Monday, 27 July 2009


Upon returning from Sabah on a (rather) peaceful friday evening, my colleague dropped a HUGE bomb shell ----- effective 1/8/2009, yours truly is transferred to my previous working place (but under the purview of a different Minister). say what u say? yeap. only 2 and a half months. 2 and a half months of fast working pace. 2 and a half months of learning many many new things. 2 and a half months coming to the END this friday.

still, I have many things to do. overwhelmed. breathless. tired.

rest in peace dear yasmin ahmad. your effort in potraying a "should-be" one-Malaysia is much appreciated.hats off to you. overwhelmed with sadness.

to dearest friends. much apologies for not being able to join the occasional social fiesta. to aliza, afzan and ayu; my thoughts and prayers are to you guys. safe journey and have loadsa fun. *hugs*

to dhamirah nazihah azman, the mommy-to-be; i know i've not been keeping up to date with your baby's progress. but truly, i can't wait to welcome baby A to this glorious world. promise i'll be there when the historic moment happens. don't forget me. *hugs and kisses to you*

to muna and ein, I owe you guys presents. fret not, I remember what I owe u guys.

to my dearest syam, *speechless*. truly, you're just to awesome.

see, i'm just overwhelmed with events.


Sasha Lyna said...

cik shue, happy that ure mvg office again?xpe2, for the better, amin!n expriences n knowledge are gained anywhere babe..

u were with us kt kkb in spirit :)

shueyluweyduwey said...

thanks sasha!=)

Ein said...

alala, nevermind the present! you owe Emyr and mommy a lepak session ;)