Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Inconvinient Truth

The inconvinient truth about my parents: anything marriage related is a taboo.

It's almost forbidden to inform a friend (or even cousin) is getting married. Simply because none of their daughters (i.e. my sisters and I) are anywhere near getting married. Weird ain't it?

Don't get us (my sisters and I) wrong. Not that we don't want to marry. Circumstances warrants us not to, just yet.

Why I'm expressing this thoughts? Yesterday, I received a wedding invitation of a school mate whom I have not seen in years. It instantly made me feel that I'm running behind. Not pressured (in denial mode) but I feel sad that I could not achieve my parents' wish to see any of their daughters getting married anytime soon.

I wouldn't say I'm completely ready to settle down to have a husband to care for but the idea of getting married tinkles my heart to just have someone to share and care till death comes to take us away.

O' Dear Parents. Don't worry. If Allah permits, we will get married. *sigh* oh well, that will just have to wait when the time comes.


Ummu Auni said...

shuey, relax relax! kawan akak pun ada tak kawin lagi, lagi dahsyat dia..kalau bawa parents pergi kenduri kawin kawan2, sure balik mak dia nangis berjurai-jurai air mata
reason being, sebab dia tak kawin lagi....adeh dehhh

tell them, lagi tak kawin lagi, lagi lama boleh duduk dan manja dgn dia org. it doesn't make u love them less! kekadang parents are too concerned about our well beings kan?

shueyluweyduwey said...

hihihih...tetiber emo sekejap.sebab semua orang dah/akan kahwin.but i'm fine.kesian kat my parents jer.=)