never used)
  • A credit card
  • La Senza membership card (without it buying those oh-to-die-for inner garments are waaayyy to expensive)
  • Fashion Fast Forward card (for the benefit of purchasing clothes from DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd. Hardly use 'em anymore)
  • CIMB ATM Card
  • AMbank ATM Card (no longer in use)
  • Insurance Card
  • Some cash (for security reasons I shall not reveal 'em.Not that it's important)
  • Tons of receipt which I've yet to clear
There you go Aja. Told you it's nothing worth revealing or shared with the public. hiks.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Holiday bliss

Though it was only one day public holiday, I had a joy spending the whole day with thy family. Morning spent dragging me mom to see a friend in Hospital and later on a tiny shopping excursion at Ampang. Holiday bliss certainly was.

Having to found out a friend admitted in the ICU was shocking enuff. He was after all only 26 years of age. It was not because of accident or anything related to physical injury. It had to do something with his heart. 26 and having heart problem is nothing uncommon in an era like this. Work demand and circumstance pressure could take a toll on one's health. To that dear friend of mine (and to many others who are under immense work pressure), kindly take care of ur dear health. Loving and appreciating your work does not mean you should jeopardize your own health. Seriously, think about it.

Today's friday and I'm loving it~~Oh yeah!!