Thursday, 13 March 2008

*sigh of relief*

After much pushing for a simple approval from the top management to travel abroad, a clear affirmative was given today. Mind you, i've submitted the application for approval since last week. takes them a week to approve it? mind boggling.

now, it's another daunting task to seek approval from the big boss of mothership and if it is also in the affirmative, short holiday trip it will be. oh yeah!!

now, receiving my ipod before the anticipated trip would be a bonus. oi supplier, send me my ipod now!!!! ish.

oh yeah, to the recently majority won party in the state of Perak, i thought your battle is for the interest of the people? now, the Sultan has chosen who is to administer the state and as I recall all 3 parties have agreed whoever is chosen, there will be no qualms. hence, why the dissatisfaction? i fail to comprehend. It is certainly not wise to cause unnecessary stir amongst the Perakian now, would it?

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