Monday, 27 June 2011

The Power Of People Influence

Last Saturday was spent earlier at Chic Pop Market at Jaya One and later to KLCC for GLC Open Day.

Chic Pop was uber fun for my eyes feasted upon crafty stuffs, dirt cheap accessories, shoes and bags. The shopaholic devil in me gave way to a bag, bracelet and natural soap. Tsk tsk. Mother and sister didn't quite help. They became the devil's advocate instead of my money guardian. Tsk tsk some more.

GLC Open Day was quite interesting but still left me feeling them who befits the GLCs are only those who are yuppie-snooty-sort. If you're NOT ALL that, then forget to be part of the corporate empire. Disturbing, I know.

Anyway, want to know the similarities of these two different events? It was filled with some true hijabi fashionistas and some hijabi-fashionistas-wannabes. All wanting to appear hip and cool like them Scarflet and of course, who else, Hana Tajima.

Don't get me wrong. I've nothing against them people. It is just so amazing how the public at general can be so much influenced and dare I say obsessed with the phenomenan that these people bring. I am not an exception. Guilty to a certain extend BUT i am NOT obsessed. I know my borderline. 

There are so many people wanting to be someone else for the beauty they possess. For the wealth they carry. But what about wanting to be someone elese for their brain and intelligence. I want that.

Say hello to thespasmodicscribbler. I came to know about this smartypants blogger through one of those bride blogger link. From her writings, it is so clear that this bride to be is a career driven woman who plans and manages her financial well. Read up her post on "The Day We Got The Keys To Our 1st House". While others save up to get that designer bags, shoes, clothes to stay in trend. I am guilty as charged. This sheer genius saved up to buy a house with her fiance'. Her determination and self control amazed me. I wish I was all that. I always look forward to reading her new posts. Nothing shallow. Just simple good english on her life. Talk about the power of people influence. TSS, as how I fondly address her is one good influence example.

Besides TSS, I love reading the knot. Young accomplished persons. Envy much. But in a good way. The term 'paradigm shift' have long been sold but I don't see much shifting in the younger generations (including yours truly). All wanting to be hipper, trendier. All for the wrong reasons.

Now, where is that paper and pen. I have to re-set my goals. This time. For the right reasons. Insya Allah.


dura m. said...


akak pun salu tersasar je goal.Tak pernah berjaya.Huhu

And yes,i agree. Memang those 2 blogger inspire me too!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Shue, honestly I am so humbled by what you wrote. Segan pun ada. I am a nobody to be frank..I don't know if people should be influenced by me pun -_-

But thanks for liking the garbage I write every now and then. It's not always something intelligent because at times, I just want to be a girl too :).

BTW, nak address please! Am inviting you to my wedding :))