Wednesday, 26 November 2008


In relation to this, yup, I am dead. Not adviced accordingly they say. Blow to the ego and to my intellect.

For the first time after started working here, I feel sooo very stupid.


I officially loathe and hate myself.

The End


Boss became the Heroine. Lucky she understood my situation. It's behind me now. Learned a lesson. New mantra: ALWAYS be one step ahead those who sits and waits for you to stumble.

Friday, 21 November 2008


How one categorized 'good muslim' is beyond my comprehension.

But I do know this, for one to openly declare that it is okay to do what Allah clearly prohibits in the Al-Quran clearly puts one on a different footing than what a Muslim should be.

I am always intrigued to know how some are courageous to do the mentioned above.



So yesterday I told mr.dearie said person that we will only have dinner and NOT go into any shops. But since we finished early, it was MY idea to do window shopping when lo and behold lies the exact type of black clutch I was having in mind. The right size. The right colour. NOT the right price. So, I went back sulking.

But today, she made me happy. I'll be getting this baby soon: -

the shoes!!the shoes!!

yay!!im a happy clam.=)

*the mantra chanting need not work now as I bought something which I haven't already have. the shoe design!! u doofus. not shoes. shoes, i got plenty. hihi*

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Suicidal mission left me suicidal

You know how the boss like to send me to war field without having any ammo? I always like to call it suicidal mission. However, today's suicidal mission was not my boss' fault.

So, I went to war field, guard-less, arm-less, and I died!! Like literally died!! For I really didn't know the subject matter. *malu sey*

This is more like a self-disappointment post for I hate going to any mission unprepared. I at least would like to be equipped with some ammo so as not to embarrass my self. But today I failed. And I made myself look bad.

Though I know I should not be hard on myself (as the matter was NEVER handled by me. and I was called for THE 9.30 meeting at 9.25. like heck 5 minutes of preparation? DID NOT HELP!!) but I hate the idea of making our fort look bad. I hate the bad-impression that the enemy gave.

Ish. Someone take me to the Ferragamo sale (to cuci mata). I need window-retail-therapy.

I want to be as happy as her. shucks.

Monday, 17 November 2008


Like seriously, I'm such a dick(not literally)-head. If i did some damage sumwhere, i am truly truly sorry. If I didn't, I'm glad.

Now, I can be the gossip subject. "U know her, the insensitive dungu."

I rectified one in-sensitivity yesterday. I don't think I can do damage control for this one should the damage HAD BEEN done (don't know grammatically if that sentence is correct).

*Dear God, hear my prayers*


Update 1
Im broke. I chant this mantra every month so as to prevent me from damaging my already burnt pocket. "i don't need to buy anything that I already have". But that mantra has obviously failed me. I am indeed disappointed. *tsk* *tsk*

Update 2
Work is killing me (not literally). But seriously, the brain has limits!! *i know.i thankful.stop whining*

Update 3
mr. dearie said person rawcks!! *hehe.tetiber*

okay, back to work.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008


There's so much craziness, surrounding me
There's so much going on, it gets hard to breathe
When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me
You make it real for me

When I'm not sure of, my priorities
When I've lost site of, where I'm meant to be
Like holy water, washing over me
You make it real for me

And I'm running to you baby
You are the only one who saved me
That's why I've been missing you lately
Cause you make it real for me

When my head is strong, but my heart is weak
I'm full of arrogance, and uncertainty
But I can find the words, you teach my heart to speak
You make it real for meee, yeaaa

And I'm running to you baby
Cause you are the only one who saved me
That's whyyy I've been missing you lately
Cause you make it real for me

Everybodies talking in words
I don't understand
You got to be the only one
Who knows just who I am
Your shinin in the distance
I hope I can make it through
Cause the only place
That I want to be
Is right back home with you

I guess there's so much more
I have to learn
But if you're here with me
I know which way to turn
You always give me somewhere,
Somewhere I can learn
You make it real for me

And I'm running to you baby
Cause you are the only one who saved me
That's why I've been missing you lately
Cause you make it real for me

You make it real for me
-James Morrison, You Make It Real

I first got hooked by the melody of the song. Then, the lyrics caught me heart.

There are few 'you's' who make it real for me. Me mum, mr dearie said person and my lovely ladies (myn,mira,ein and muna)

They keep me grounded. They have the faith and confidence in me that I don't have in myself. For that, *LOVE*

p/s: mr.dearie said person, apologies for the jealousy stint I pulled yesterday. You make it real for me. =) *hugs*

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Taken off guard

I was just informed by the boss that someone made some (unkind) comments on our unit's legal opinion. But she refused to reveal whose opinion in specific (revealed:not one of hers). She also refused to reveal at which period of time the legal opinion was written.

I immediately froze. I was taken off guard. Could be one of my legal opinions.

The unkind comment made, indirectly questioned the intellectual capability and professional integrity of the one who wrote it.

I personally take offence of such comment. Maybe it's the ego.

But seriously, if one asks dumb question, one deserve dumb answer (the scenario that our unit have to encounter on a regular basis). Right?

*Note: I actually re-read all my legal opinions and nothing quite fit the description of THE legal opinion my boss was talking about. Maybe it's NOT me. Maybe IT IS.

Oh well, -ve or +ve the answer is, I'm greatly affected by such comment.

Bleak working day it will be.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Carpe diem

It took you a while to get where you are.
Now your journey begins.

Carpe diem, mr dearie said person.


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Be careful what you wish for

You know how I've been whining that I need to feel occupied at work. How I whine I wanted some excitement in my working field.

And my wishes came true.

Note: And i'm not jumping with joy.


So kanak-kanak, seriouslyl; be careful what you wish for. It might just come true. *sigh*