Friday, 14 January 2011


And I quote,

"Aren't you the nicest thing on earth..

I visualized and believed everything would be perfect for me that day - indeed it was. I visualized and believed I will look and feel that happy that day - and I was at my happiest.

Know that the man of our dreams IS ALREADY MARRYING us and he will be all ours that day onwards.

Know we deserve him, this blessing and this happiness - no matter what veil, dress, dais and we can have either all the flowers in the world - or just a bouquet, our happiness will transpire in our photos (and they last forever, and so will our marriage - if we visualize and believe so)!

Your becoming husband is very husband to be married to someone so kind with her words and I'm very sure with her hearts too.

My love and best wishes to your big day.."

Her respond to my post. Thank you Ninie Ahmad for your wise words.  What she said is  so very true. We need to visualize and believe that things will go as how we want it to be. IMHO, a lot bride or bride to be(s) forget that.  I don't want to look all 'muka ketat' on my Day. I want to be smiling from ear to ear. 

Here's to visualizing and believing that MY day will be perfect. =)


Ninie Ahmad said...

I am becoming like - your stalker and biggest fan pulak. LOL. Wordpress has this Referrer and Incoming Links thing so I'd know every blog that blogs (or b!tches) about me, he hee..

Obvious typo from this new happy and high bride, I meant to type "Your husband is very lucky to be married..."

You don't have to approve this OK. Or if you want, I can't stop you LOL. Or if you can simply edit my typo - I'll lend you my veil! Kononlah, he hee..

Really - your fiancee is really lucky! Love and happiness forever to both of you..

shueyshoelove said...

hahahah. ur funny. imperfection is cool la! tak payah tukar. =) takpe. simpan veil u yang lawa untuk anak cucu u nanti. love and happiness to u and husband too!!! =)

Moose said...

definitely so true! everything else doesn't matter anymore the moment you heard the "sah" lafaz from the saksi. at least that what happened to me.

i really hope that you get whatever you had visualized on your wedding day. soon, insya Allah. :)

shueyshoelove said...

moose: thanks!!! i love all ur wedding dresses and how ur face glows with happiness. congrats!