Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Contrary to my earlier post, I was attracted to the headlines of a local daily newspaper which was lying conviniently in the waiting area of thy office.

Now, with all due respect to thy friends who are not in tangent with the current government, kindly enlighten me with this issue;

Once upon a time, a silent Sultan(s) is seen as a puppet (to a certain extend, understandbly so). But now, when the Sultan(s) speaks, he(they) is still seen as a puppet. For example, questioning the legality or authenticity of the YDPA's opening remarks is ridiculously incomprehensible. Seriously. Come on now. I understand and agree and believe to the idea of having a check and balance in a democratic country. I seriously and honestly do. But to question on the Sultan(s) stand on issues which they're envisaged by virtue of law to do so is just plain rude.

One should not push the limits of tolerance for I have a feeling it might turn VERY UGLY. I for certain would not want that to happen. Respect people. Respect!!!

Kindly take note that my opinion is strictly personal and it has got nothing to do with my current working position.

*shuey feels ill with the political hoo haa thats going on. enough is enough. get on with the show already!!*


Anonymous said...


shueyluweyduwey said...

ooooh...ade jugak orang komen.ingat isu sensitip.terperasan sendiri.heheh...

emong said...

cam aku tau ja..ko meng refer to karpal's statement ke cik kak? ngeh ngeh negh...then ask him to read undang2 tubuh negeri the perak constitution..perkara 10 if im not mistaken as regard to the executive power of the sultan..

shueyluweyduwey said...

eh..aku tak cakap..aku cakap general jerss...=)