Wednesday, 23 November 2011

And i Quote:


I noticed something today. That some people, enjoy killing other people's dreams, or visions. Although unintentionally, they actually do through their very few words and innocent faces. We shouldn't sweat the small things, but small words, we should. Words carry real meanings, hence the presence of dictionaries. Never think that words are just words. They really affect one's world.

And words can also cure. They can be the birth of life-impacting innovations, of big changes for the world. The impossible and possible happen from a mindset. And mindsets, are developed through the words we speak and we tell to ourselves. When others speak about impossibility, I prefer closing my ears. When I believe, I believe. Have faith, friends..:)"

Taken from here 

So wise and so true.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am a believer of zen and coziness. Zen means something clean, simple, non cluttered. Coziness means a space which is livable and does not scream "DON'T TOUCH!"

For the first 24 or 25 years of my life, I shared room with my sister which was big enough to fit us two without our butts bumping into each other. Then the house went under renovation and we each got our own room. Prior to getting married, my room was faaaarrr cry from cozy, almost always messy and retained its teenage vibe. Now, my our room is my favorite part of my parents house. It was fun transforming the room. From Single bed to Queen bed. From wall paper to plain paint and wall sticker. 

Soon we'll be baby sitting sister's newly bought crib and i am super duper excited to be dressing it up albeit minimally and temporarily since our house will only be ready in 2013.

We're both such homebodies that we'd rather stay in rather than brave amongst the many shopping mall goers. Syam is pretty stoked with the idea of moving to our own place so that he can invite his friends over to just lepak. Family of course not excluded. *Need. To. Brush. My. Cooking. Skills.* Therefore, having a cozy house is essential! Found through this practicing lawyer cum blogger cum DC maker (gile multitasker ah!=)) and I've been hooked since! Just look at the space ideas below. All are inspiring. 

Those are just some ideas of how pretty a kitchen and a toilet could be for such small space. All inspiring! I am keeping the kitchen photos as reference point for a possible kitchen make over since our house-to-be will not be a bungalow but just a decent two storey terrace house. I love how space saving a toilet can be ,serving dual function with a washing machine in it? Awesome, right!

Say hello to my new obsession, house decoration! :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shue obsessed

 picture taken from here

Hello pretty thang. Anyone seen similar to these beaut anywhere? Please do tell. Its Pweeetyyy. I am after all, read: shoe obsessed!

Decor Inspired

I am a frequent reader of Her recent post caught my eyes and interest. It was on her best friend's wedding. On how her best friend did everything from A-Z. If I were to ever ever turn back time, I'd like to try and emulate her wedding. It was just breathtakingly gorgeous. Just look at that wall decoration  (and her gorgeous gorgeous tiered dress. GORGEOUS!!) hand made from tissue paper. Genius and cost saving!

Reading through, her best friend did the flowers based on MADE tutorial. I was then instantly inspired by this image:

And so, I made my very own version of wall flower.

That is how my Sunday was spent. The End. =)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fickle minded

I know I've been ranting about the miss-events of my wedding for few months now.
25.9.2011 ago, we turned 6 months into marriage. 
Upon looking back at photos and video, the post marriage ranting I've been on was unnecessary.
Looking back, it was actually how I imagined and wanted it to be.
That explains the nonchalant bride I was.
I was just purely ecstatic to be married.
It is weird sometimes how I wish to have the life of others when the truth is the life that I'm living now is exactly what I envisioned it to be.
I just got to be less fickle minded. more thankful of everyday I wake up breathing, with a husband by my side, loving family (including drama and all), a roof over our head, a job stabil enough for splashes of luxury once in a while and just the opportunity to experience life as it is.

Photos updated. Yeap, looking back. It was just how I imagined it to be. <3

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday (NOT)

This moment I miss. Before the solemnization. Surrounded by those who are very dear and close to me. Nothing less than laughter through out the make up session.

See the girl on the left? She's my MUA cum soul sister. Getting married this very weekend. Excited! =)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fitting In

Just the other day I twitted about the importance of having a sense of a belonging to an organization. 
The same I guess for life in general.
Some has no trouble fitting in. 
Some struggle. 
Some just 'think' they fit in because they 'think' they are all that when in fact they are really just wannabees trying way too hard to fit in.
Some dress to the nines, eat at fabulous eateries, hang at cool joints and announcing it publicly on social networks screaming 'i am like so super cool, right'.
But who doesn't do that in this age of technology, right?
Difference of a naturale and wannabees who does all that; is the former is a naturale, naturally while the latter announce it to seek attention and affirmation that yes, they are cool.
The latter also tends to belittle others who doesn't dress like how they dress, eat at where they eat and hang at cool joints where they hang. 
They are too cool for 'normal' people. 
Somehow the wannabees forgets that you can try to be all that BUT less a shining personality, one is really just nothing to the eyes of others.
Beauty is really really skin deep. Plus humility. Plus kindness. Only then one is deserving to be awed and admired at.

On that note, I end this post with a snippet of maria elena's post on being chopped as hijabinista.  I think her writing was bulls-eyes-fabulous -
"fashion is fun to follow too, i get it, but it's making us lose focus.
for example, we go online and we look at lookbook to know what's the latest trends. we get inspired, we hurriedly head on to a shopping mall or blogshop and hang around looking for that piece of clothing we pictured. then we spend money. sometimes distracted punya pasal, solat tak khusyuk. sometimes nak sangat baju tu, sampai solat pun tinggal. the same goes to modelling.

fashion becomes an obsession. modelling becomes a passion.
beautification becomes a necessity.

muka bogel takde eyeliner pun dah rasa resah. dapat gambar photoshoot, rasa bangga sampai upload merata-rata (blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc) expecting people to tell you how good you're looking. parallel to that, jadi riak, and riak is salah satu attributes yang Allah SWT hina.
*slaps myself real hard*"

Friday, 5 August 2011

Engaged To Be Married

It is interesting to note the past few months I've been hearing news on engaged couples breaking up. I am not here to judge anybody. I am just penning my thoughts on how to avoid such circumstances as it will not only hurt the couple but more often than not it'll hurt the family more.

Marriage is never a funny thing. It is always a serious matter. One should never get engaged/married just because everyone else seems to be doing it. I would say, you got to be prepared mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. But it does not mean a girl needs to wait for the boy FOREVER until and unless all 4 criterias are 100% go.

I said be PREPARED. Not that you are expected to be all that when you decide to go to the next level.

Sometimes, over driven by lust and emotions, couples decides to tie the knot quicker than the qadhi can say 'sah'. Overlooking the be PREPARED part.

When one is not properly prepared, again overdriven by emotions, couples (or one of the other) decides to break it off without thinking the consequences and implications to them and of course to the family. Yes, boys and girls, when couples decides to get engaged/married, you both get engaged/marry each family. 

However, this does not apply to couples breaking it off due to physical and emotional violence or financial issues. If any of it occurs, red alert, please leave before it is all too late.

I am just saying, if the reason for breaking it off can be resolved by giving each other enough time to cool down and need be, parents intervention, please do so. 

For the 8 months syam and I got engaged, there were numerous occassion that we wanted to break it off for reasons I should not tell. It was nothing petty I assure you but non the less, solvable. Again, my pandora-of-experience-mother came to the rescue by telling US, not just ME to be patient and think of the implications/consequences of the decision we're about to make.  Sometimes, after not only days but weeks of cooling off, everything gets back to normal and we're back on track. Alhamdulillah.

So, yeah. Even at the engagement stage, each must give respect and each must tolerate. If you can't even do that, there is so much more waiting when both are married. As how my-married-soul-sisters said, whatever problems married couple is facing at the early stage of marriage, that is JUST the tip of the ice berg. Both gotta be strong and not be carried away with emotions. And again MOTHER said, the key is PATIENCE.

What I'm trying to say is really this, if both decides to comit to get engaged to be married, please think wise and long before making the comitment. Though we really don't know what the future holds, what is our takdir at the end of the day, we got to exhaust all means and efforts and then seek for HIS guidance.

The same I pray for syam and I. For Allah to bless our marriage and protect us from any harm and wrong decisions. We are not perfect, never are, never will be.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Ukur Baju Di Badan Sendiri

A couple of days ago, had an impromptu mother-daughter talk.

I queried mother how she and father survived financially while at the same time managed to provide more than enough for us siblings.

She also often tell stories of buying jewelleries for her mother, sending money home, buying furnitures for her parents when she just started work. Mind you, at the same time she had to also pay for her own car, house rental, food, gas, etc.

Both the parents are government servants by the way. Not corporate persons by any means. I remembered growing up, we were treated with good food, pretty wears (internationally branded) and (good) hotel holidays, locally and internationally. But there were also days I remembered throwing tantrum wanting something(s) soo much but the parents just ignored. They didn't pamper us. They provided enough. They even managed to save us monies for OUR rainy days.

Here I am, a government servant too albeit husband is in the private sector. Combined income, we can't even afford to do half she and father achieved at our age. I still cannot afford to buy mother jewelleries, let alone buying furnitures. But Alhamdulillah, we manage to give some monthly contribution to the parents. It has always been my intention to give back to my parents if not all but some that they've invested in/for me.

So, mother let the secret out. Back then, when they didn't have much, they made do with what they have. They lived on their own. They scouted cheap furnitures at furniture exhibition which lasts until now. They eat in. They didn't splurge. They only had my eldest sister after three years into marriage. The first 3 years, they saved.

What's important, she said "ukur baju di badan sendiri". She wasn't influenced by anyone. She pretty much did her own thing. Followed her own pace. Their own pace.

Thank you mother for the priceless advice. This is just one advice out of the many she's given. She's a pandora of experience.

On the 31st of July 2011, they turned 34 in marriage life. Out of 34 years, I witnessed 28 years of it. They like others are not perfect couple. But they've been nothing but good role models to the siblings and I.

Now, the father is passing good vibes to syam. The same he told syam when he told me when I was 12, "travel the world as it will open your mind".

Couldn't ask for a better family, dramas and meltdowns included. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

wordless wednesday

Soul Mate

In all honesty, I never believed in the term soul mate. Syam and I are two separate individuals who are different in so many ways. We don't finish each others sentences. Heck, sometimes we had to go through battles just to get the other to spill what is really on each mind.

Until tonight.

I was feeling down for the past few days for reasons even I couldn't fathom. Syam respected and gave me space. Tonight, I snuggled up to him, started to break down and cry. Hard. He hugged me tight and started to list down everything that was subconsciously bothering me. I knew he hit bulls eyes as at each point, I cried harder re affirming what I was bothered with these past few days. 

I didn't have to tell him. He knew. And he made it all better by just giving me space, hugging me tight and telling me he knows.

By just doing that, I understood what soul mate means.

Thank you Allah for granting this jodoh to me, to us. May this jodoh will be under His blessings and lasts for eternity.

I love you syam. My husband. My friend. My enemy. My soul mate. Sampai bila-bila.

Mid-levels Escalator, Hong Kong, 2011

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Power Of People Influence

Last Saturday was spent earlier at Chic Pop Market at Jaya One and later to KLCC for GLC Open Day.

Chic Pop was uber fun for my eyes feasted upon crafty stuffs, dirt cheap accessories, shoes and bags. The shopaholic devil in me gave way to a bag, bracelet and natural soap. Tsk tsk. Mother and sister didn't quite help. They became the devil's advocate instead of my money guardian. Tsk tsk some more.

GLC Open Day was quite interesting but still left me feeling them who befits the GLCs are only those who are yuppie-snooty-sort. If you're NOT ALL that, then forget to be part of the corporate empire. Disturbing, I know.

Anyway, want to know the similarities of these two different events? It was filled with some true hijabi fashionistas and some hijabi-fashionistas-wannabes. All wanting to appear hip and cool like them Scarflet and of course, who else, Hana Tajima.

Don't get me wrong. I've nothing against them people. It is just so amazing how the public at general can be so much influenced and dare I say obsessed with the phenomenan that these people bring. I am not an exception. Guilty to a certain extend BUT i am NOT obsessed. I know my borderline. 

There are so many people wanting to be someone else for the beauty they possess. For the wealth they carry. But what about wanting to be someone elese for their brain and intelligence. I want that.

Say hello to thespasmodicscribbler. I came to know about this smartypants blogger through one of those bride blogger link. From her writings, it is so clear that this bride to be is a career driven woman who plans and manages her financial well. Read up her post on "The Day We Got The Keys To Our 1st House". While others save up to get that designer bags, shoes, clothes to stay in trend. I am guilty as charged. This sheer genius saved up to buy a house with her fiance'. Her determination and self control amazed me. I wish I was all that. I always look forward to reading her new posts. Nothing shallow. Just simple good english on her life. Talk about the power of people influence. TSS, as how I fondly address her is one good influence example.

Besides TSS, I love reading the knot. Young accomplished persons. Envy much. But in a good way. The term 'paradigm shift' have long been sold but I don't see much shifting in the younger generations (including yours truly). All wanting to be hipper, trendier. All for the wrong reasons.

Now, where is that paper and pen. I have to re-set my goals. This time. For the right reasons. Insya Allah.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The haunted dais

If it is not apparent enough, I've been ranting and rambling about how ugly both my dais were. Equally for house and hall. I regretted for not listening to my mother to opt for a complete package from the caterer. I was afraid that they would not be able to pull a clean, simple with a touch of elegant dais.

Ex-brides and bride-to-be's can attest how ridiculously expensive can dais' be. We (the mother and I) agreed that it will be a waste of money to spend thousands of ringgit over something which would only be used for mere few hours. The unfortunate thing in Malaysia is, not many vendors can conceptualize how  clean, simple with a touch of elegance is supposed to be like and do it reasonably priced. They seem to like the idea of a more meriah a dais is, the better and of course with that, mahal! Even if there are such vendors (i know there are a few) that can understand the whole idea of simplicity with a touch of elegance, it comes with a hefty price. I remembered going to one of the kerja kahwin exhibition where i fell absolutely in love with this one dais. It had green backdrop with orchid flowers 'floating' at the back. It was screaming "me!!" since I super love colors and the dais looked different than normal which is again so ME. Unfortunately, mother thought it was too pricey. Since she's paying, I just had to let it go. We never revisited that vendor. I am sure had we the time to compare prices and service, she would in the end agree to go for the other vendor. To be honest, it was not pricey at all. I thought for the service and expertise that they can offer, the rate was fairly reasonable. Oh well, the vendor I was talking about is Precious Moments. They do not have a blog/website. But if you google them up, there are reviews on their services.

So, anyways, the reason I'm writing this is because -

  • numero uno, I cannot get over the fact that both dais' was ugly and so outdated.;
  • Second, as i perused the vendor-who-did-my-dais's fb page, my heart literally dropped (and felt like it was squeezed) to see so many other dais after me, that the vendor executed beautifully.

I remembered when the vendor came over and asked me what my concept was and when I said I wanted something simple, clean but elegant, she gave me the disbelief look. I of all people should know that was a BAD sign. Since my mind was so messed up with work and majorly pleasing  the parents with how and what the wedding should be like, the vendor and I only managed to sitt down and talk a week before my wedding reception. Madness. I know. Prior to that, the vendor e-mailed me photos of dais that the vendor said was the current trend. Another BAD sign as the dais in the photos looked ewww, so NOT me.  Truth be told, mother had a bad feeling about the vendor since the vendor DID NOT attempt to contact me for a meet up until the very last minute. I know I should've done my part. But it would be a plus point for vendors to initiate since it is the service they're trying to sell. Mother did suggest, why not cancel and just ask the caterer to whip up something for both home and hall. The ever degil me refuse to listen and insisted that we stick to the plan. Partly because some money has been deposited into the vendor's account. Also because I was somehow conviced, I'll get the dais that I imagined it to be.

When we sat down and talked, I specifically said I didn't want any panel sorta dais both for home and hall. I wanted a simple white back drop for both. We actually googled up flora.etc to get inspiration and came to an agreement that the nikah dais would be white and pink back drop and two fresh flowers by the side. Nothing extravagant . For the hall, we came up with  concept of using tree twigs as decoration. The vendor was going on to say we can put different colors to light up the back drop as how the others are doing now to minimalize the use of props on stage. I suddenly got excited and was looking forward to the reception day as the whole idea was different than normal. SO ME RIGHT! I remembered texting soul sisters bongok miera/ein how excited I was with the whole concept and how i was looking forward to both nikah and the reception day.

Imagine the dissapointment when -

  • first, the vendor came at 12.30 a.m. to fix the nikah dais when we mentioned it would be used for khatam in the morning. The vendor did not even attempt to say they'll be THAT late. Initially they say they'll come by at night but not THAT LATE. I had to text the vendor numerous time to ask when will they fix the nikah dais;
  • two, they came with fake flowers but said they'll change it to fresh flowers the following morning. I thought that was very unprofessional;
  • three, when they fixed the dais, it was UGLY and so not how I wanted it to be. But I was too tired to be bothered. After all, it is only for nikah and there is no way anything could be fixed. To get into a fight on the morning of my nikah day was just too tiring. I let go and ignored.
  • four, when they came with the fresh flowers after the khatam, the colors were NOT as how we discussed and the arrangement was so wrong and looked flat. the fake flowers suited the whole concept better. again, i felt no used making huge fuss. I was getting married at 5 p.m. that same day.
credits to afnan omar
  • fifth, upon checking the reception dais on the morning of reception, the stage was bare. not covered. tape marks and the ugly color of the stage outdo the whole  dais decor. i specifically text the vendor few days before the reception day to remind the vendor to cover the stage with white cloth. the small stairs leading to up to the stage was uncovered too. mother had to rush to kamdar upon advice from the caterer to get yards and yards of cloth to cover the stairs and stage. fyi, when i immediately called the vendor to fix the ugly, the vendor actually said they didnt have enough cloth to cover the stage. but they came later to cover it anyway. grrr. the caterer did the ruffled-look small stairs.
  • sixth, there were no colored lights to highlight the white back drop. just a couple of ugly annoying yellow stage light. the back drop was secured ugly-ly (if there is such a word). there were not twigs branch on the stage. only twigs at the entrance and the sides of the red carpet.
The only thing i liked about the whole decor for reception was the main table and the twigs hanged with orchids at the sides of the red carpet. It was so clear the dais was horrendously ugly even the OP didnt take complete photo of the dais. Just snippets of it here and there. Here are some of the pics from the OP.   

credits to Fad Manaf

credits to afnan omar

Yes, it was something different. But it was way too simple and badly executed. Fyi, the two red pillows, the hand fan, the tepak at the front, carpet and bunga pahar are from home. Some of you might say, it didn't look too bad. That is because the OP was smart at taking good angles. Oh btw, the vendor was amazed with the bunga pahar my mother single handedly made. The vendor even wanted one as sample for her to make for potential clients. Pfft.

True that we didn't pay extravagant amount for the above but it does not justify one to deliver poor service. Only if the vendor was more meticulous and more particular with how arrangements were made, we would be happier. Even if the vendor could've suggested that things will look better if we added on some more money, we would have obliged. Siapa yang tak suka cantik kan? But it felt like the vendor was uninterested and did everything half-heartedly.

All of the above could be avoided if the followings were done;

  • harrased the vendor for appointments and follow up frequently;
  • be very meticulous and specific in what I wanted and put it all in writing (of all people, a lawyer should know bettter right?);
  • supervised them setting up the dais and made sure it was done as how it was agreed;
  • went to hall how ever late it was to supervise the whole setting up to minimalize damage and heart ache. I didn't do that because I was just too tired.
So dear bride to be's, please take note of all the above to avoid getting heart aches and heart burns like what I am having now. Make time from work or if you can't do just that, get someone close that you trust to assist you in getting things done. Yes, all the above are merely material and nothing spiritual but when you pay someone for a/any service, you expect nothing less than good service from them. Or else, might as well not hire them or do anything in the first place. I think that was what that got me riled up immediately after all reception was over and done with.

I was more relaxed and more in love with husb reception where there was no dais, no red carpet. Greeted with few shows of good silat. Then accompanied with gendang music all the way to the decorated main table with good kampung food.

Less is definitely more. To the vendor, my mother said to me don't hold grudges. In mother's own words, "Memaafkan dapat pahala. Allah akan balasnya".

To my sisters, when you guys get married, I promise I'll be the wedding planner from hell and you guys will get the most awesome-est reception that I didn't quite get. Love much!    

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Things have been relatively quiet these days. Everyone is doing their own thang. I don't seem to know anymore.But that's only because, I'm twitter sober remember? I've never felt this calm. Not knowing what others do. It's actually therapeutic. Wee. =)

Only when I got really bored, i log in to twitter via twitter for bb. Even then, nothing much's goin on. Same ol' same ol'

Syam just picked up our nikah certificate. I know right, we're going into our third month of marriage. Only now we can show the world we're legally married under the Syariah laws of Malaysia. Not that we couln't care less, we just didn't have the time. Now we can watch midnight movies without the lil inkling feeling that I always have on 'what if there is a raid and we don't have proof on us that we're married'. lol. But so far, we've checked in hotels without having to show proof that we're married. That should be a good thing, right? Wrong! That means we looked old enough to be married. Boo! But then, prolly because I still had henna on my nails. Okay. I'm consoled.

Married life has been interesting thus far. 2 months plus young and we already had our own little drama moments, funny moments, blissful and blessed moments.

I've cooked for him.
He's been leading prayers whenever we're both at home.
We've been out on midnight dates.
We went on our own travel escapade, albeit locally. Tapi adventurous and fun!
We bought our first property together. *smiles*
He bought me flowers. The first time EVER!
and many many other eventful moments.

Marriage is nothing perfect. There are days where we feel like pulling each other's hair (and later make up. that's the fun part. ;)) There are also days where nothing can go wrong and nothing went wrong (i call it perfect days). But that is just what marriage is all about. It is nothing close to purely sex as how the OWC seem to think.

It's about compromising. It's about adapting. It's about learning. It's about patience.

What Syam and I have is not perfect but it is almost what I imagined it to be and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Here's to many many more years to come. May we grow old together, never got tired of each other and love each other for eternity. Insya Allah. Amin.

Friday, 10 June 2011

twitter sober

Hi, my name is shueyshoelove.
I use to be twitter obsessed that I have to check twitter updates every 5 seconds.
Until I started to get annoyed with some twitter feeds by some people whom I follow.
I unfollowed them bunch.
The obsession continues.
Until I realized twitter was sucking the life of me.
I started to get paranoid when I shouldn't. I started to feel all conscious when I shouldn't. I was glued to the phone.
The annoyance of random-ridiculous-full-of-pride-hypocritical-thoughts-some-aimed-at-making-others-feel-smaller-feeds made me go insane.
So I decided to leave it all behind.
I deleted twitter handle on my phone.
I've been twitter free for 3 days now.
Now I am sober.
This is my story.
I feel so much free.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Room Idea

picture taken from here

Guess where it'll be. =)

extremely suhweet!

 I've got post wedding syndrome.

Getting ideas to decorate muh room via wedding blogs featuring vintage weddings. Weird i know!!

Came across the below picture. Super super sweet!

picture taken from here

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Wedding Funnies - Behind the Scene I

I call it funnies instead of flaws because all is in the past and upon recalling each instance, it is funny and remains to be funny.
Funny how I envisioned my wedding to be a garden one to how my mother envisioned my wedding to be a grand house reception to how my father placed his veto power to have it at TTDI Community Hall. Funnier that the hall turned out better than how I envisioned it to be not leaving the guests hot and sweaty from the extreme weather outside. The red carpet was proper in place. The wall to wall carpet did not look dirty or stained. The dais story will come later. Hold on to your horses.
Funny how I thought my research and decisions made with regards to all my wedding dresses and dais was right and perfect. I have no qualms with the wedding dresses except that some tweaking could’ve been done to make the dress more visible in the pictures. Like how the blings on the dress should’ve been real diamante beads instead of ironed on diamante and how the TTDI reception dress could’ve been better shaped by adding a ribbon or bow to accentuate my curve. The tweaking could’ve been done had I not received my dresses on the very same day of both nikah and reception. Nikah dress was sent at 7 ish a.m. and reception dress was sent at 12 a.m. ish. Other than the minor tweaks could’ve/should’ve been made, I was generally happy with the outcome of the dresses and veils. Yes, I was a calm bride to be.
Funny that the groom’s attire could’ve turned into MAJOR disaster but we managed to damage control it. Funny also that the groom-to-be managed to return back from Perlis a day before he was suppose to head back home. He is from Kuala Lipis by the way. Had he not able to do so, his groom attire would be all big and color mix matched. We will then NOT be called Raja Sehari. More like Clowns Sehari. And we’ll cover it up by saying, “didn’t y’all know, our wedding theme was CLOWN yo!” and laughed it all off. And still I was a calm bride to be back then. All I did was called my mother and said it’s going to be a huge disaster as the color for his baju melayu and my reception dress is all mix matched and not right. Even more funny, his accessories that we rented like 2 months earlier DID NOT jive with both our attires. We damaged control some more by renting new accessories at a different shop. Even then, I was not convinced that we will look all pretty and handsome. Mind you, I didn’t have my reception dress back then to really see how both attires will look side by side. Everything was on ad hock basis. Still, I was calm and composed and just letting it go only because he said, whatever happens we will still be married and all these are for a mere while. Hilariously funny that my biggest fear for the day turned out superbly awesome as the colors for both our outfits matched. His accessories perfect. We became Raja Sehari. =)
Still on the topic of wedding attire, funny that head gears for both nikah and reception dress was bought a day before my Nikah is scheduled. Suicidal some might say. But as I’ve explained, I didn’t have any of my dresses at that point in time. I only had photographic memory of the dresses, a piece of cloth from my reception dress lining and syam’s accessory and bull dozed through Jalan TAR with Soul Sister Miera looking for the right color and type of head gears to match with the dresses. About one and a half hour later, we found what was hoped to perfectly match the dresses. Read ON.
After the Khatam Quran on the Nikah day, the BFFs and soul sisters was around to make me up and stay for the nikah later in the evening (MUA was one of my soul sisters). Anways, funny the bffs and soul sisters thought the veil, head gear and Nikah dress didn’t match but was afraid to tell me. Like I couldn’t read their body language, right. Also it was funny that I didn’t have the right inner garment to be worn with my Nikah dress and the BFFs ended rushing to One Utama to get me one. I promised you it was ALL funny right. And all these time, I was calm as a sleeping cat. Not LYING. And everything turned out OKAY! I got my wavy veil effect. I got the right inner garment. The color discrepancy between the veil, head gear and dress was NOT apparent. Yay!!
Oh! I almost forgot. The funniest incident for the Nikah must have been the fact that the groom and entourage was 1 hour early. Though early, everyone was getting acquainted with each other. The only restless bunch was the photographers and the videographers. The silver lining to that was I had enough time to calm myself down and plenty of time for us girls to camwhore in the room. See, everything happened for a reason. No use frowning and pulling those sexy lips of yours. Have awesome friends like mine around and I promise you’ll be a super calm and composed bride.  
At one lafaz, I was married to Syamnoromzi Osman. It was an awesome feeling. 8 years of relationship literally flashed through my eyes and mind. The happy times, the fights, the crying and the one time breaking up brought us to where we are now. Husband and Wife.
Me is LoVeS me Husband.

More is to Come. In the Next post. =)

Thursday, 14 April 2011



pictures by Afnan Omar

All pictures pretty much sums up the mixture of feelings i had during the akad nikah. Nervous witnessed by soul sisters and literally best friends for life, finally married and so in LOVE.

Blessed and blissfully married. Picture says a thousand word; true that. It may be at no frill (though monetarily, it was ALL FRILL. grateful to parents. *tear*) but I was truly happy.

Minus the dais fiasco. Yes, I'm still hung up on that. Just let me be. Tee hee.


picture by Afnan Omar
super major LOVE

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My No Frills Wedding

A friend said that she liked that my wedding was a no frill wedding. My mom's friend congratulated her for holding a "tidak membazir" majlis. 

Yes, the wedding was so simple. Even I was surprised. But everything went well non the less. Alhamdulillah, I am now married.

The make up was awesome. Family support was superb. BFF and soul sisters super awesome. All wedding dresses and veil met my expectation and wants. Food was good. Photographers fab. Videographers awesome.

Friends attest that I was a calm bride. And I think I was. *pats self on the back*  No use screaming and pull an ugly face. It is just not worth it.

EXCEPT for the Reception Day when I went berserk after seeing the horrendous dais and hand bouquet. Thank god for family (especially cousin Ina) and friends (especially mynn, melati and ein) who convinced me to just go through the day and get it over and done with. And we DID. pheww.

It was my bad. I lack time to focus on the little details. If there is any regret, that is just it. 

I am now itching to get MORE photos from the photographer and snippets of SDE nikah video from the videographer.

taken from fab photographer's page

For now, I can write a book on What Not To Do For Wedding Preparation and How To Be A Calm Bride.

Other than the hulla balloo balloos, being married to syam is just too cute. Because he is just too cute. =)

Friday, 18 March 2011


 shots from (my.ehem) fab photographer

No silly. That's NOT me!
But one week from now, Insya allah.
Imma excited.
Have a fab weekend peeps.
It's my last as a single LADY!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Lost soul

Exactly what i said to a superior upon seeking her advise and guidance.
Lost soul because I shrivel into this unknown person.
Lost soul because I don't know where I'm heading.
Lost soul because everything is overwhelming.

Some say I can easily adapt to any situation.
Simply said, throw me into a sea of crocodile and I'll survive through and through.
I say, all those are myths.
I don't know where I gained my courage before.
I don't know where I gained my strength before.
I don't even know who I am now.

Fear of the unknown they said. They dismissed my plea.
Now is no longer unknown. The fear is apparent.
My premonition was right. My instinct was right. My gut is right.

Speaking all these here takes off the burden i feel on my shoulder. I feel lighter. At least for a bit. And thank goodness it's Friday. I shall not cry today.

A lil something that tickled my tummy and gave me some hope -

"Shuhadah. It is a priority to me when one is not happy in one's post. Let me digest this and see if I can find the torch light first and shine it to you"

Happy weekend everyone. 

Exactly 21 days more until I am a wife. And the husband to be is not anywhere near here to comfort me. He is away. Working. Not in another country. But far enough for me to see him.I miss him.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

To avoid conflict

I h.i.d.e.
Thank goodness for this huge bed.
And internet connection.
I find solace in my own room.
Room which will be shared with husband-to-be.
One month from now.
So much of not caring how things should go.
I actually do care.
So much of parents not bothered with how things should go.
They actually care.

Friday, 14 January 2011

super like!

Radzi & Alia from John Hafiz on Vimeo.


And I quote,

"Aren't you the nicest thing on earth..

I visualized and believed everything would be perfect for me that day - indeed it was. I visualized and believed I will look and feel that happy that day - and I was at my happiest.

Know that the man of our dreams IS ALREADY MARRYING us and he will be all ours that day onwards.

Know we deserve him, this blessing and this happiness - no matter what veil, dress, dais and we can have either all the flowers in the world - or just a bouquet, our happiness will transpire in our photos (and they last forever, and so will our marriage - if we visualize and believe so)!

Your becoming husband is very husband to be married to someone so kind with her words and I'm very sure with her hearts too.

My love and best wishes to your big day.."

Her respond to my post. Thank you Ninie Ahmad for your wise words.  What she said is  so very true. We need to visualize and believe that things will go as how we want it to be. IMHO, a lot bride or bride to be(s) forget that.  I don't want to look all 'muka ketat' on my Day. I want to be smiling from ear to ear. 

Here's to visualizing and believing that MY day will be perfect. =)

Dais inspired

picture taken from here

How NOT to LOVE her simple mini dais. The back drop looked like rain drops with 2  floating-like-flower arrangements on each side. Accompanied by my guess 2 most important ladies in her life (mother on her right?), the picture looked perfect. I'm sure it was perfect for her

I am hoping that the exact same shot would be captured on my solemnization day. I don't want anyone else BUT my mother to be by my side holding my hand when Syam takes his akad.

Her dais and hantaran arrangements is by Flora etc. Again, if you have the money to splurge, I'm sure they won't be disappointing. Simple with a touch of elegance. Less is indeed more. Much much more.