Thursday, 6 March 2008


Never understood the meaning of the word or in what context it is being used until my mom explained it to me. Yuppies or better understood as Young Urban Professionals are considered as the "IT" group in the present generation.

What does it take to be a yuppie? simple. one, you must be young (duh!!) and two, you have a professionally qualified job/professional qualification. Am i a yuppie? Strictly looking at the interpretation of yuppie, I guess I am. But am I a practicing yuppie? Could be.

I came across many blogs of those categorized as "yuppies" relating their family affairs and what nots to the public. From things purchased, to their travelling stories, and etcetera etcetera. Some take offence at the nature of such blogs as they perceived it as showing off and bragging. My take at it, if they can afford it and they choose to share it publicly, why not.

Personally, I'm more of a private person. I talk rubbish in my blog with the occassionally bimbo-ish post relating to shopping and what nots.ngeeee.

I guess everyone has their own style of blogging and this entry is starting to NOT make any sense. heh.

Oh well, all I wanted to say is actually this, spend according to your means. Don't get intimidated by others who may have what you don't have for Allah is fair to everyone. You may have some, you may not have any. After all, all that we have are merely loan and nothing more.

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