Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Sometimes I loathe at myself for being unprofessional. Sometimes I loathe myself for underestimating myself.

That sometimes was today and I feel s-t-u-p-i-d.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tips untuk membuat baju idaman

Ingat Mission Minggu Ini saya?

Only half executed. The other half was disappointing as my trusted tailor said with the material that I've bought eons ago, the design that I have in mind and sketched in the book could not be materialized. The material was too soft. It ain't gonna work.

However, the mother and sister helped to re-designed it to something typical which is workable for me. But still need to send it back to the trusted tailor to get it done. Hence, one from the list is still pending.

Lesson learn: Check with the tailor with the design in mind/sketched FIRST before buying the material. Only then I'd know what kind of material to look for.


Langkawi 2010 - Family Style!

Eat.Walk.Shop.Jump. Climb. Swim. Drive.

:Family Love:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


 image obtained here

All i remembered was I said to my mom, "ma, please hold them off longer. I haven't got my make up on".

And it took me a while to realize that it was just a dream as I recall the tentative date is still quite far away. I've crossed out few things on the list. I know I've not done the essential things like get the attire for the occasion ready. But the dream felt so so real and it was s-c-a-r-y.

Probably it was the chat I had with Melati and Mother yesterday. The peek at the design my sister made. 

Dream or no dream. Not taking any chances.

Note to oneself: send off both materials to the tailor THIS WEEKEND.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mission Minggu Ini (MMI)

  • Send off material to the tailor for besties-up-coming-wedding *sob*. Sad not due to jealousy. Sentimental feel that she'll be someone's wife soon. Told her I'd definitely cry on her wedding day. Things would not be different. I know. But it feels similar like a mother/father giving away their daughter away. Don't ask me why. We're just that close y'know. *sob*
  • Baking sessions. Yumms.
Had an unexpected guest at home yesterday. Unexpected because he rang the doorbell. Unexpected because he sat in the living room chatting with the father while waiting for me to reach home. Like wow, right?

No reason to go running away from the preparations now since you're all chummy with the father and mother and the cats too!
Thanks love. =)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Its an unknown fact why is it hard for a person to return another persons smile. It is also an unknown fact why must one feel intimidated (judgmental) upon seeing how a person speaks or dressed. 

Does it mean when a person speaks in English, one is marked as "ek eleh, melayu sombong". Does it mean when a person dresses well, one is marked as "ek eleh, poyo. kerja Kerajaan tapi pakai beria".

Then again, it may just be the paranoia syndrom. 

If I encounter one who speaks good English (without the unnecessary slang), I find such person impressive. If I see a government officer dresses well, I compliment them.  

Being nice is to much of an effort ey.

Randon ramblings:

My mother is so cute when she said, "eh, susah jugak nak plan semua ni ek.". My mom is even cuter when she goes all out to cater to my wants, not needs but of course with conditions. Reality check. Thanks mother.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Venue:Tempat makan di KLCC
Occasion: Emon's Birthday and melepak.

Ati told me to learn to be selfish as I can't be pleasing everyone and it doesn't go both ways when it comes to pleasing. I can't say that I don't agree to that. Very true. 

To some, that's my weakness point. I don't know how to be selfish. 
To me, being selfish could lead to one being proud. I don't quite like proud people. They irk me.

I prefer humility. I like justifying my actions. I like being selfless I guess. But not at all times. I can be all that If I want to, when I want to, to whom I want to. Everyone has a dark side, no? I'm no exception.

But thanks Ati. For being brutally honest. True friend you are. A rare species indeed.  =)

Saturday, 6 March 2010


I'm obsessed with the Polaroid software. I think pictures look nicer when it's polarized. Even I don't look as weird when I do this

"Ashton: How do you do it?

George: I married my best friend." - Valentine's Day - The movie

Couldn't agree more. Dear best friend, enemy, me Love; 


Get better quick! I kinda miss our gelak-lepak-session. 

Friday, 5 March 2010

Jatuh Cinta: Less is indeed more

Images obtained here

Images obtained here

Credits to the photographer. Credits to the newlyweds. Simple. No frills. Yet elegant. Vintage. Classy. 

*like* gaya facebook. Scrap that. SUPER LIKE.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Good Luck Love!

This is the umpteenth time I'm saying good luck to you. I'll continue saying it like a broken record till Allah grants our (everyone's) prayers. 

We ain't giving up. You shouldn't give up.

We have faith in Him. We have faith in you.

Good luck Love! 

"you can do it!" - ala Rob Schneider/Adam Sandler

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Image obtained here
Just got back from a meeting at Pavillion. And the above bag caught my eye. Similar color, similar brand but slight different in design. Worn by a (very) young Manager. I envy her. Mommy, I'm in the wrong profession. Or wait, I'm in the wrong office? 

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Picture taken from here.

Can't help but feel paranoid over Sasha's comment on the previous post. Yes, I suffer from severe case of paranoia. I believe my close friends can vouch that I am similar to no one. I am me. 

I believe I have my own sense of style. I like to think I'm quirky (in terms of style). Blue bag with pink ensemble works well for me. Yes, quirky to that extend.

I L.O.V.E to be different.

Hence, in no way I intend to mirror or hijack anyone's theme color for that matter.

But I guess it's only normal that everyone wants to appear different from others. Heck, i feel the same with my BFF, Yasmin. Both our 'merisik' rings are super similar that in no way we intend it to be like such. I guess we have similar taste. That's all.

I know this in unnecessary but as i suffer from severe case of paranoia, I just need to let this out. 

I told you I'm different. So, there. =)

Monday, 1 March 2010

color palette



Deciding on the color palette is so much fun than doing work. Like duh! I'm thinking the second color combo suits my personality better. More fun and quirky. 

What do u guys think?