Thursday, 16 June 2011


Things have been relatively quiet these days. Everyone is doing their own thang. I don't seem to know anymore.But that's only because, I'm twitter sober remember? I've never felt this calm. Not knowing what others do. It's actually therapeutic. Wee. =)

Only when I got really bored, i log in to twitter via twitter for bb. Even then, nothing much's goin on. Same ol' same ol'

Syam just picked up our nikah certificate. I know right, we're going into our third month of marriage. Only now we can show the world we're legally married under the Syariah laws of Malaysia. Not that we couln't care less, we just didn't have the time. Now we can watch midnight movies without the lil inkling feeling that I always have on 'what if there is a raid and we don't have proof on us that we're married'. lol. But so far, we've checked in hotels without having to show proof that we're married. That should be a good thing, right? Wrong! That means we looked old enough to be married. Boo! But then, prolly because I still had henna on my nails. Okay. I'm consoled.

Married life has been interesting thus far. 2 months plus young and we already had our own little drama moments, funny moments, blissful and blessed moments.

I've cooked for him.
He's been leading prayers whenever we're both at home.
We've been out on midnight dates.
We went on our own travel escapade, albeit locally. Tapi adventurous and fun!
We bought our first property together. *smiles*
He bought me flowers. The first time EVER!
and many many other eventful moments.

Marriage is nothing perfect. There are days where we feel like pulling each other's hair (and later make up. that's the fun part. ;)) There are also days where nothing can go wrong and nothing went wrong (i call it perfect days). But that is just what marriage is all about. It is nothing close to purely sex as how the OWC seem to think.

It's about compromising. It's about adapting. It's about learning. It's about patience.

What Syam and I have is not perfect but it is almost what I imagined it to be and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Here's to many many more years to come. May we grow old together, never got tired of each other and love each other for eternity. Insya Allah. Amin.

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juna said...

Thanks for the post Shuey. I have shared your story with our website audience in the USA, Our users are single people who are looking for the special person. Your story was interesting to us because it gives us insight into a young marriage in a different culture. From what you write, it is encouraging to see that love and commitment are some of the common foundations of marriages, regardless of the culture.

Arjun Srinivasan