Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Wedding Funnies - Behind the Scene I

I call it funnies instead of flaws because all is in the past and upon recalling each instance, it is funny and remains to be funny.
Funny how I envisioned my wedding to be a garden one to how my mother envisioned my wedding to be a grand house reception to how my father placed his veto power to have it at TTDI Community Hall. Funnier that the hall turned out better than how I envisioned it to be not leaving the guests hot and sweaty from the extreme weather outside. The red carpet was proper in place. The wall to wall carpet did not look dirty or stained. The dais story will come later. Hold on to your horses.
Funny how I thought my research and decisions made with regards to all my wedding dresses and dais was right and perfect. I have no qualms with the wedding dresses except that some tweaking could’ve been done to make the dress more visible in the pictures. Like how the blings on the dress should’ve been real diamante beads instead of ironed on diamante and how the TTDI reception dress could’ve been better shaped by adding a ribbon or bow to accentuate my curve. The tweaking could’ve been done had I not received my dresses on the very same day of both nikah and reception. Nikah dress was sent at 7 ish a.m. and reception dress was sent at 12 a.m. ish. Other than the minor tweaks could’ve/should’ve been made, I was generally happy with the outcome of the dresses and veils. Yes, I was a calm bride to be.
Funny that the groom’s attire could’ve turned into MAJOR disaster but we managed to damage control it. Funny also that the groom-to-be managed to return back from Perlis a day before he was suppose to head back home. He is from Kuala Lipis by the way. Had he not able to do so, his groom attire would be all big and color mix matched. We will then NOT be called Raja Sehari. More like Clowns Sehari. And we’ll cover it up by saying, “didn’t y’all know, our wedding theme was CLOWN yo!” and laughed it all off. And still I was a calm bride to be back then. All I did was called my mother and said it’s going to be a huge disaster as the color for his baju melayu and my reception dress is all mix matched and not right. Even more funny, his accessories that we rented like 2 months earlier DID NOT jive with both our attires. We damaged control some more by renting new accessories at a different shop. Even then, I was not convinced that we will look all pretty and handsome. Mind you, I didn’t have my reception dress back then to really see how both attires will look side by side. Everything was on ad hock basis. Still, I was calm and composed and just letting it go only because he said, whatever happens we will still be married and all these are for a mere while. Hilariously funny that my biggest fear for the day turned out superbly awesome as the colors for both our outfits matched. His accessories perfect. We became Raja Sehari. =)
Still on the topic of wedding attire, funny that head gears for both nikah and reception dress was bought a day before my Nikah is scheduled. Suicidal some might say. But as I’ve explained, I didn’t have any of my dresses at that point in time. I only had photographic memory of the dresses, a piece of cloth from my reception dress lining and syam’s accessory and bull dozed through Jalan TAR with Soul Sister Miera looking for the right color and type of head gears to match with the dresses. About one and a half hour later, we found what was hoped to perfectly match the dresses. Read ON.
After the Khatam Quran on the Nikah day, the BFFs and soul sisters was around to make me up and stay for the nikah later in the evening (MUA was one of my soul sisters). Anways, funny the bffs and soul sisters thought the veil, head gear and Nikah dress didn’t match but was afraid to tell me. Like I couldn’t read their body language, right. Also it was funny that I didn’t have the right inner garment to be worn with my Nikah dress and the BFFs ended rushing to One Utama to get me one. I promised you it was ALL funny right. And all these time, I was calm as a sleeping cat. Not LYING. And everything turned out OKAY! I got my wavy veil effect. I got the right inner garment. The color discrepancy between the veil, head gear and dress was NOT apparent. Yay!!
Oh! I almost forgot. The funniest incident for the Nikah must have been the fact that the groom and entourage was 1 hour early. Though early, everyone was getting acquainted with each other. The only restless bunch was the photographers and the videographers. The silver lining to that was I had enough time to calm myself down and plenty of time for us girls to camwhore in the room. See, everything happened for a reason. No use frowning and pulling those sexy lips of yours. Have awesome friends like mine around and I promise you’ll be a super calm and composed bride.  
At one lafaz, I was married to Syamnoromzi Osman. It was an awesome feeling. 8 years of relationship literally flashed through my eyes and mind. The happy times, the fights, the crying and the one time breaking up brought us to where we are now. Husband and Wife.
Me is LoVeS me Husband.

More is to Come. In the Next post. =)

Thursday, 14 April 2011



pictures by Afnan Omar

All pictures pretty much sums up the mixture of feelings i had during the akad nikah. Nervous witnessed by soul sisters and literally best friends for life, finally married and so in LOVE.

Blessed and blissfully married. Picture says a thousand word; true that. It may be at no frill (though monetarily, it was ALL FRILL. grateful to parents. *tear*) but I was truly happy.

Minus the dais fiasco. Yes, I'm still hung up on that. Just let me be. Tee hee.


picture by Afnan Omar
super major LOVE