Thursday, 26 June 2008


Influenced by my childhood buddy, yasmin, myself and a few others made a pact for island annual trip after a refreshing Perhentian trip last year. This year, our circle of island pact expanded to 10 island-er.

This years destination: will only be revealed upon our safe return (of course, with pictures attached).

Excited mode so ON!!

*feeling giddy* =)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Inconvinient Truth

The inconvinient truth about my parents: anything marriage related is a taboo.

It's almost forbidden to inform a friend (or even cousin) is getting married. Simply because none of their daughters (i.e. my sisters and I) are anywhere near getting married. Weird ain't it?

Don't get us (my sisters and I) wrong. Not that we don't want to marry. Circumstances warrants us not to, just yet.

Why I'm expressing this thoughts? Yesterday, I received a wedding invitation of a school mate whom I have not seen in years. It instantly made me feel that I'm running behind. Not pressured (in denial mode) but I feel sad that I could not achieve my parents' wish to see any of their daughters getting married anytime soon.

I wouldn't say I'm completely ready to settle down to have a husband to care for but the idea of getting married tinkles my heart to just have someone to share and care till death comes to take us away.

O' Dear Parents. Don't worry. If Allah permits, we will get married. *sigh* oh well, that will just have to wait when the time comes.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Annual trip

Thy boss just approved for a sun and beach fun scheduled next week =)


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

kuching update

How shall thee sum up the 4 days 3 nights Kuching escapade?


Great host (the bride and her family)

Superb company (law 20 zany bunch)

Unforgettable experience

singgahsana lodge (reccomendable)

serikin market (fun but hot wheather!!)

Pottery (interestingly unique

cultural village (hot guy.=p)

Damai Beach (zany)

Due to the overwhelming amount of photographs and as it'll take me ages to post 'em up ere, i only select few as shown above. The rest of photographs taken via my camera can be viewed here, here, here and here. Have fun viewing!!=)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Yesterday's interview verdict: i survived.yay!!=)

Enjoyed thoroughly the kuching trip but the journey back was horrifying. Delayed flight. Toddler crying in the flight. Jumbled up baggage claim. It was horrendous. What made it worst was the fact that I did not do any revision for the interview yesterday. *note: thanks ati and fad for putting up with my cranky-ness. should do travelling trip more often!!*

Having had only 4 hours of sleep yesterday, I went to the interview with a feeling that I was walking on clouds. Not because happy-walking-on-clouds-feeling. More like not-having-enough-sleep-walking-on-clouds-feeling. I only managed to flip through some reading materials while waiting for my turn to be called. It did not help upon finding out that one of the panels for the interview is a federal court judge well known for making lawyers pee-in-their-pants when submitting. Thanks to fellow-interviewees, we managed to calm each other down before being called up for our turn.

I thanked my lucky stars that the panels has only slight knowledge on the Ministry that I currently serve. Hence, they can't go microscopic on the technical aspects of any of the Act under my Ministry or the policy of my Ministry for that matter. Thankfully, I could answer all their questions.

After the interview, i knocked out at home for a good 5 hours and it felt good. Having said that, I still feel tired and sleepy and having to go to work today is such a drag.

To fellow kuching travel-mates, pictures will follow suit in the next post. Patience is indeed a virtue. hehehe.

To ein and family, words cannot convey how deeply thankful that I am with the hospitality that you and your family showered during my stay in kuching. I owe u guys a hugeeeeeeeeeee one!! Congrats again. me luv luv u to bits!!!

Back to work peeps!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bon Voyage

Finished off whatever's on the table. Now I shall go the land of meow in peace.The next post will give the low down if i survive the interview or not. jeng jeng jeng.

*shuey in a super happy mode!!!*=)

p/s: thanks for being my spy agent atie. hati ini menjadi lagi senang. hihihi.=)


Wednesday, 11 June 2008


It takes me ages to complete any piece of work as i'd read, re-read, re-re-re-read it for the umpteenth time till i am satisfied. Am glad two work is out of the way. I've got two more to go before I can go to kuching in peace. Ave yet to read up on anything for the interview. I am so dead meat i tell ya!! dead meat!! icks!!


Greetings my religious reader (read:asni).(also read:cheh wah saya perasan.hiks) . As conveyed to puan asni, nothing much of interest is going on at the moment. hence, the silent mode.

But since I'm excited to leave for kuching tomorow attending for a dear friend's wedding, the blogger instinct kicks in and I just have to ramble ramble on stuffs. hehe.

I remember few years back (or was it last year), Malaysians got offended on an article written in the Reader's Digest highlighting how civic-minded-less Malaysians are. Rest assured, I was not one of those who were offended. To list the many encounters of civic-minded-less would be lenghthy.

Let me just share one incident I witnessed yesterday. The road was jammed (as usual-la). From far, I could hear the sound of an ambulance sirent. The typical conciderate-driver-me (puji diri sendiri lagi) brought me car to the curb-side to allow the ambulance to pass through. What disgust me was the fact that there was this tiny itsy bitsy kancil refusing to budge even the slightest to let the ambulance through. As the size of the car is tiny, thankfully the ambulance could squeeze through the jammed road despite the civic-minded-less kancil driver. No doubt on certain circumstances, public authorities like such take advantage to by-pass (any) jam BUT we should NEVER make such presumption/assumption as what if it was our loved ones riding on that particular ambulance seeking for emergency attention but due to the public's civic-minded-less attitude, such emergency attention could not be achieved. The consequence: do ur own math. Pathetic isn't it how selfish some could be.

Put that anger issue aside, as I said earlier, I'm excited to fly off to kuching tomorow for some fun loving with friends to celebrate the matrimony of Fazlin Binti Haji Mohamed Zain and Ahmad Feisal Bin Haji Ahmad Rosli despite still having loads of work to finish off before leaving and knowing that I have an interview on the following monday after the reception and I've yet to read up on ANYTHING!!

Yes, I'm keeping my cool. I will be okay. I can do this!! *cold sweat dripping*

Pray for me peeps!!