Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Picture taken from here.

Can't help but feel paranoid over Sasha's comment on the previous post. Yes, I suffer from severe case of paranoia. I believe my close friends can vouch that I am similar to no one. I am me. 

I believe I have my own sense of style. I like to think I'm quirky (in terms of style). Blue bag with pink ensemble works well for me. Yes, quirky to that extend.

I L.O.V.E to be different.

Hence, in no way I intend to mirror or hijack anyone's theme color for that matter.

But I guess it's only normal that everyone wants to appear different from others. Heck, i feel the same with my BFF, Yasmin. Both our 'merisik' rings are super similar that in no way we intend it to be like such. I guess we have similar taste. That's all.

I know this in unnecessary but as i suffer from severe case of paranoia, I just need to let this out. 

I told you I'm different. So, there. =)


Nana Kuat Merapu said...

nothing bad being paranoid shuey..it's ok to me..sbb aku pun selalu begitu..hehe

shueyluweyduwey said...

besah: anda baca blog saya? *terkejut sebentar* ehehe.thanks besah!tapi tak semua orang paham masalah paranoia kita.some mungkin fikir kita buat buat.tapi genuine paranoid dowh.=)