Monday, 26 May 2008

Sun's shining, Bird's chirping

Maybe I'm over exagerrating but things are slowly looking up. No more stressful head-breaking legal advicing to do. No more emotional turmoil torture I have to render. At least for now.

Took a day off friday. Yes ati, I was stressed out. Didn't attend the Alumni IIUM Homecoming dinner and was slapped with a "suit yourself" reply from Lily after informing her that I am in anti-social mode. I'm very sure I didn't miss anything from it. And to you cik Lily, we shall go for proper chill out session i.e. not via alma matter's function.

Nothing beats eating home-cooked good food and spending quality time with me loved ones which I've been doing from friday till sunday. Not to forget mr. dearie said person's contribution for being ego-less and considerate. Hence the shining sun and chirpy birds. Alright!!

Monday is still a drag though. Bluegh.

Todays lunch: home made "two all chicken patties, no sauce and only tomatoes on whole wheat bun" *say it in the mc*d song tune* ihihih...yummm!!!

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