Friday, 10 June 2011

twitter sober

Hi, my name is shueyshoelove.
I use to be twitter obsessed that I have to check twitter updates every 5 seconds.
Until I started to get annoyed with some twitter feeds by some people whom I follow.
I unfollowed them bunch.
The obsession continues.
Until I realized twitter was sucking the life of me.
I started to get paranoid when I shouldn't. I started to feel all conscious when I shouldn't. I was glued to the phone.
The annoyance of random-ridiculous-full-of-pride-hypocritical-thoughts-some-aimed-at-making-others-feel-smaller-feeds made me go insane.
So I decided to leave it all behind.
I deleted twitter handle on my phone.
I've been twitter free for 3 days now.
Now I am sober.
This is my story.
I feel so much free.


Sasha Lyna said...

wow!!*pat on ur shoulder* tahniah :)
da mcm addicted pulak eh..n the scary part is we don't even realise it sometimes..

shueyshoelove said...

bukan "mcm addicted". mmg addicted turned into sickness. =)