Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Bad Day

Yesterday was awful. Haven't had such feelings for the longest time. I stopped crying long ago. I stopped regretting long ago. I stopped feeling numb long ago. Now it all came back to haunt me and it is scary. I'm not giving up hope. The sun will shine again if Allah permits as He knows best.

Had little sleep. Brain is half-awake. Today is another suicide mission i wish i didn't have to go but in the name of work, i must. Don't think today will be any better than yesterday.

"He's not God", my mom said. Yeah mom, true. But the fate of my working position is indeed in his hand. Now, don't tell me I've got nothing to fear.

Dear Allah, give me strength to pull today through.


fraulein nadia said...

Interview with the big boss eh?? Hope that went well :-)

Ummu Auni said...

shuey, remember this. working in large organisation has one of the cons, and this is among it. Remember, and please hold it steadfastly: Rezeki tu, Tuhan yang bagi!

shueyluweyduwey said...

nadia: its not the interview im talking about. its the supreme being of my ministry. ada meeting semalam.gila takut sampai tak tido satu malam.nasib baik takder perkara2 berbangkit.phewww...

k.aini: thank u akak. tuh lar.kekadang cepat sangat putus asa. it always feel better to run away from the problems rather than facing 'em. thanks again akak!!!