Friday, 26 June 2009

Dose of Happiness

Thank you budak!! =)

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

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Great entertainer and great artist you were. Had the privilege of attending the Michael Jackson in Malaysia concert way in the 90's and that was an awesome indescribable experience.

May you rest in peace.

(*irrelevant note: can't believe i cried all the way to work upon hearing the news. it was an overwhelming feeling)

Thursday, 25 June 2009


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I'm short tempered but I can still tolerate no nonsense to a certain extend. Once that extend is violated, just stay far far away for I can do serious damage.

Thankfully, the colleagues, her and mr dearie said person managed to cool me down yesterday. Without their soothing words, I might've taken things in my own capable hands.

The wrath was not due to work pressure BUT was entirely human behavior related.

Stay away from me you-pesky-suka-jaga-tepi-kain-orang idiots. If it's not the boss, it's work. If it's not the work, it's the boss. In my case; not the boss or the work, but the PEOPLE in the organization (i.e. limited to the office sahaja ye). eEeEEEeeee!!

It's like an incurable disease.

In need doses of happiness.

Pesky gossippers are a waste of tax-payers money.

I should stop.

Stop. Getting back to work.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Swallow me up already

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The morning topic for Fly FM today is "do you know anyone who is an attention seeker?" My answer would be I knew someone who was like that but we're no longer friends. Attention seeker is more often than not closely associated with victimized syndrome i.e. he/she is the victim of everyone-lah.

Well, my story is different. Has anyone encountered unwanted attention? Like falling down from the stairs? Like accidentally spilling water in a restaurant? Typical right.

How about getting name called in a meeting room full of people for a monthly report that may seem to suggest things are not working in orderly manner in the office when in fact that the details of the report NEVER intended to seek unnecessary/unwanted attention from ANYONE. The facts on the paper was right. Unfortunately, the person reading it misinterpreted the whole purpose of stating such facts in the report and got that person all worked up.

I swear that I wish at that moment the earth would just open up and swallow me into the deep end. Obviously that didn't happen.

It didn't help that when I came into the office, the boss totally ignored me. My guess was because of the whole fiasco. But just a moment ago, the boss came into the room and I heaved a sigh of relief. But in any event, i do not blame the boss for being upset. It was humiliating to be questioned for purely administrative office matters.

I'm upset that I caused the whole up do and it's purely purely ADMINISTRATIVE.

-ThE EnD-

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hey Mr P*D,

We (legal officers of the Government of Malaysia) do not just check papers and give mindless legal opinions. The DPPs DO NOT just conduct simple trials. Our roles are not much different from those of private practice lawyers. We go back as late and we crack our brains figuring ways to protect the interest of our clients as well. So, don't belittle our capabilities or abilities.

I've heard many comments from different varsity graduates on the stupid arrogant (bodoh sombong) attitude of law graduates from my varsity. Today, i witnessed such idiocy and arrogance. You, doofus. You embarass AIKOL legal fraternity for not being able to think before speaking.

I know different people are entitled with their own opinion but it just ticks me off when hearing passing comments on how easy government legal officers have it. If you think the practice was uber cool, why oh why did you choose a different path?Tsk.

I was soo close to turning around and give him a piece of my mind. Thankfully i managed to bite my tongue in time. If I did say something, then I'd be an idiot like him.

I wish people would stop generalizing in EVERYTHING.

*note - the Idiot is NOT a graduate of 2006/2007. younger, if you get my drift. don't let me get started on the younger generations of the legal fraternity. testament from present tutors/lecturers is a let down. i'm dissapointed. tsk tsk.

Monday, 22 June 2009


Contrary to previous working experiences, I've never felt time zoomed by so quickly when in fact I've only been on board for a month and 4 days. A month and 4 days; already attending meeting alone in the land of Sabah.

I told me mom one of the reasons i love anything vintage or eccentric and quirky is because I live in the past. Never the present or the future. I loved being 12. I reminisce previous working experiences. All are priceless.

The present is emotionally tiring. The present is physically and mentally challenging. The future is unpredictable and scary.

-An indescribable Monday blues-

Sunday, 14 June 2009

De-stressing Day

My personal-stress-reliever

One satisfied customer. =)

Quote of the day: "bodoh melantun-lantun". cracked me up the whole day.

Ur just too awesome la encik personal-stress-reliever.

Friday, 12 June 2009

New shoes New shoes

Tee hee. It's friday. Got me self spanking new purple peep toe at a superbly el-cheapo price (for an ALDO shoe ye). Terima kasih kawan kawan di Bahagian Penasihat Jabatan Peguam Negara (siap sebut specific lagi) kerana membawa saya keluar makan tengahari. Sayang kamu semua. =)

Saya happy. Walaupun kerja tidak berhenti kunjung tiba. Tapi at least I'm occupied.

I'm thankful for my awesome blossom family.
I'm thankful for great friends.
I'm thankful for mr. dearie's said person's birthday present (harus di ulangi banyak kali sebab without which saya akan merundum dengan perasaan sedih)
I'm thankful for mr. dearie said person.

See see. Not difficult to make me feel happy. Bring me out to eat and let me buy shoes/*bag. I'll be fine. (*note: bag yang diidamkan beyond monetary capability yet.harus tunggu)


Happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Adalah rimas apabila senyuman diberi tidak dibalas.
Adalah rimas apabila orang bersangka buruk dengan niat sebenar.
Adalah rimas apabila orang bersangka perwatakan sombong.

My life principle is simple. reciprocity. I don't like hypocrisy. I don't like pretending. And i don't kiss anyone's ass.

Tapi saya masih rasa rimas berada di sekeliling orang orang yang judgmental dan tidak mengamalkan professionalism.

Adalah sangat rimas dan stress.


Thursday, 4 June 2009


Adalah sedikit bengang kerana saya tidak dibenarkan ber-fb-ing di office (read:lunch hour even). Damn you content filtering thingy ma jiggy. Ye, ia adalah untuk kebaikan i.e. tidak membuang masa dan duit Kerajaan. Tetapi tetapi, di kala kepala menjadi bengong dan berat, I need to escape by checking updates, pictures and etc. tsk tsk. Adalah tidak suka. ish.

Sekian. Kembali bekerja.