Thursday, 11 March 2010


Venue:Tempat makan di KLCC
Occasion: Emon's Birthday and melepak.

Ati told me to learn to be selfish as I can't be pleasing everyone and it doesn't go both ways when it comes to pleasing. I can't say that I don't agree to that. Very true. 

To some, that's my weakness point. I don't know how to be selfish. 
To me, being selfish could lead to one being proud. I don't quite like proud people. They irk me.

I prefer humility. I like justifying my actions. I like being selfless I guess. But not at all times. I can be all that If I want to, when I want to, to whom I want to. Everyone has a dark side, no? I'm no exception.

But thanks Ati. For being brutally honest. True friend you are. A rare species indeed.  =)

1 comment:

farhati said...

hehehe..brutal honesty tu..

tp selfish bertempat la..bkn la cam kedekut ilmu, kite je nak menang and the likes.. a rational selfishness i would say.. hehehe..