Thursday, 15 May 2008

Adrenaline Rush

Thy ex-boss cum partner at my previous practicing firm once commented that I have potential (whatever that means) but I lack in confidence. That I find freakishly true since I'm often misperceived as someone who is full of it (confidence that is). A BIG HUGE misconception that is!!

When he found out I was leaving practice for my current job, he whispered to a colleague which was coveyed to me later that I will learn to gain such confidence here. And that, I also found freakishly true. Hey, ex-cool-boss, u psychic or sumthing?

It was adrenaline rush just a moment ago when I voiced an opinion which was not in line with my boss's line of thinking. Did not voice it out in a way that showed disrespect to her years of experience but I did sense discomfort on her part with the fact that I seem not to agree with her opinion on that particular matter. If it was the ol' me, I would've agreed all the way for fear that if I squeak I would look plain ridiculous coming from someone who very much lack of skills in every aspect.

To be honest, I've yet to attain full confidence in what I do. Every legal opinion drafted would leave me thinking was it right or wrong for at least the whole week after even though it was checked and approved by my Boss. However, slowly but surely that's beginning to change. Must be the cofidence that I'm gaining.ngeeee..

Hence, to my ex-boss. Thanks for believing that I'd be just fine where I am and even if I decided not to leave, thank you for believing that I'd be able to perform just fine.


Ummu Auni said...

shuey, u know what, i used to have such low confidence even though ppl perceive otherwise. but the confidence built up and i'm able to point the wrongs did by someone superior than me...i'd too. because if i don't, that people certainly will always think he's superior than others..

but you know, i think i have the guts, after finally leaving everything in God' hands

human still tends to err, right?

shueyluweyduwey said...

yeap...very true!! hope ur alrite k.aini!!

fraulein nadia said...

the key to having confidence is to think everyone is on the same level, shuey. Once u stop putting people on pedestal (or on a higher level) &stop thinking "Oh, I dont have the right to say bcos she/he is superior than me", u'd be confident to say the things u wanna.

How do u think I berani jawab Azmi when everyone else wud keep quiet? I even spoke for Dilla sampai he said "So ur Dilla's spokeperson now?". Haha. End of the day I got what I wanted.

shueyluweyduwey said...

hihihi..thanks nadia. sangat betul...baru nak belajar.dulu takder orang nak ajar cam tuh!!=)