Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Its an unknown fact why is it hard for a person to return another persons smile. It is also an unknown fact why must one feel intimidated (judgmental) upon seeing how a person speaks or dressed. 

Does it mean when a person speaks in English, one is marked as "ek eleh, melayu sombong". Does it mean when a person dresses well, one is marked as "ek eleh, poyo. kerja Kerajaan tapi pakai beria".

Then again, it may just be the paranoia syndrom. 

If I encounter one who speaks good English (without the unnecessary slang), I find such person impressive. If I see a government officer dresses well, I compliment them.  

Being nice is to much of an effort ey.

Randon ramblings:

My mother is so cute when she said, "eh, susah jugak nak plan semua ni ek.". My mom is even cuter when she goes all out to cater to my wants, not needs but of course with conditions. Reality check. Thanks mother.

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