Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Thy boss just gave me the low down on a meeting she attended yesterday. She didn't exactly said my advice was entirely wrong but indirectly she was hinting I've to be smarter in giving advice to persons who considers themselves "smart". In short, giving advice to ineptitude bunch.

I can't help but do things by the book. I am not trained to bend the laws when it is not bendable. I am cautious in giving advice as to save my *ss from complications which may arise down the years to come.

Hence it is disheartening to know that not many embodies the proper spirit/niat to do what we do. It's disheartening to know all the talks are merely talks and there is no walk the talk. I am dissapointed. I am crushed.

Be reminded that whatever we decide in whatever we do will be questioned by the Almighty Him and I for one fear to be responsible for decisions which may cause injustice to those deserving.

*shuey is feeling, ni yang malas nak kerja nih*


farhati said...

yang penting, kita dah advise ikut undang2.. make sure minitkan our reservation.

shueyluweyduwey said...

ye la ati.yang aku tak puas hati ada ke patut nak marah sebab bagi advice yang betul.kalau marah bagi advice salah takper gak.ini lar masalah apa bila mereka rasa mereka adalah betul.kalau cam tuh,baik tak yah ada law ye dak? semalam giler stress dowh..