Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hey Mr P*D,

We (legal officers of the Government of Malaysia) do not just check papers and give mindless legal opinions. The DPPs DO NOT just conduct simple trials. Our roles are not much different from those of private practice lawyers. We go back as late and we crack our brains figuring ways to protect the interest of our clients as well. So, don't belittle our capabilities or abilities.

I've heard many comments from different varsity graduates on the stupid arrogant (bodoh sombong) attitude of law graduates from my varsity. Today, i witnessed such idiocy and arrogance. You, doofus. You embarass AIKOL legal fraternity for not being able to think before speaking.

I know different people are entitled with their own opinion but it just ticks me off when hearing passing comments on how easy government legal officers have it. If you think the practice was uber cool, why oh why did you choose a different path?Tsk.

I was soo close to turning around and give him a piece of my mind. Thankfully i managed to bite my tongue in time. If I did say something, then I'd be an idiot like him.

I wish people would stop generalizing in EVERYTHING.

*note - the Idiot is NOT a graduate of 2006/2007. younger, if you get my drift. don't let me get started on the younger generations of the legal fraternity. testament from present tutors/lecturers is a let down. i'm dissapointed. tsk tsk.


~salwaredzuan~ said...

cet..siap ade diclaimer..aku grad 2007...wakakakaka,,,,gimme 5 bebeh..be it practise or service, yg penting ur own attitude...

-aku yg bakal tak prektis..wakakakak

Ummu Auni Afif said...

people just like to generalise eh?
akak kesian tgk legal people, kerja teruk, gaji lebih kurang dgn orang lain

amicus curiae said...

whoa shue whoa.

lain kali hangpa bagi libas je kepala depa tu.kuang ajaq sangat.

(hahaha...kau sure ingatkan aku suh kau bersabar ke haper kan) have the absolute right to be upset.

shueyluweyduwey said...

mon: adalah betul

k.aini: exactly!

afzan: lepas tulis dah tak upset dah.thanks!! =)

two_one said...

Hantaq dia mai sini aku bagi "cleansing ritual" skit...
hawommmm hawooommmmm hawooommmmm

shueyluweyduwey said...

two_one: hahaha.funny.kalau aku bagitau sape, shu u know the fella. hence, baik senyap. demi ukhuwah anda semua.tee hee.