Saturday, 15 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am a believer of zen and coziness. Zen means something clean, simple, non cluttered. Coziness means a space which is livable and does not scream "DON'T TOUCH!"

For the first 24 or 25 years of my life, I shared room with my sister which was big enough to fit us two without our butts bumping into each other. Then the house went under renovation and we each got our own room. Prior to getting married, my room was faaaarrr cry from cozy, almost always messy and retained its teenage vibe. Now, my our room is my favorite part of my parents house. It was fun transforming the room. From Single bed to Queen bed. From wall paper to plain paint and wall sticker. 

Soon we'll be baby sitting sister's newly bought crib and i am super duper excited to be dressing it up albeit minimally and temporarily since our house will only be ready in 2013.

We're both such homebodies that we'd rather stay in rather than brave amongst the many shopping mall goers. Syam is pretty stoked with the idea of moving to our own place so that he can invite his friends over to just lepak. Family of course not excluded. *Need. To. Brush. My. Cooking. Skills.* Therefore, having a cozy house is essential! Found through this practicing lawyer cum blogger cum DC maker (gile multitasker ah!=)) and I've been hooked since! Just look at the space ideas below. All are inspiring. 

Those are just some ideas of how pretty a kitchen and a toilet could be for such small space. All inspiring! I am keeping the kitchen photos as reference point for a possible kitchen make over since our house-to-be will not be a bungalow but just a decent two storey terrace house. I love how space saving a toilet can be ,serving dual function with a washing machine in it? Awesome, right!

Say hello to my new obsession, house decoration! :)


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

House deco and renovation is fun but I tell you they are not cheap!! I am officially broke okay after the small (not luxurious) renovation that we did for the house. Will share the stories later. So babe please, try to save a lot of money. You guys have 2 years before the house is ready so it should be good. Unlike us, masa tu la nak kahwin, masa tu la nak masuk rumah, masa tu la beli kereta. Memang pokai.

shueyshoelove said...

tss: i know right? definitely gotta start saving from now to afford it later. nanti buat review of ur house eh! sure pretty!! =)

TwiggyLiyana said...

i want my own hoouuussee, i waaaannnntttt :((

btw, i've made my blog official, do drop by k? :)

Ummu Auni said...

shuey datang renovate rumah akak. akak dah angkat bendera putih :P