Friday, 2 May 2008

Holiday bliss

Though it was only one day public holiday, I had a joy spending the whole day with thy family. Morning spent dragging me mom to see a friend in Hospital and later on a tiny shopping excursion at Ampang. Holiday bliss certainly was.

Having to found out a friend admitted in the ICU was shocking enuff. He was after all only 26 years of age. It was not because of accident or anything related to physical injury. It had to do something with his heart. 26 and having heart problem is nothing uncommon in an era like this. Work demand and circumstance pressure could take a toll on one's health. To that dear friend of mine (and to many others who are under immense work pressure), kindly take care of ur dear health. Loving and appreciating your work does not mean you should jeopardize your own health. Seriously, think about it.

Today's friday and I'm loving it~~Oh yeah!!

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