Wednesday, 29 July 2009


If this is the pace that I'm goin at. Might as well NOT transfer me out. Too many to do. Too short time. eeeeeeeeeeee...

Monday, 27 July 2009


Upon returning from Sabah on a (rather) peaceful friday evening, my colleague dropped a HUGE bomb shell ----- effective 1/8/2009, yours truly is transferred to my previous working place (but under the purview of a different Minister). say what u say? yeap. only 2 and a half months. 2 and a half months of fast working pace. 2 and a half months of learning many many new things. 2 and a half months coming to the END this friday.

still, I have many things to do. overwhelmed. breathless. tired.

rest in peace dear yasmin ahmad. your effort in potraying a "should-be" one-Malaysia is much appreciated.hats off to you. overwhelmed with sadness.

to dearest friends. much apologies for not being able to join the occasional social fiesta. to aliza, afzan and ayu; my thoughts and prayers are to you guys. safe journey and have loadsa fun. *hugs*

to dhamirah nazihah azman, the mommy-to-be; i know i've not been keeping up to date with your baby's progress. but truly, i can't wait to welcome baby A to this glorious world. promise i'll be there when the historic moment happens. don't forget me. *hugs and kisses to you*

to muna and ein, I owe you guys presents. fret not, I remember what I owe u guys.

to my dearest syam, *speechless*. truly, you're just to awesome.

see, i'm just overwhelmed with events.

Friday, 17 July 2009

ego tercalar

saya bukan seorang yang competitive. never was since school. tapi kejadian sebentar tadi mencalar ego saya yang tak seberapa besar ini. yes, I admit I don't have big ego. it's that easy for me to say sorry. even if I think I'm right.

tapi satu yang saya kurang gemar is orang mempertikaikan my intellect or capability. when one seeks help, one should paint the whole picture right? you don't just go saying, "there's this one bla bla bla (literally) ******n and i came to know that you did something regarding it". And i'm suppose to decipher that bla bla bla? ye la saya tahu saya bukan oversea grad. malahan budak uia sahaja. hence, tidak layak di rujuk.

no, saya tidak envy colleagues saya. we're all the same. tapi ada muka muka baru yang mungkin masih mentah dengan cara bekerja (literally). i don't blame them. hanya sedikit terasa di hati dan ego sedikit tercalar. or im just being paranoid?

but i'm alright.

keluhan di hari jumaat.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009


"Perfect does not mean like how you would always imagine" - daniel meade of Ugly Betty

then, his bride collapsed.

i have to concur with his idea of perfect.

i had my share of perfect moments. though not to the eyes of others but to me, it's just perfect.

like today, when by coincidence we were on the same road heading back home after work. a perfect coincidence for I was feeling low when he called and said he saw my car.

for that brief 15 minutes when he was tailing me from behind, i had some solace.

Though it's just by coincidence, I really can't thank YOU enough.

Monday, 6 July 2009

And the ball starts to roll

On the 4th, my best friend got engaged. About 3 weeks back, another best friend got risik-ed.

And they are my homies whom I chilled with almost every other weekend.

The ball is indeed starting to rock and roll.

Oh yeah!! ;)