Sunday, 4 May 2008

Tagging Game 1

This tagging game is waaaayyyy long over due. Keeping true to the promise I gave Cik Aja, I present to you what's in thy wallet: -
  • Bonuslink Card (which I've never used)
  • A credit card
  • La Senza membership card (without it buying those oh-to-die-for inner garments are waaayyy to expensive)
  • Fashion Fast Forward card (for the benefit of purchasing clothes from DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd. Hardly use 'em anymore)
  • CIMB ATM Card
  • AMbank ATM Card (no longer in use)
  • Insurance Card
  • Some cash (for security reasons I shall not reveal 'em.Not that it's important)
  • Tons of receipt which I've yet to clear
There you go Aja. Told you it's nothing worth revealing or shared with the public. hiks.


Pink Stilettos said...

kalau ada pic lagi best!

shueyluweyduwey said...

malas nak letak gambar gambaran iteww...sungguh tidak menarik!!=)