Monday, 10 March 2008

spa review

"the make or break of a new spa outlet such as yours very much depend on the satisfaction of customers, one which we failed to experience"

the above was part of the comment written by yours truly for a newly open spa at Jaya 333 shopping complex.

now picture this. invitation extended via phone by spa's consultant for a complimentary spa treatment. informed i could bring extra company. appointment fixed at 4 p.m yesterday. sister, mom and i went. stepped in the spa, not greeted. no hello's. no welcoming remarks. no "how may i help u". i greeted receptionist. told the purpose of us, POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS being there. ushered away to a waiting area. started to get pissed. waited another 10 minutes for designated treatment to start. treatment sucked. demand to see the consultant who called. told she was on MC. express dissatisfaction. she started doing the "tai chi" (figuratively speaking). but satisfiedly so, I managed to get my point of dissatisfaction accross. left spa. no "thank yous, no buhbyes". idiots.

reasons im writing this?

1) im breaking the spa (exercising customers rights)
2) it irks me that the customer service industries in Malaysia still have backwarded mentality of thinking tudung-clad-ladies-are-no-english-speaking-dum-dum.

dumb idiots.pfft.

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