Wednesday, 7 May 2008

cheap thrill

Call me cheap skate but it's true, it's a cheap thrill (in its truest sense) to purchase something that I desire at a discounted price. It gives a good feel to have spent but not ALL for things obviously falling into the category of wants NOT needs.ngeee.=)

Reason for me to post this entry shall remain a secret for if I reveal, I'll be subjected to harsh torture (via lecturing) by persons (notice the 's') who forbids me to do ANYMORE spending unless for necessary things (what necessary to me can be unnecessary to others. *wink*).

Yeap, bimbo-shuey-post is BACK. Can't help it. Can no longer tolerate serious issues (for now). It'll only make me depress. FYI, i've stopped reading the paper eons ago. Believing to the saying, "no news is good news", hence no paper it shall be for now.

Till the next post, adios amigos.

*shuey in a ramble rambling mode, yet again!!*


Ein said...

oit, baru semalam aku mimpi aku marah gila kat kau cos beli kasut Nike colour hitam bunga2 (weird taste!) priced at rm300+. haha.

shueyluweyduwey said...

hahahha..ko nih memang kelakar. firstly kasut Nike, colour hitam bunga2 does not seem to be my kinda shoe.secondly 300 ringgit for a N* tak berbaloi kut.baik spend on Aldo atau Nine West atau Coach atau kasut kasut lain.cheh wah.macam boleh afford jer.

what im trying to say is...tak yah risau.ko takkan marah aku..hihih..=p

emon said...

ko bli apa lagi ni cik kak oiiiiii

shueyluweyduwey said...

laaa...ko tak nampak ker saving clause aku.aku tak leh cakap.nanti kena marah!!!=p