Saturday, 29 March 2008


I am indeed a self-certified shoeholic and bagholic. I confess being often weak upon sightings of gorgeous bags and shoes. Hence the often, "sorry, my car banyak kasut" retorts every time someone hitches a ride in my car evidencing my car is a moving closet of shoes. =)

I admit sneakers never fits in my diary-of-must-have-shoes for it's physical being too manly and boyish. However, one of my many fashion icons, Mischa Barton managed to convince me that sneakers could also be ultra-chic when worn with many types of fashion from skirts to pants to shorts and the list never ends.

Being a typical shoeholic, one would need different types of shoes for different occasions. Since I'll be doing a little bit of traveling in two weeks time, I needed to find the right type of shoes to care for my feet when used for walking. It was a torn between Crocs Maryjanes or one of Gisele Bundchen's Ipanema sandals. Mr. dearie said person naturally disagrees with both for the former is not worth spending while the latter does not portray comfort. *sigh*

Almost on the verge of scrapping the idea of getting "the travelling shoe" when lo and behold, there it was, my M*ishca Barton inspired shoe, my "the travelling shoe", its the Womens N*ike Capri Ballerina!!!

Now, I'm a happy-soon-to-be-a-traveller...=)

Monday, 24 March 2008

mr. smitten who?

mr. smitten is now mr. un-smitten. I beg to differ with my earlier thoughts on him. I find him now arrogant and full of himself. Came across his friendster profile page and let's just say I have issues with guys displaying images of self-camera-whoring IN THE OFFICE. I figured he has some blurry idea that I may have a crush on him thanks to the much implied talking by a colleague of mine. However, i think his effort of trying to neutralize the awkwardness so as to show that he's not interested is a little bit too far fetch. Dude, it's only a crush. Not like I'm falling head over hills and I want to marry you. So, chill la.

Hence I go, mr. smitten bluegh!! mr. dearie said person, i loike!!

wrong side of bed

woke up on the wrong side of bed lazy.sheesh..

can monday blues be any more bluerrrrrrrrr?

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

happy happy joy joy

reasons to be happy:

1. Tomorow's a public holiday;
2. Ipod's on its way *crossing fingers*
3. Short holidaying in April
4. Another island holiday escapade in June
5. Next Tuesday's pay day
6. Possibly a game of badminton with mr.dearie said person tomorow
7. Blueberry muffin for lunch (courtesy of big boss)

another post of no sense? yup. after all the administration of the nation at the moment is not making any sense and the feel is rubbing on me. on top of that, it's raining outside.*sigh*

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


my sister calls it the cat spa session.

I present you the babies of residents of the Jamal clan: -

incredibly inquisitive

absolutely adorable

rottenly spoilt

Monday, 17 March 2008

shopaholic me

Yours truly CANNOT get the shopaholic habit out in toto. I tried but I failed. Hence another entry relating to my pathetic wants and not needs. It's very very rare for me nowadays to fall in love with things at first sight. I used to be an avid fan of Coach once upon a time but the love of it started to fade away slowly upon seeing the brand being adorned by too many gorgeous ladies. It somehow made the brand turned mediocre albeit it still being very pricey. Yeap, Malaysians are getting richer by the day.

But this lovely Coach wristlet is too lovely to resist. It's leather. It's white. Most importantly there's a heart shape in all colours i lurve attached to it. simply LOVELY!!!

But sadly so, I can't afford to splurge on that itsy bitsy tiny wristlet for I have other tabs to settle. Holiday next month and another one probably in June. Got myself and ipod for early birthday prezzie which i've yet to receive. pfft.

Hence, the only thing I can do it just adore it from afar and wishing I could own it but I can't. *sigh*

I know, I know. A total bimbo-ish pathetic post from yours truly. As if that's a problem worth sharing right? Hey, but it's my blog. I shall write as I please. Thank You. =)

Friday, 14 March 2008

Another shocker

Another friends beloved family member passed away early this morning. It was her sister. Speechless and shock i certainly was.

Hida dearest, takziah for the loss of your sister. Another trying time for you to go through. Knowing a little bit of your past assures me that you will be the pillar of strength for your family. Do take care and be strong..My prayers are with u and ur family.


Thursday, 13 March 2008


yesterday was a blisfull day off spent with mr dearie said person even though kantoi-ed by my cousin. But then again, i forgot. securities commission is conviniently few kilometres away from One Utama. DuH!!

He calls every outing meetings for we're nothing official. i find it adorable. funny how everything's going on smoothly now as opposed to when we were official. less fighting. less sulking. more laughing. more smiling.

so mr dearie said person, looking forward to the meeting on saturday and many many more meetings to come. yippy!!

now, seriously i go. mr smitten and infatuated who? memories erased. *end*

loving it

im loving my new blog rain-bow-ey and colorful-ey. i loike!! oh yeah, just discovered the wonders of blogspot where i can customize it to my whims and fancy.silly me!! still contemplating to place a shoutbox though. refuse to spoil the wonderful page as it is.

*shuey in a masuk bakul, angkat sendiri mode.hiks*

*sigh of relief*

After much pushing for a simple approval from the top management to travel abroad, a clear affirmative was given today. Mind you, i've submitted the application for approval since last week. takes them a week to approve it? mind boggling.

now, it's another daunting task to seek approval from the big boss of mothership and if it is also in the affirmative, short holiday trip it will be. oh yeah!!

now, receiving my ipod before the anticipated trip would be a bonus. oi supplier, send me my ipod now!!!! ish.

oh yeah, to the recently majority won party in the state of Perak, i thought your battle is for the interest of the people? now, the Sultan has chosen who is to administer the state and as I recall all 3 parties have agreed whoever is chosen, there will be no qualms. hence, why the dissatisfaction? i fail to comprehend. It is certainly not wise to cause unnecessary stir amongst the Perakian now, would it?

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


call me crazy for loving it when my boss corrects my work. after approximately 5 months holding the new post (now, not so new lar), major corrections was made to a piece of work i was assigned to. =)

it's not always a feel good moment to be correct all the time for fear one would suffer superiority complex. i for one would NOT want to be that.

simple example; BN. wouldn't want to be them. hihi.

loss of a mother

I was informed that a friend who was carrying twins gave birth on the 29.2.2008. On Sunday, a friend told me that one of her babies passed away. Today, that friend posted a touching entry in her blog that brought tears to my eyes.

To say I understand what ur going thru I'd be lying. To say everything will be okay, I can't tell.


To mar dearest and family, my deepest heartfelt condolence. Be strong and may u brave thru this moment with inner strength and courage. My prayers with u and ur family.


Monday, 10 March 2008

spa review

"the make or break of a new spa outlet such as yours very much depend on the satisfaction of customers, one which we failed to experience"

the above was part of the comment written by yours truly for a newly open spa at Jaya 333 shopping complex.

now picture this. invitation extended via phone by spa's consultant for a complimentary spa treatment. informed i could bring extra company. appointment fixed at 4 p.m yesterday. sister, mom and i went. stepped in the spa, not greeted. no hello's. no welcoming remarks. no "how may i help u". i greeted receptionist. told the purpose of us, POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS being there. ushered away to a waiting area. started to get pissed. waited another 10 minutes for designated treatment to start. treatment sucked. demand to see the consultant who called. told she was on MC. express dissatisfaction. she started doing the "tai chi" (figuratively speaking). but satisfiedly so, I managed to get my point of dissatisfaction accross. left spa. no "thank yous, no buhbyes". idiots.

reasons im writing this?

1) im breaking the spa (exercising customers rights)
2) it irks me that the customer service industries in Malaysia still have backwarded mentality of thinking tudung-clad-ladies-are-no-english-speaking-dum-dum.

dumb idiots.pfft.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


I was right. It backfired. The change IS happening. NEVER under estimate the power of the people.

updated :-

The nation is still in a state of shock be it the winning party or the "rakyat" in general. change is hard to do. change is hard to adapt. this is the reality. the rakyat has spoken. accepting it we must. reading this might help.

Friday, 7 March 2008


tomorow's THE DAY. everything looks lopsided. it could backfire. change could happen. i am a mere citizen exercising my rights. chosen government would be the ruling government. let's just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Never understood the meaning of the word or in what context it is being used until my mom explained it to me. Yuppies or better understood as Young Urban Professionals are considered as the "IT" group in the present generation.

What does it take to be a yuppie? simple. one, you must be young (duh!!) and two, you have a professionally qualified job/professional qualification. Am i a yuppie? Strictly looking at the interpretation of yuppie, I guess I am. But am I a practicing yuppie? Could be.

I came across many blogs of those categorized as "yuppies" relating their family affairs and what nots to the public. From things purchased, to their travelling stories, and etcetera etcetera. Some take offence at the nature of such blogs as they perceived it as showing off and bragging. My take at it, if they can afford it and they choose to share it publicly, why not.

Personally, I'm more of a private person. I talk rubbish in my blog with the occassionally bimbo-ish post relating to shopping and what nots.ngeeee.

I guess everyone has their own style of blogging and this entry is starting to NOT make any sense. heh.

Oh well, all I wanted to say is actually this, spend according to your means. Don't get intimidated by others who may have what you don't have for Allah is fair to everyone. You may have some, you may not have any. After all, all that we have are merely loan and nothing more.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Freaky Friday

Call me ordinary. Call me typical. Can't help but appreciate watching Disney movies over and over again. I can never get bored of 'em. Freaky Friday is definitely one of my favourite. The story line's nothing complicated. Message sent, nothing major. But im always amazed at how they flawlessly acted as opposite characters. Lindsay mom. Jamie daughter. Awesome-ness.=)
Fyi, this is what i sometimes do on a daily basis ever since i no longer have to work till the wee hours of the night. bored out of my mind!! today, "Ten Things I Hate About You".heh.

Monday, 3 March 2008

tale of a FAT girl

I knew of a girl who've battled with weight issue through out her entire life. she blames it on her mommy who craved for fattening food whilst carrying her. she never had the privillege to adorn clothes her age for she was naturally too big and too wide to fit into them. she didn't quite care how she looked back then. she knew she was not in the same league of her gorgeous friends but thankful that she is, they (her friends) never did outcast her and so she didn't become socially retard like some did.

then she went thru adulthood stage where she started feeling conscious at the way she looked. she remembered feeling frustated for not being able to find clothings off the sales rack. it was more often than not, too tiny for her. however her grief came to an end when the likes of Marks & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins and Ms. Read came and conquered shopping malls in the Klang Valley. she started to feel complacent and happy.

then she started feeling envious of a friend who lost major weight and started to follow suit her friend. she ate less and started hitting the tread mill at home. she managed to lose some weight but nothing major.

then it happened. depression hit her hard. she loss both apetite to eat and shop. only then she loss MAJOR weight. she went down 4 sizes and almost 10 KG. depression made her feel numb. she didn't realize the amount of weight and fat loss until she was cured from her depression. then she was happy. she started buying clothes and jeans which she never thought she could fit in. one happy bird she was.

then working-hood came. she stopped working out. she binged endlessly. she spend most of her time sitting down in front of the computer activity-less. the verdict, she gained approximately 6 KG. she couldn't fit into most of her clothes. she stopped buying clothes. she felt ugly.

then yesterday came. her cousin's daughter validated what she's been feeling for the past 1 year or so. the 5 year old girl came and started jabbing at her portruding stomach whilst saying "gemuk,gemuk,gemuk". she was devastated. her ego hurt.

and thank you to the little girl, she chose to take on the challenge to lose weight and be healthy. and maybe just maybe, at the end of the year, i'll share with you peeps with the tale of a HEALTHY girl.

till then, toodles.

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: it's not cool to go around saying people fat and "perut buncit" for people such as the FAT girl has feelings too.