Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mission Minggu Ini (MMI)

  • Send off material to the tailor for besties-up-coming-wedding *sob*. Sad not due to jealousy. Sentimental feel that she'll be someone's wife soon. Told her I'd definitely cry on her wedding day. Things would not be different. I know. But it feels similar like a mother/father giving away their daughter away. Don't ask me why. We're just that close y'know. *sob*
  • Baking sessions. Yumms.
Had an unexpected guest at home yesterday. Unexpected because he rang the doorbell. Unexpected because he sat in the living room chatting with the father while waiting for me to reach home. Like wow, right?

No reason to go running away from the preparations now since you're all chummy with the father and mother and the cats too!
Thanks love. =)

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