Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fitting In

Just the other day I twitted about the importance of having a sense of a belonging to an organization. 
The same I guess for life in general.
Some has no trouble fitting in. 
Some struggle. 
Some just 'think' they fit in because they 'think' they are all that when in fact they are really just wannabees trying way too hard to fit in.
Some dress to the nines, eat at fabulous eateries, hang at cool joints and announcing it publicly on social networks screaming 'i am like so super cool, right'.
But who doesn't do that in this age of technology, right?
Difference of a naturale and wannabees who does all that; is the former is a naturale, naturally while the latter announce it to seek attention and affirmation that yes, they are cool.
The latter also tends to belittle others who doesn't dress like how they dress, eat at where they eat and hang at cool joints where they hang. 
They are too cool for 'normal' people. 
Somehow the wannabees forgets that you can try to be all that BUT less a shining personality, one is really just nothing to the eyes of others.
Beauty is really really skin deep. Plus humility. Plus kindness. Only then one is deserving to be awed and admired at.

On that note, I end this post with a snippet of maria elena's post on being chopped as hijabinista.  I think her writing was bulls-eyes-fabulous -
"fashion is fun to follow too, i get it, but it's making us lose focus.
for example, we go online and we look at lookbook to know what's the latest trends. we get inspired, we hurriedly head on to a shopping mall or blogshop and hang around looking for that piece of clothing we pictured. then we spend money. sometimes distracted punya pasal, solat tak khusyuk. sometimes nak sangat baju tu, sampai solat pun tinggal. the same goes to modelling.

fashion becomes an obsession. modelling becomes a passion.
beautification becomes a necessity.

muka bogel takde eyeliner pun dah rasa resah. dapat gambar photoshoot, rasa bangga sampai upload merata-rata (blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc) expecting people to tell you how good you're looking. parallel to that, jadi riak, and riak is salah satu attributes yang Allah SWT hina.
*slaps myself real hard*"

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