Friday, 21 November 2008


So yesterday I told mr.dearie said person that we will only have dinner and NOT go into any shops. But since we finished early, it was MY idea to do window shopping when lo and behold lies the exact type of black clutch I was having in mind. The right size. The right colour. NOT the right price. So, I went back sulking.

But today, she made me happy. I'll be getting this baby soon: -

the shoes!!the shoes!!

yay!!im a happy clam.=)

*the mantra chanting need not work now as I bought something which I haven't already have. the shoe design!! u doofus. not shoes. shoes, i got plenty. hihi*


GirlFriday said...

ish, shopping je keje!! cepat plan Singapore. lambat la secretary nih.. ;p

shueyluweyduwey said...

hikhikhik.baik2.akan menjalankan tugas pada weekend ini.saya janji!!updates akan diberikan pada minggu depan.=)