Monday, 24 March 2008

mr. smitten who?

mr. smitten is now mr. un-smitten. I beg to differ with my earlier thoughts on him. I find him now arrogant and full of himself. Came across his friendster profile page and let's just say I have issues with guys displaying images of self-camera-whoring IN THE OFFICE. I figured he has some blurry idea that I may have a crush on him thanks to the much implied talking by a colleague of mine. However, i think his effort of trying to neutralize the awkwardness so as to show that he's not interested is a little bit too far fetch. Dude, it's only a crush. Not like I'm falling head over hills and I want to marry you. So, chill la.

Hence I go, mr. smitten bluegh!! mr. dearie said person, i loike!!

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