Friday, 14 January 2011

Dais inspired

picture taken from here

How NOT to LOVE her simple mini dais. The back drop looked like rain drops with 2  floating-like-flower arrangements on each side. Accompanied by my guess 2 most important ladies in her life (mother on her right?), the picture looked perfect. I'm sure it was perfect for her

I am hoping that the exact same shot would be captured on my solemnization day. I don't want anyone else BUT my mother to be by my side holding my hand when Syam takes his akad.

Her dais and hantaran arrangements is by Flora etc. Again, if you have the money to splurge, I'm sure they won't be disappointing. Simple with a touch of elegance. Less is indeed more. Much much more.

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Ninie Ahmad said...

Aren't you the nicest thing on earth..

I visualized and believed everything would be perfect for me that day - indeed it was. I visualized and believed I will look and feel that happy that day - and I was at my happiest.

Know that the man of our dreams IS ALREADY MARRYING us and he will be all ours that day onwards.

Know we deserve him, this blessing and this happiness - no matter what veil, dress, dais and we can have either all the flowers in the world - or just a bouquet, our happiness will transpire in our photos (and they last forever, and so will our marriage - if we visualize and believe so)!

Your becoming husband is very husband to be married to someone so kind with her words and I'm very sure with her hearts too.

My love and best wishes to your big day..